Step-by-Step Layering: Tips on How to Cut Hair for a Modern Look


In today’s fast-paced world, where personal style serves as a dynamic reflection of individuality, the way we wear our hair plays a pivotal role. A fresh, modern haircut can not only elevate one’s appearance but also boost confidence and make a statement.

But how does one navigate the myriad of styles, techniques, and trends to achieve that coveted contemporary look? Whether you’re a seasoned hairstylist or someone simply looking to refresh their locks, this guide will provide insights and techniques to help you stay ahead of the curve and wear your hair with.

The Basics of Modern Haircuts


Modern haircuts, as showcased by brands like Revlon Professional, are all about versatility, individuality, and ease of maintenance.

The Importance of Face Shape

Every face is unique, and understanding its shape is the first step to choosing the perfect haircut. Whether it’s oval, round, square, or heart-shaped, each face has specific cuts that complement it best.

Oval faces, often considered the most versatile, can pull off a wide range of hairstyles. From bobs to long waves, there’s a lot of room for experimentation. Round faces, on the other hand, benefit from hairstyles that add length and reduce width.

Think long layers or voluminous updos. For square faces, softening the strong jawline is key. Loose waves or mid-length cuts can be flattering. Lastly, heart-shaped faces can balance out a broader forehead with hairstyles that add volume at the bottom, like a textured lob.

Texture and Hair Type

While face shape is crucial, one cannot overlook the importance of hair texture and type. Straight, wavy, curly, or coily – each has its own set of rules.

Straight hair often has a sleek finish, but it can sometimes lack volume. Introducing layers or opting for an asymmetrical cut can add dimension. Wavy hair sits between straight and curly, offering a balance of structure and volume.

Soft layers or shaggy cuts can enhance its natural bounce. Curly hair, with its natural volume, can be shaped to reduce bulk or to emphasize its springy nature. Lastly, coily hair is all about embracing its texture.

Whether it’s a tapered cut or a rounded shape, the key is to celebrate its natural pattern.

Modern Haircut Techniques

Point Cutting

Point cutting is a technique where the scissors are held vertically to snip the hair ends. This creates a softer, more textured appearance, which is a hallmark of modern hairstyles.

This method is especially useful for adding movement and breaking up the uniformity of a haircut. It’s perfect for those who want a more “lived-in” look, as it gives the hair a natural, effortless finish. Whether you’re working with a bob, pixie, or long layers, point cutting can add that modern touch.

Undercut and Disconnection

The undercut, a style where the sides and/or back are cut very short or even shaved, has been a significant trend in recent years. It’s a bold statement that can be as subtle or as dramatic as you like.

The beauty of the undercut lies in its versatility. It can be hidden under longer hair for a surprise element or showcased with a shorter cut. Disconnection, on the other hand, is where parts of the haircut are intentionally left unblended.

This creates a stark contrast between sections, adding an edgy, contemporary vibe. Both techniques, when done right, can elevate a haircut from simple to striking.

Trending Styles for a Modern Look

The Modern Shag

The shag haircut, reminiscent of the ’70s, has made a massive comeback but with a modern twist. Characterized by its multiple layers, curtain bangs, and a carefree vibe, it’s the epitome of modern chic.

The modern shag is adaptable, making it suitable for various types and lengths. For straight hair, it adds movement; for curly hair, it provides structure. The key is to ensure the layers are well-blended and the hair looks effortlessly tousled.

The Asymmetrical Bob

The bob is a classic, but the asymmetrical bob is its edgier sibling. With one side longer than the other, it’s a style that screams confidence and flair.

This cut is perfect for those looking to make a statement without going too extreme. It’s versatile, working well with both straight and wavy hair. The asymmetry can be subtle, with just a slight difference in length, or more pronounced for a bolder look.

Either way, it’s a modern twist on a timeless classic.

The Art of Fringe and Bangs

Fringe, or as many call it, bangs, can completely transform a look. They can frame the face, highlight features, and even take years off your appearance. But with so many styles to choose from, how do you decide?

Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs, named for the way they part in the middle and sweep to the sides, have been a favorite among celebrities and influencers alike. They offer a soft, romantic look, reminiscent of the ’70s.

These bangs are versatile and suit most face shapes. They’re especially flattering for those with longer faces as they can break up the length. The key to nailing this look is ensuring they blend seamlessly into the rest of your hair and have a soft, feathered finish.

Baby Bangs

For the bold and adventurous, baby bangs are a modern statement. Cut well above the eyebrows, they offer an edgy, contemporary vibe.

While they might not be for everyone, they can be surprisingly versatile. They can be blunt for a strong statement or slightly textured for a softer appearance. Those with oval or heart-shaped faces might find this style particularly flattering, but as with any trend, confidence is the most crucial ingredient.

The Power of Volume and Movement


Modern hairstyles often embrace natural volume and movement. Gone are the days of stiff, over-styled hair. Today, it’s all about looking effortlessly chic.

Layering for Volume

Layers are a hairdresser’s secret weapon for adding volume without bulk. They can lift flat hair, give life to thin strands, and add dimension to any style.

For fine hair, subtle layers can create the illusion of thickness. For thicker hair, layers can remove weight and add movement. The key is to tailor the layers to the individual’s hair type, ensuring a natural flow and avoiding a “choppy” appearance.

Using Products for Movement

While a good cut is essential, products can enhance and maintain the hair’s natural movement. From lightweight mousses to texturizing sprays, the right product can make all the difference.

For wavy hair, a sea salt spray can enhance natural curls and add a beachy texture. For straight hair, a volumizing mousse can add lift at the roots and ensure the hair moves freely. Remember, less is more. It’s always easier to add a product than to remove it, so start small and build up as needed.

Embracing Natural Texture

One of the most significant modern trends is embracing and enhancing natural texture. Whether you have pin-straight hair or tight coils, there’s a modern style for you.

Styles for Curly and Coily Hair

Curly and coily hair is all about volume and definition. Modern cuts like the DevaCut, specifically designed for curly hair, shape it in its natural state. This ensures each curl is defined, and the overall shape is balanced.

For those with coily hair, protective styles like twists or braids can be both trendy and beneficial. They protect the hair, promote growth, and can be styled in countless ways.

Enhancing Straight and Wavy Hair

While curly hair is all about definition, straight and wavy hair is about shine and smoothness. A-line cuts or lobs can give straight hair a modern edge, while layers can introduce movement to wavy locks.

Using products like shine serums or smoothing creams can enhance the hair’s natural luster. For those with wavy hair, diffusing or using a curl cream can help define and enhance natural waves.


The Bottom Line

In the ever-evolving world of fashion and beauty, achieving a modern look through a fresh haircut is both an art and a science. By understanding the intricacies of face shapes, hair textures, and current trends, one can master the skill of crafting a contemporary hairstyle.

Remember, the key to a successful modern haircut lies not just in the technique but also in the understanding of individual preferences and comfort. Whether you’re a professional stylist or someone looking to revamp their personal style, always prioritize healthy hair care practices and be open to continuous learning.

After all, the essence of modernity is not just about staying updated with the latest, but also about adapting, innovating, and personalizing to reflect one’s unique identity.