Is Jakarta a Good Holiday Destination – 2024 Review

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Many people do not consider cities to be viable options for vacations. Lots of holidaymakers consider a serene place with beaches or wildlife. In that case, Jakarta fits the bill; well, some of it.

Jakarta may be a bustling city with a vibrant nightlife and hordes of humans hurrying to and fro. However, it also has its quiet places, beaches as well as conservatories where you can see varieties of wildlife.

Jakarta is a cosmopolitan city in its own class. Home to some of the world’s most spectacular malls, people flock the city mostly to shop. Many vacationers have turned the city into a stopover as they leave destinations such as Bali and Komodo Island.

Nevertheless, the allure of the 5-star hotels in Jakarta by Ayana has many vacationers staying over for a few days. They also discover that there are a number of reasons why the city is a vacation destination in its own right.

The Pull of Jakarta

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Whoever came up with the adage ‘don’t knock it till you try it’ possibly had Indonesia in mind. In the last decade, the archipelago has experienced expeditious growth in tourism. People flock some of the major islands not only for vacations and honeymoons but also for destination weddings.

Being the capital city, Jakarta is hardly left out. Vacationers have discovered some of the attractions of this vast town, including the following:

The Cuisine

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The food in Jakarta is not only finger-licking good, but it is also organic. There are lots of communities in Indonesia with varying traditions as well as food. Jakarta hosts representatives from just about every community, making the food choices incredibly extensive.

Some of them may have names you have never heard of, such as nasi goreng and satay. There are lots of restaurants you can visit to experience the authentic dishes. It is impossible not to dine into the delicious local food when you are there.

The Shopping Experience

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As mentioned earlier, Jakarta is home to some of the breathtaking malls in the world. The competition is on its own level, so every next mall tries to outdo the previous one. You can find hundreds of these malls clustered together and offering local as well as international merchandise.

The prices are unbelievable. You can buy brands that you can only stare longingly through the displays back at home. If you happen to be in the city during the Jakarta Great sale, the merchandise is sold at 70%. In fact, many people visit the city just to shop.

The Vibrant Nightlife

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Jakarta is a 24-hour city. You can walk out of your hotel room any time of the night and find a club open. In fact, you can even opt to visit the museums at night or go to a temple for some spiritual nourishment.

There are exhilarating parties going on at all hours of the night and open bars. The music is of international standards. You will not be short of good company as both locals and tourists patronize the entertainment places at these hours.

The Magnificent Skyline

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Jakarta, at night, is an amalgamation of sounds and sights. One of the reasons they have rooftop bars is so that their patrons can experience the skyline at night. Take your friends or partner (if you’re traveling with one) up on the rooftop for dinner. The sight of the city will be an excellent experience.

Beaches Within Reach

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There are a number of beaches that are close to the city. One of these is Ancol Beach, which is the closest. It is also quite close to Jakarta Airport. Besides, you can access this beach even without a boat.

Additionally, the city is home to some of the best resorts close to the city. Some of them have amazing seaside views. You can experience the beach while enjoying the thrill of a massive city and have the best of both worlds.

Wonderful Museums

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The museums in Jakarta are among the best ways to learn more about the country’s rich history and culture. Therefore, they are definitely worth a visit when you go to Jakarta.

When you enter the Jakarta History Museum, you will be taken back in time to the days when the country was occupied by the Dutch. The Museum Bank of Indonesia is terrific if you want to take a trip through the country’s national bank.

The National Monument may only seem like a beautiful and selfie-worthy tower, but it is also filled with history. If you want to check out some incredible artifacts, then you can have a look around the National Museum and see the exciting ceramics, paintings, sculptures, and other artifacts.

The Beautiful Mountains and Temples

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There is an incredibly wonderful and the most populous island in the world called named Java. When you are in Jakarta, you might hear so many good things about it that it might automatically go on the top of your list.

The island is home to around 12 national parks, each with its own glory. You can find the Ujung Kalon, which is listed in UNESCO, on the island. There are also some beautiful volcanoes like Bromo and Merapi. Exploring these parks and hiking in them can be quite an adventure.

You can also find the world’s biggest Buddhist temple on the island of Java. Borobudur is often quite crowded because everyone wants to witness the beauty of it. If you are looking for something lesser-known, then Pawon, Kalasan, and Medut might be the right choices.


The accommodation in Jakarta is topnotch. With five star hotels such as the Ayana Midplaza, you will have a 5-star experience in the midst of the bustle of The Big Durian. You will not have trouble finding lots of sites to visit and things to do in Jakarta.

The exciting thing about Jakarta is that it is not far from Bali. If you anything about the top holiday destinations, you will definitely know Bali. After you have had your fun in Jakarta, you head down to Bali.