Pros and Cons of Jailbreaking an IOS Device in 2024

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Jailbreaking an IOS device means escalating the privileges of an IOS device. The motive behind this activity is to remove or bypass the software restrictions imposed on Apple devices to prevent the installation of specific or the prevention of certain actions that Apple didn’t want from being performed on its devices.

Jailbreaking is carried out by applying several kernel patches. When a successful Jailbreak attempt is applied on an Apple device, it gives its user the right to install those apps which are not accessible via the official Apple App Store. There is also another way to easily install the apps that are not available on the Apple IOS store by using the AppValley app without the need to jailbreak the device.

There are a lot of IOS jailbreaking techniques and tools available publicly for different IOS versions. That is because some versions of the IOS operating systems have various flaws. These sets of weaknesses are taken advantage of in the Jailbreaking process. These vulnerabilities get patched by the Apple Developers team regularly with the subsequent new release of the IOS operating system. Hence, the later versions cannot be easily jailbroken and are much safer and lesser prone to any malicious intentions, then the previous versions of the IOS.

Is the rooting and the Jailbreaking the same?

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The main difference between the ‘Rooting’ an Android device and ‘Jailbreaking’ an IOS device, is that in the case of rooting, the apps which are not available for installation in the Google Play Store can still be found and installed on the third-party websites and elsewhere on the internet. But, in the case of the IOS devices, it is not the case.

Purpose behind Jailbreaking

The biggest motivation behind jailbreaking is to disclose or expand the rich functionalities set provided by Apple. Due to its ‘IOS Developer Program License Agreement,’ a lot of apps that have applied for being published on the IOS App Store had been rejected. Hence, people depend on Jailbreaking for the installation of such type of apps. These apps will not necessarily contain some objectionable or potentially harmful content. Instead, they can also be banned due to the capricious IOS Developer Program compilations.

Jailbreaking of iPhones has been conducted by both the government organizations as well as the cybercriminals. Cybercriminals are jailbreaking the IOS devices to install the malware in them and steal the information such as the financial credentials, personal identification information, cloning the sim to carry out the illegal activities, etc. The governmental organizations are using the Jailbreaking techniques to install the tracking software inside the IOS devices to track down potential criminals but, it is also a matter of fact that violating the privacy of the citizens is also a severe crime.

Jailbreaking also provides an environment for the increasing growth in the number of illegal activities like piracy of the software, etc. Apple devices only allow the installation of the commercial apps through the official Apple App store and restrict the facility from any other location. Hence, one of the essential reasons by which Apple is trying to knock down all the attempts of jailbreaking.

Pros and Cons of Jailbreaking

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  • Installation of new apps

With having the device jailbroken, one can easily install the apps that are not available on the internet. On the standard iPhone device, the apps which are not available on the Apple App Store cannot be installed.

  • Free Wi-Fi Hotspot Facility

In Android smartphones, there is a built-in feature called the ‘Hotspot’, which one can use as a broadband modem. All the cellular networks provide this service known as ‘tethering’ but, they do charge an amount for it. In the case of the iPhone, the user can efficiently perform this action by using the Jailbroken feature.

  • Changing the look and feel of your iPhone

Using Cydia, one can easily alter the way the iPhone looks. There are a ton of apps and themes available on the Cydia which can give a completely new and fresh look to the device.


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  • Security Issues

Jailbroken IOS devices are very prone to malware attacks. The security of iPhone devices has influenced most of the jailbroken devices. When an IOS device is jailbroken, its shield is broken, and the warranty of the invention is violated.

Attackers are also in an urge to find the jailbroken devices and also finding ways to jailbreak any iPhone device to install the malware and get access to it. After gaining access to an iPhone device, one can easily compromise the confidential details of the individual and carry out criminal activities.

  • The inefficiency of the Antivirus to protect the device

Apple has locked down its IOS operating system even from its early days. We are already aware of the fact that the Jailbroken IOS devices are on the verge of the highest potential risk and can be easily compromised. There are a lot of antivirus programs and security suites available which are protecting the security of the IOS devices.

Still, when a device is jailbroken, dangerous malware can be easily installed in them. The antivirus programs installed in the compromised device are not able to protect it from the potential threats because these antivirus programs are limited in their functionality and are also not able to clean them since the IOS operating systems are locked.

  • Instable System and consecutively jailbreaking it

When a new update hits an IOS device, it deletes all the apps that are dependent on the jailbroken device. Also, the jailbroken condition is revoked. After the update is done, it also becomes more challenging to jailbreak it again. Also, after jailbreak, the device gets buggy and often crashes. The unstable System is then not able to function correctly and causes a lot of issues.