Joker: Masterpiece On The Target Of Criticism

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The Joker is an original, standalone story that we haven’t seen on the big screen so far. At its center is Arthur Fleck. A lonely man trying to find his way and his happiness in an unfriendly Gotham City.

Arthur works as a clown during the day while dreaming of becoming a respected stand-up comedian. Still, life doesn’t love him much. It turns out he’s somehow always the subject of a joke. Caught between rejection, cruelty, and hopelessness, Arthur makes a drastic move. A move that will escalate into a chain reaction of unexpected events …

A well-known story told differently

We know Arthur Fleck from titles, comics, and other movies. We also know what he will become. But this doesn’t diminish the experience of following his transformation.

Arthur was recently discharged from a psychiatric institution and has to report to a social worker who’s not dedicated to her job. He lives in a dilapidated building, in a modest apartment where he takes care of his mother, Penny (Frances Conroy). He dreams about meeting talk show host Murray Franklin (Robert De Niro). He has a strange health disorder that makes him laugh uncontrollably when stressed. As the movie progresses, his life goes from bad to worse. Until the breaking point when he gains confidence and realizes that he is finally alive.

The director’s failure or masterpiece?

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Director Todd Phillips became famous for the Hangover series. He doesn’t seem to be the first choice to make a film that deals with a more serious topic, with the message directed to the entertainment industry. It is safe to say that the Joker is a kind of link between serious movie and light entertainment. Especially since this movie is being watched by viewers from both categories. The authors knowingly made almost an anti-superhero movie. Amazingly, those who love the genre did not mind that. Whatmore. Phillips and screenwriter Scott Silver got away with what is usual in a comic book movie. There are no threats of destroying the world, or a hero waiting to save it. This move was quite risky, but it was realized very well.

Scorsese As Inspiration

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Undoubtedly, Travis Bickle’s character from Scorsese’s Taxi Driver was the inspiration for writing the anarchic Joker. His transformation is almost the same. Both characters are volatile and gradually driven mad by the rejection of society. The hero of Scorsese’s masterpiece was suffering from Vietnam Syndrome, while Arthur was touched by a combination of ridicule and abuse. The only difference may be that Travis relatively retains our sympathies even after his actions. Unlike Arthur, whose actions do not find broader viewer support. If you want to read more related articles to this one click here.

Similarities and differences with comics

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Apart from the above, it is also commendable that the authors subtly introduced certain things from the comic. Like the character of Bruce Wayne, who is just a rich kid living in a magnificent castle. Therefore, we can conclude that there is a chance that the movie will be continued.

The Joker movie has no hero at all. The story is built around the growing anger of a deranged person. Beside him, a larger image of the indignant inhabitants of Gotham City breaks through. There are plenty of thieves in the ruling set. Useless public servants spend taxpayers’ money on other purposes. Useless cops promise no peace. Unexpectedly, Arthur’s move becomes both, an inspiration and a means of bringing people together. The clown becomes a symbol of rebellion, and finally, someone begins to notice him.

Is Joaquin Phoenix A New Icon?

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What matters is the tone of the movie. It is gloomy, filled with a sense of dread, almost angry. That tone justifies Arthur’s inevitable transition to a villain. It was like a terrible inevitability.

Joaquin Phoenix is terrifying in his physical transformation. His bones pop out as his body twists. The opening scenes show how helpless Arthur is. How much he is subject to ignorance, misunderstanding, and malice. Phoenix’s acting is authentic. You will be enraged by the reality of what you are looking at. Aside from the fact that it is surprisingly human, the Phoenix’s Joker will appeal to you. Simply because it doesn’t compare to earlier Jokers or actors who interpreted it. Self-destructive, striking and unnaturally thin, Phoenix methodically absorbed this role. His Joker is as iconic as those interpreted by Heath Ledger or Jack Nicholson.