How to Play NDS Games on iOS 13 Using iNDS Emulator – 2024 Guide

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Apple doesn’t support any games other than official iOS games, certainly not console games, on your iPhone or iPad. Cydia used to be the only place where you could download the tools needed to play Nintendo games on your device – those tools were game emulators. Sadly, Cydia is no longer being updated, but that doesn’t mean you can’t play your Nintendo games. An emulator app called iNDS has been released, and it’s just the thing you need to play your favorite Nintendo games once more.

What is iNDS?

Released by Riley Testut, iNDS Emulator is a games emulator that supports Gameboy, Gameboy Advance and Gameboy Color, among other Nintendo games, on your iPhone or iPad and it has been updated to support iOS 13 – that means it works on all the latest devices – the more powerful your device, the better the experience you get with the emulator. See more at

App Features

iNDS offers users plenty of cool features:

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Completely free to download and use
You don’t need to jailbreak
Supports all iOS devices on iOS 13 or lower
Plenty of in-app customizations
Positional view
Easily adjustable sound
Dropbox syncing – never lose your game place again
User-friendly app
Universal game support for almost every Nintendo game
Controller vibration mode
Loads more cool features

Things to Know

Before we talk about how you can download iNDS onto your device, there are a couple of other things that you need to be aware of. First off, iNDS is completely safe for you to use – we ran it through its paces and found nothing wrong with it. Secondly, while it is legal to use an emulator app, most ROMS are copyright protected, either by the software developer or the console manufacturer. If you do not physically own the game, it isn’t strictly legal to download the ROM. While we are going to tell you how to do this, you should be aware that this is purely for educational purposes.

How to Download iNDS on iOS 13

While you cannot download iNDS from the official iOS app store, you can get it from a very easy and safe source – TweakBox. A third-party app installer, TweakBox, provides you with many extras, modified apps, and games that you can’t get from any official source, as well as games emulators like iNDS. It’s simple to download and simple to use:

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Download TweakBox onto your device from the official website
On the page that opens, tap on Allow – this is the only way to allow the profile to download on your device
Launch your Settings app and tap on the option for Downloaded Profiles
Tap the TweakBox profile and then tap on Install – top-right corner of the page
Tap on Install again and then Done
When the download has finished, you will see the icon on your home screen – tap on it to open TweakBox
Tap on Check Out Our Apps
Look for iNDS in the list and tap it
Tap on Get and then Install
Enjoy playing your favorite Nintendo games

Fixing the Untrusted Developer Error

When you tap on the icon for iNDS, you will not be able to use the app until you fix the Untrusted Developer error. This is one of Apple’s ways of stopping you using unofficial content – they don’t trust the developer and won’t let you use the app until you do – that is easy to do:

Open your iOS Settings and go to General
Tap on Profiles & Device Management
Tap Enterprise and find the profile that reads SIIC Shanghai Holding Co Ltd – tap on it
Tap on Trust – iNDS will work now

How to Install ROMs to iNDS

The next thing to do is download the ROMs so you can play your games – pick one of these methods:

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Method 1 – Built-in Browser

One cool feature in iNDS is its built-in browser – this allows you to search for ROMs already included in the app. Just tap the Search button and type in the name of the game you want or search the list – tap the game and install it.

What you won’t get is every Nintendo game – if yours is not listed, check out the next method.

Method 2 – External ROMs

Launch your mobile browser and download the game ROM you want – use a reputable source, such as Romsmania
The game is downloaded in ZIP format – find it on your device and tap it
Tap on More and then tap Copy to iNDS
Open iNDS, and you will see the ROM listed
Tap on the name, make some adjustments to the settings, enable Dropbox for game saves, and the game will begin.

If you already have games ROMs saved to your computer, iTunes can be used to copy them to your iPhone

Right now, iNDS is the only way to play your Nintendo console games on your iOS device – take advantage of the fact that it is free, and you don’t need to jailbreak to get back to gaming the way you want.