Best King Size Platform Bed Available in Market 2024

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A good sleep at the end of the day, keeps you smooth the whole day! After a long, tiresome day, you always go back home to get a peaceful and relaxing sleep during the night. In such a busy schedule, most of the people are sleep deprived, which leads to insomnia, which can be very serious if not treated at an early stage. So, this “sleep deprivation” can affect your health badly. You will feel weak, lethargic, and will have many other complications in your body due to it. This will harm your working hours, and you cannot be focused on your goal. Therefore, good sleep becomes a necessity for you, and you deserve it! 

A good sleep requires a good bed! If your bed is too crampy and small, you may feel uneasiness, and this may wake you up a few times. The hindrance to your sleeping hours can spoil your entire day by making you feel too tired. Moreover, if you are living with your partner or spouse, and your bed is too small to suffice you both, then you should think about a better option, or rather you should go for the bed that you always wished or have a very deep urge for it, i.e., a king-size bed.

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You always watched how the celebs wake up from those big, classy, and comfortable beds. You, too, can have it in your own home. If you have a room for it, then you should have thought to buy one for your house. But it’s not so simple! You always want to invest your money in everything you desire to have very judiciously, after all, it’s all you have earned from days of hard work.  

So, a standard king-size platform bed frame has a dimension of 76 inches by 80 inches, but it varies according to the model you choose, and it depends on the brand too. You can comfortably roll over it, and it’s more than spacious for two people. So if you have the perfect room in your apartment or your house, adding a king-size platform bed in it will add a classy look.

While buying this type of bed, it is very much important to know the material of the frame. There are many types of frames available in the market, but all have some advantages as well as some disadvantages. So, it is better to know about each type and decide the suitable one. The frames are described below according to the material of which it is made. For more information about King-sized bed, kindly visit here. 

  • Wooden King Platform Bed Frame

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There are generally two common types of wooden frames that are available, which follows:

  1. Normal wood – If you are looking for something simple, yet classy, you can go for this type. For beds of Zinus, these types of beds usually have a frame of 3.5 inches and are 14 inches high above the ground. The slats and legs are made of wood, and the frame is of steel. Due to wooden leg structure, it can hold and support all types of mattresses, be it of spring, latex, or foam, and ensures the longevity of it. There is padded tape in the steel frame, which helps the mattress to stick, and hence it cannot shift easily due to which it is noise-free, and hence there is no disturbance while you are sleeping. The mattress also cannot slip out due to the non-slip tapes present in the slat of the frame. But, there is one problem in this type, i.e., the holes which are there to set the legs are sometimes not aligned properly. Apart from this, you can choose this type. Also, you may or may not attach a box spring to it. The storage space under it is ample. 
  2. Solid Pine Wood – If you want something beautiful and can go well with any decor of the room, this type of king-size platform frame is just apt! It has a natural wood finish which makes it look quite appealing. It, too, has almost the same dimensions as the previous one. It also has the same properties as the previous one. Instead, the slat is made of plywood. It, too, supports all kinds of mattresses and no movement of it due to the non- slip tape attached. But it has an under storage space of 6.25 inches, which is the only disadvantage of it. The usage of box spring is completely optional for this type of frame.
  • Metal King Platform Bed Frame

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You can get the complete sound sleep if you sleep in this type of frame. The frame, which is made of steel, has foam-padded tape attached to it, which makes it noise-free totally, and you sleep without any disturbance. Also, like the previous ones, it supports mattresses of all types, and the mattresses have a larger shelf life. The frame is 16 inches in width, and there 14 inches gap under it, giving you a huge space for storing things. The box spring is not at all necessary for this type. But, the main disadvantage to it is that it may squeak after a few months, which is a thing that needs to be addressed. But, the service of this type of frame is satisfying. For more information about Metal King Platform Bed, kindly visit here. 

  • Linen King Platform Bed Frame

There are mainly two types of bed frame which are made of linen that is available in the market, which is as follows:

  1. Diamond Tufted and Nailed Headboard – This type of platform is suitable for any room with any type of interior. You can fix this type of frame to the wall or keep it in the center, as of your choice. It comes in different shades, so you can choose the one concerning the color of your wall, which is very much advantageous. Coming to the construction, it is very much strong and durable. The linen construction is mainly quality assured. The design of the headboard of this kind of frame is unique and is the main attraction. It has an elegant look with metal studs and tufted diamonds over it. The look is very modest and yet too classy! The decor of your bedroom will become more vibrant due to the frame. The slats are made of wood and are very durable. Sagging is quite less in this type of frame, and hence it is noise-free. It supports both foam and innerspring mattresses and makes it long-lasting. The assembling of all the parts of the king-sized platform can be a bit complicated, but you can always call for help. Once it is installed, you are going to have a great sound sleep every night. You can invest in it as it is worth the price. HomeLife has this kind of frames available, you can have from them, and for more information regarding it, you may visit the site.
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  2. 51 inches Tall Headboard – The specifications are almost the same as of the previous type, but the headboard of this type of frame is quite bigger than the previous one. It, too, has metal studs and tufted buttons fixed over it, which brings out the classic and elegant effect of the frame. Also, the polyester linen upholstery is an add on to the effect, which brings the uniqueness of it. It is much sturdy than the previous one, and the whole construction of the platform is quite durable, including the slats. The slats are constructed of hardwood, which offers the durability to it. The mattress remains firmly attached, and hence there is no sagging of it. So you can expect absolute comfort and no disturbance at all while sleeping after a long tiresome day. Like the previous one, it is available in a variety of shades, so you can choose the one which goes perfectly with the complete decor of your room. After all, it’s your room, and you just want it to be best and perfectly decorated! You will require no box springs in this type of frame. Also, there is not space available under it, which can make the cleaning of your room very smooth. You can keep the king-size platform as you want, but it will look much better if you keep it in the middle. But, the assembling of the parts of the bed is very hectic, it may take a long time. But once you are done, you can enjoy the essence of it for the rest of your life.

So these are the common types of king platform bed frames that are in high demand and are mostly preferred. Choose the one which suits your criteria the best and have a great sleep