Industrial Converting Companies: How They Can Help Your Business – 2024 Guide


Nearly every business uses one or more converting companies without being aware of it, and the many types of converting companies available make this easy to do. An industrial converting company can combine or modify raw materials into new products for consumers, both retailers and wholesalers, often with the objective of promoting a business. They’re also useful if you have a new invention to market or if you have a business with special needs. For anything you can’t buy ready-made, such as the following list, consider using an industrial converting company such as

1. Medical Applications:


Many items used every day by consumers have been adapted by an industrial converter to serve the needs of the medical community. Since properly functioning equipment is integral to the health of their patients, it’s vital that the equipment is easily maintained so that it can always provide peak performance. This is where an industrial converting business can help.

Wearable technology such as a pain management device or a body-scanning patch uses common electronic devices to provide comfort to patients and maintain their health. The use of medical-grade adhesives, custom die-cutting machines, and 3-D printing has revolutionized the medical industry and provided a better quality of life for many patients. Any medical devices or supplies must meet the stringent standards of the FDA and its guidelines.

Special medical-grade adhesives make sure that electrodes remain attached to the skin during a hospital stay or an operation, and that skin patches don’t fall off. In the field or in a medical transport, current loop converters enable long-distance communication between medical personnel.

2. Restaurants:

If you’re a wholesale food or restaurant supply company, you may need custom sandwich wrap blanks for your customers, which can then be imprinted with their brand and logo. This involves printing and coating kraft paper and then cutting them into appropriately-sized paper wraps.

You may have a butcher who needs FDA-approved butcher paper or freezer paper to keep meat fresh and wrap it after selling it. When the brand and logo are added to these items, it increases the customer’s brand recognition and can be an effective advertising tool.

3. Paper Items:


Whether it’s cards, stationery, paper plates and cups, gift wrap, or any other paper item, it all began as a tree. Paper plates are made from pulp and paper cups are made from wood chips that have been converted from their raw form of a tree to usable, decorative, and often brand-and-logo-imprinted formats. These are often used by a specific company or event to increase their brand recognition. Increased brand recognition is one of the top reasons that businesses use an industrial conversion company.

4. Plastic Bag Manufacturers:

Long gone are the ubiquitous paper bags used by grocers and many other stores. In addition to the plastic grocery bags used by most retailers, there are plastic food storage bags, both with and without closing mechanisms, that are available in many sizes and colors. These exist because a converting company used a large-diameter roll of plastic film to create white, clear, or colored plastic food storage bags. Plastic shopping bags underwent a similar process but were imprinted with the store name and logo.

5. Plastic Waste Recycling:


A fairly new use of industrial conversion is converting plastic waste into useful resources. With the amount of plastic waste that’s polluting the ocean – from six-pack rings to plastic grocery bags – this industry newcomer is long overdue. Plastic waste is now converted into sustainable fuel for trucks and ships as well as new plastic materials and products. For those who want to advertise that their business has a green footprint, using recycled plastic can be a valuable marketing tool while it helps to reverse some of the damage that’s been done to the planet.

6. Flexible Packaging:

The trend toward online ordering for everything from upscale dinners to building supplies has created a niche for flexible packaging. Consumers want convenience, ease of transport, and ease of use whether it’s metal packaging for liquids or flexible packaging for the healthcare industry. Whatever the need, industrial conversion companies can meet it. If you need a branded customized shipping container and protective packaging for a new product, contact an industrial conversion company to seal the deal.

7. Computer Applications:


Companies need to provide online protection for their computer servers, various data and voice networks, and their labs. Medical facility converters can keep expensive electronics from becoming hacked or destroyed and valuable information lost. Designing specialty systems to protect hardware and data is routine for many industrial conversion companies.

Similarly, many medical companies need the same type of protection for their computer hardware and software so that they’re compliant with various government regulations. Particularly for harsh environments where computers aren’t usually found, adequate protection is absolutely essential for both the hardware and the software, and a converting company can design protective devices to shield them.

Custom Die Cutting If your idea needs machines custom-fitted for manufacturing, then a precision die-cutting industrial converter company can help you. They can design the custom die that will provide your product, whether you need flat-bed stamping or rotary design and custom cut shapes or any other type of die.

No matter how long your company has been in business, there’s likely a product that an industrial conversion can supply for you that can help improve your productivity and efficiency while promoting your brand recognition. Imprinting products with your company name and logo is one of the best and most affordable marketing strategies you can use, especially when you’re recycling or reducing the carbon footprint of your business.

Whether you’re a start-up or a large production company, an industrial conversion company can turn your idea into a marketable product. If you have an idea but are unsure how to convert your idea into reality, an industrial conversion company can help you with the R&D aspect of your idea that will make it a profitable reality. There really isn’t a limit to the possibilities with an industrial conversion company. If you can dream it, they can make it.