Luxury Travels in Africa 2024

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When planning a vacation, most people kind of forget about this wonderful continent of Africa. It can offer so much to travelers and it has a vast variety of places that can be visited. I have known to be the place to satisfy even the pickiest ones; from the architecture and the archaic ruins to the luxury hotels, it will take your breath away. It has content to please history enthusiasts as well as nature lovers. Down below are presented some of the luxury travel locations in Africa.

  1. Rovos Rail

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Settled in South Africa, this is a true treat for the ones that would love to experience Orient Express and its wonders. It packs a whole few days to travel around South Africa, depending on the number of days you would like to spend like this. Every cart or room has its own bathroom and it is very spacious. With food and drinks on demand, you will feel like you never want to leave this train.

One of the most impressive things on this train is the existence of the terrasse that can be used to sit back, rest and enjoy the landscape you are passing by. Of course, there are planned stops with field trips included into this ride, so you get to experience the towns you are passing through as well as the wonderful nature that surrounds the whole path. In addition to the experience, there are gala suppers on the train itself in order to magnify the experience even more.

  1. Bisate Lodge

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Bisate Lodge is situated in Rwanda, the country that has a reputation and not so bright history. It is good to know that that is all behind them now and that the whole country has made significant progress in order to break from the stigma created around it. They have incorporated natural beauty into the touristic offer and made National Park around the volcanic area. This taken into account, it offers the stroll around nature with wild animals in their natural habitat.

Everything is made in such a way that it compliments the wilderness and all the luxury villas are located at the edge of the forests providing peaceful vacation. A must is the so-called mountain gorilla track since it enables tourists to meet endangered species of animals. The whole place is oriented in habitat preservation and species protection, so a true naturalist will be awoken in the tourists. It is a place to remember and if you pick it, you won’t regret it.

  1. Tswalu Kalahari

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Located in South Africa, it has been labeled as one of the most luxurious places to visit. Tswalu is located on the furthest south of the Kalahari, and the best way to get to your destination is by a private plane or the helicopter.

With a maximum number of quests that are low, you will have a very private experience.With a very distinct flora and fauna, it will provide you with a very unique experience of nature.

Working with the very best in their job, such as best chefs on the Michelin star list, gourmet meals are guaranteed. The further expansion of this location increases the uniqueness of the visit.

  1. Safari

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No matter where in Africa, a safari is a must. This is a unique opportunity to observe wild and endangered animals in their natural habitat. Almost all locations in Africa offer this kind of experience but pay attention when picking the right one for you. Luxurious locations will provide a more personalized experience.

Some of them are Kenya, Ethiopia, and South Africa. Experience of observing animals that are dangerous and endangered from close proximity is a life-changing experience and will change your view of the world all around you. Don’t let this opportunity slip through your fingers, go to GosheniSafaris and book your safari trip today.

  1. Royal Mansour

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Royal Mansour is located in Marrakech, Morocco and it will provide an exquisite experience to anyone who visits it. With many hidden gems, it is in most cases perceived as a magical site to visit. Royal Mansour is in the very center of Marrakech, and it is sort of a refuge from all the bustle and hustle of a busy city center.

With a vast three floors and more than fifty raids’ it is a true masterpiece of architecture. With food that is very specific and crucial to the whole culture, a majority of traditional dishes will be presented to you to try.

In addition to this, since this is a place that international cultures visit, most restaurants will offer dishes that are not traditional and perhaps more familiar to the tourists. This place also has a breathtaking garden making tourists forget about where they are. With the spa that you can visit, this place is a true heaven on Earth.

  1. Beyond Ngorongoro Crater Lodge

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Set in Tanzania, this place is an oasis. The villa is set at the very edge of the inactive volcano, and its location provides a very unique view. Inside is no less impressive with very specific architecture and design of it.

It provides an amazing sensation and mix of French and African interior design. Of course, the service inside of the palace is extraordinary, making you feel like a true emperor. This location is considered one of the best for safari experience due to the landscape.


There are so many places that can be visited in Africa. We have picked some of the most luxurious.

From the train experience to the luxury villas, Africa offers a lot of opportunities for the exploration of nature and includes safaris and visits to National Parks where wildlife can be observed in their natural habitat, being just a few meters from one of the most dangerous animals in te world.

With a culture that is unique and incorporation of nature in the living spaces, Africa offers a truly breathtaking holiday that will be remembered for a long time.