How to Establish a Refined Digital Presence?

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The internet has been the biggest customer base for many companies. Connectivity is the key to a healthy business plan. A strong digital presence is required for both new and established companies. Gone are the times when the internet was restricted to tech companies, the entire world is now online. Taking your company and its products online will have a positive impact on your enterprise. While most companies now have some or the other form of an online presence, they don’t invest a lot of time and money into it.

This results in very crude websites and shabby social media profiles. In order to attract customers and improve your brand’s image, you must refine your online presence. While you can do it yourself, it is easier to hire a digital marketing agency like These agencies will be able to analyze your company and give the best route of action you need to improve your digital presence. That said, here are the steps you must take to convert your crude digital presence into a sophisticated system that will cause a substantial increase in your revenue.

  1. Content creation

The key to success on the internet is quality content. Your content is how people discover you, get attracted to you, and evaluate you. While a beautiful website and a large ad campaign will let you reach a lot of people, the effort will be wasted if you don’t have good content. For creating content appealing to your customers, you must first analyze them. Knowing what keywords your customers will use in a search engine and what they look for in a company like yours is needed to create content that appeals to your potential customers. You can use tools like the Google Keyword tool to analyze your customers. Once you know what they want, you can start writing posts about the topics they are interested in.

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  1. Search Engine Optimization

Search engines are the most visited sites on earth. In order to tap into the huge customer base, they offer, you need to optimize your site. The top five results in a search result page are most likely to get clicked. This means if you are the bottom of the fifth page, no one is really going to come to your website. Thus, you need to invest time and money into improving your website to help it climb search engine rankings and pull in more traffic.

Search engine ranking not only helps you climb rankings, but it also improves the usability and feel of your website. The quality content you would have created will be very useful for SEO. Do not use shortcuts like transparent texts and repeated keywords to increase your rank, while this will help you generate more traffic, the traffic will be disgusted by your spammy website. Search engines might even block your website. Thus, it is better to invest in quality content and smart SEO practices to build the amount of quality traffic you receive, over time.

  1. Email marketing

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Emails are very important in building a strong digital presence. Having an eager email list who are waiting to listen to the latest news about your products is a very valuable asset. Unlike social media followers, an email list is much more loyal to your company and will actually be more eager to buy your products. You must spend time to build a loyal list of email subscribers, you can even use social media to achieve this. You can use email service providers to design and execute email capturing forms that have incentives like free eBooks and discounts.

  1. Social media marketing

This is an important platform to build your brand’s image. You must first research on how your customers use social media platforms and what they will expect from your social media profile. Once you have your plan ready, start claiming and building your profile in all major social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest. You must then start hosting an engaging social media profile with intriguing posts and trending shares. As you share your own content and reshare other people’s content, you will be able to understand how each social media platform works and fine-tune your approach to each one individually. You can then start a conversation with your followers to slowly convert them into your customers.

  1. Digital advertising

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Many companies waste a lot of capital in advertising campaigns, this is due to bad strategies and tactics. Search engines allow you to test your advertising campaigns at a few dollars at a time. Thus, before you invest all your money in one strategy, test it out. Having punchy lines, dramatic videos, and vivid images will help you attract attention. That said, you must always be revising your ad campaign and testing new strategies out.

  1. Optimizing for mobile and location

More people browse the internet on their mobiles than on personal computers. This would mean a company that does not have a mobile-friendly website will lose a major chunk of the customer base. This even more impactful in markets where a mobile phone is usually the person only means of going online. Designing mobile and tablet friendly websites is crucial to take advantage of the growing number of mobile devices. Even making a simple mobile app will help you connect with your customers more effectively.

The other thing you must do is to update your location on sites like Yelp, Foursquare, and Google. This will make it easier for customers to find you when they make location-based search queries.

  1. Analyzing and conversion

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Once you start seeing increased traffic on your website, you must start analyzing it. You must know what your major sources of traffic are, and which provides the best quality traffic. Just having a lot of traffic is useless, you need traffic that is interested in your company’s services. You must invest in infrastructures that convert this traffic into customers.