Itineraries in Tuscany – Tips and Useful Information 2024

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Tuscany is undoubtedly one of the best known and most visited regions of our country. If only for Florence and the other cities of art, with the prestigious museums of cultural baggage that enclose this land’s many localities.

Therefore, not only art but also the sea, islands, mountains, and beautiful landscapes: in short, a genuinely varied terrain suitable for all tastes and budgets. And precisely because of the vastness of the offer, with the consequent (sometimes) of choice, we try to suggest some itineraries, purely Tuscan, will be useful to fully experience this splendid region that everything the world envies us, both for having exciting ideas for a weekend in Tuscany and for those who want to enjoy a holiday of several days in this glorious land!

So let’s start from a perhaps unusual but undoubtedly appreciable idea: destination Natural Parks, of which Tuscany is rich and proud. This region is teeming with protected green areas, unique places, where nature and art meet: let’s think, for example, to the most famous puppet in the world, Pinocchio obviously, to whom the Collodi Park, the birthplace of its creator, in the province of Pistoia is dedicated.

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Continuing with the thematic areas, we suggest the Chianti Sculpture Park, near Siena, or the Tarot Park in Maremma. Or again, on the subject of more traditional gardens, let’s think of the Natural Parks of Maremma or San Rossore, in the province of Pisa, or the particular and unique Suspended Garden of Riparbella (LI), with routes and activities suitable for young people and adults.

And we want to continue to illustrate precisely on the paths, and on trekking, to introduce a second idea, that of walking along the numerous paths capable of taking your breath away for the views and the continuous alternation of personal visions: one above all, trekking in the Park of the Apuan Alps, which will allow hikers to see Tuscany from above, with a truly unique perspective.

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By completely changing the itinerary, we now see the alternative for those who prefer a marine and, perhaps, less “tiring” stay. We, therefore, aim for the seacoast of Tuscany. Once again we are spoiled for choice since we do not it is easy, among the many beautiful beaches, to draw up a ranking of the most beautiful: let’s try to name some of the most suggestive, such as San Vincenzo, in the province of Livorno, one of the best known, or Castiglione Della Pescaia, in the region of Grosseto, or the splendid beaches of Feniglia and Giannella, in Maremma. And the beautiful Island of Elba cannot be missing, which deserves a separate discussion.

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Last but not least, at the level of advice/suggestion, we cannot fail to mention the cities of art, and all the heritage that can be visited, for which it would take a long time, which unfortunately often is not available: so we focus on short itineraries, but intense, like the visit to the capital, certainly not to be missed, as Florence is truly the cradle of Italian culture and beyond: its museums, unique in the world, deserve repeated visits, starting from the Uffizi, and then Palazzo Vecchio, Dante’s House, etc.

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One should not forget the other splendid cities and their cultural riches, such as Lucca or Arezzo, or Pisa with that Piazza Dei Miracoli and the Leaning Tower, the whole world envies us.

It should be considered that there are different solutions for those who want to spend their holidays in Tuscany with packages that include excursions and private visits, for example to wineries and so on. It offers New Year’s Eve in a farmhouse in Tuscany, with dinner, access to the SPA, welcome drink, and much more. For more details, check

All these solutions are ideal for experiencing Tuscany at 360 °, taking advantage of the opportunity to taste many typical local products, famous worldwide, from cheeses to salami to specific dishes, and, of course, all toasting with excellent local wine!

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Furthermore, in agritourism, the owners often organize cooking lessons or tastings, which you absolutely must not miss. Among other things, for the hot season, many of these structures are equipped with comforts and with outdoor pools that make your stay even more pleasant and unforgettable!

And returning to the advice on things to do in Tuscany for lovers of excursions and travel, we remind you that it is a fascinating and varied area. With an often mild climate, especially in the hottest periods of the year, it is the ideal region for the tourist who wants to see new places and cities of art and wants some time to enjoy nature and local landscapes with outdoor activities sports.

Here you will find plains and hills, long beaches and fascinating rocky cliffs, medieval villages and towns rich in history.

For an active holiday in Tuscany, you don’t have to be super trained athletes. All you need to have a little willpower and, above all, choose the outdoor activity that suits you best.

This small guide has decided to select some possibilities for an active and fun holiday in Tuscany.

  1. Tuscany by Quad

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Quadding, which provides for the use of select four-wheeled vehicles for travel in nature, is becoming increasingly popular in Tuscany. Many companies are developing packages and dedicated offers to combine farm holidays with activities of this kind.

You can make both single excursions and holidays with day excursions, obviously always accompanied by expert guides.

  1. Tuscany by Bicycle

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With its challenging climbs and descents from the competitive and landscape point of view, Tuscany can boast of illustrious “visits” from the world of cycling. Here, the great cyclists like Bartali and Cipollini trained. If you, too want to follow in their footsteps, perhaps choosing routes that are more suited to your physical preparation, you have a wide choice of excursions in Tuscany.

There are several possibilities to choose from: Sporty and more challenging routes for those who are already trained, cycle excursion routes in suggestive places, urban streets among the most beautiful Tuscan cities, cycle tourism and family routes with more comfortable itineraries to follow, as they are also suitable to the participation of children. A must try!

  1. Tuscany on Horseback

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The paths dedicated to equestrian tourism in Tuscany are numerous and well equipped for horse and rider’s well-being and joy. We organize horse trekking, both for individuals and groups, in some of the most beautiful places in Tuscany, from Chianti to the Via Francigena, from the areas around Siena to the ancient Via di Firenze, routes not to be missed and all to be discovered.

And finally, in our roundup of tips on Tuscany, we want to suggest you not to forget it when you want to treat yourself to a romantic stay, be it short or long. You wouldn’t even need to look for a particular location, a landscape, or a dream location: Tuscany is all of this, a panoramic terrace overlooking the world, often with glimpses of “A Thousand and One Nights,” where you can daydream, admire wonders unique.

But we would like to point out one place above all: Lucignano, a delightful medieval village in the province of Arezzo, famous for its “Golden Tree of Love,” a 15th century shrine, which represents a tree in gold with coral decorations and small display cases, which are said to have the power to make eternal the promises of the love of couples who go to see it.