How to Get Subscribers on YouTube – 1000 & 10 000 from Scratch

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How to Get More Subscribers on YouTube and Become to № 1

Bloggers know that the larger the subscriber base on the channel, the faster the dynamics of project development in general. The number of real-time subscribers on YouTube is the first indicator that helps to understand how much the quality of video content is catching viewers. Online counters will help to track the statistics of visits to any page on the YouTube platform.

As you know, even monetizing a channel is not enough to have 100 subscribers on YouTube. Therefore, interested users of the network resort to different variants of their recruitment. For example, some start working on activity exchange services. But to be honest, this option is more suitable for those who just started their channel. Otherwise, it is not possible to get special results. Others actively use programs and applications to grow subscribers. This option works, but at the same time is not entirely safe.

To work will require access to a personal page, which confuses many people, and rightly so. Also, chances are high that the program will exceed the limits and restrictions imposed by YouTube itself. To affect this is not so easy. you need to be a professional in this matter, to make the correct settings of the software. Another option is to get subscribers, likes, views and more to YouTube & Instagram cheap on the site

To get more real subscribers YouTube, you will need to carefully read the proposed tariffs, which specify the number of possible subscriptions, their quality, growth rate and other additional criteria. As we found out the registration is not required, so you can get up to 1 000 000 subscriptions in just 5 minutes for a small investment. But let’s go back to the schemes on get free youtube subscribers, which also have a place. If you compare the two methods described, the latter for the money wins exactly the speed and guarantee of results. And if you want to reach the top and Trends on YouTube, then this is exactly what you need.

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How to Get Free YouTube Subscribers – 8 Options from Scratch

YouTube subscribers are the foundation of your popularity on YouTube. The more users who subscribe to your channel, the more value you represent for the advertiser. Monetization requires 1,000 subscribers. Direct advertisers will pay attention to a channel with more than 15000 subscribers on popular topics. Influence the counter of real subscribers can also independently, let’s see how.

  1. Motivate videos on social networks and forums

There’s a “Share” button below every video on YouTube. Register on all social networks and redirect content there. Write interesting announcements and encourage people to subscribe to the channel. Also, register on forums and invite subscribers to follow the link. If the rules of the forum prohibit posting links, share them in private messages. Talk about the benefits your content can bring to potential subscribers in your threads.

  1. Analyze your competitors’ channels.

You need this to create cool content, even if you’re having a creative crisis. Check the top channels and read the comments under popular videos. Write out the shortcomings that users talk about (don’t like the pitch, the sound is lame, want more lively locations). Make a video on the same topic, only many times improved.

  1. Make interactive videos

Interact with users from the first video. If you ramble under your breath and ignore your viewers, they will leave for a friendlier blogger. So ask questions, share life stories, and ask your subscribers to write their opinions in the comments.

  1. Ask to subscribe to your channel.

Applying advice is often hard. Newbies feel like beggars and lose motivation when they don’t get a response. If the user isn’t prompted to subscribe, they watch the video and leave. And your job is to remind them of a fair reward for useful content. Subscription annotations have worked well: put a footnote at the end of each video with a call to action.

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  1. Make quality content.

In the initial stages, it’s important to post a lot of videos. Starter videos need to be high quality, so prepare good equipment, think about locations, lights, and script. Don’t make your subscribers watch your insecurities, remove parasitic words. Work up a dozen videos to 100%.

  1. Expanded comments.

Go to your competitor channels and leave extended comments underneath your videos. Usually those that go against the majority of subscribers’ point of view work. Driven by anger or curiosity they look at your page. From there, it’s a matter of technique – good content helps make the decision to subscribe. Optimize your content use keywords in the description that are relevant to the topic of the video. Use popular tags. Give links to sources used in the process. With an elaborate description, you’ll get subscribers YouTube from search.

  1. Come up with an attractive title.

To promote on YouTube, you need to create an attractive title. You need to describe the content of the video quite succinctly so that people will want to watch it, while keeping in mind that a title that is too long will just cut YouTube off. The title should generate interest, but not sound like an obvious “lure. Try to add keywords that users can’t resist.

  1. Add a call to action

If a user watched your video and left, it means you didn’t give them the opportunity to do anything else on your channel. In the context of YouTube, there are four main types of user actions: subscribe to your channel, watch your other videos, comment under the video, and click “Like” or “Share” buttons. Calls to action can be added to your video in a number of ways:

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  • Direct mention in the video. This is when you address your viewers directly and ask them to do something. In the example below, you can see how the authors ask users to “leave a comment under this video;
  • End caps. Similar to tooltips, only they appear at the end of the video and take up the whole screen. The screenshot below is the College Humor Channel end screensaver with a large “Subscribe” button. Users can click on this button right away, making it much easier to interact;
  • Video Descriptions. Descriptions are important – insert a link to your website or social media accounts and feel free to ask viewers to click on them! Here’s an example of a carefully crafted description.

100,000 Subscribers YouTube to Promote your Channel and Earn Money

Usually creating a channel starts with choosing a niche. But the number of YouTube subscribers and views is influenced by many factors. For example, the date of registration, the number of videos, the regularity of publication, activity under the video, the depth of viewing each video and the channel as a whole.

Another factor that affects the number of subscribers is whether the viewers match the target audience for which the channel was made. For example, you shoot in English, expecting a European audience, but you are most often watched by users from Spain. It is not certain that they will subscribe, and even if they do, it is not certain that they will bring tangible profit to the channel. But here’s how subscribers themselves affect your YouTube channel. First of all, the number of subscribers affects:

  • Viewers on the channel;
  • Income level;
  • Available features on the channel;
  • The attitude of advertisers.

Now let’s break down each item in order.

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Linking YouTube subscribers and views

It’s not just the number of subscriptions that matters, it’s the percentage of active subscribers on YouTube. If a channel has 100,000 accounts, but no more than 1,000 of them are active, they are of little use.

At the same time, the channel may have 10 000 subscribers, but 80% of them are real and active. In this case the situation will be much better.

For the algorithms of YouTube, what matters is traffic dynamics, audience retention, and behavioral factors. All of this is provided by subscribers, helping YouTube determine the quality of content and viewer interest in that content.

Revenues on the channel

Everything is clear here, the more views, the higher the income of the channel owner. We’re talking about monetization, of course. But the number of subscribers also affects advertisers’ opinion of the channel. Of course, adequate advertisers do not only look at the number of subscribers, but also evaluate the average number of views on the video, the feedback and the level of audience engagement. And, based on this, they form a budget and make a commercial offer. But there are also a number of advertisers for whom the number of subscribers on YouTube determines almost everything.

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Availability of different features

The number of hours of views and subscribers determines, for example, the ability to monetize your YouTube channel. Also tied to a certain number of subscribers are such features as broadcasts from mobile devices and the “Community” tab.

Separately, it’s worth mentioning about getting support on YouTube. For weak performers, a general chat and a YouTube forum are available. There is also a “Leave a Feedback” option, but it almost never helps to solve serious questions and get individual advice. For more solid figures, it is possible to contact YouTube support via email or chat.

The number of subscribers is one of the factors influencing the assignment of a personal manager to your channel. Also, if the channel is connected to a media network, this number can influence the decision to raise the income rate and discuss available features for the channel.

As you see the number of real subscribers on YouTube is important. And even if you’re not considering monetizing your account, you’ll agree that it’s much nicer to have 100,000 or more subscribers on your YouTube channel rather than just 100.