How to Make Your Research Paper Stand Out – 2024 Guide

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Tutors and scholars encounter numerous academic writings such that it would take a special one to capture attention. Once a supervisor comes across a special paper, it receives all the attention and a top grade as a reward. According to, excellent writing will also boost your career beyond helping you to win scholarships and awards.

A research paper that looks and reads obvious will be awarded an average grade. It takes something special to write a paper that captures the attention of every reader. What is this unique ingredient that will make your paper compelling to read and worth the best grade?

  • Choose a Captivating Topic

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The title of your paper is a promise you make to the reader. If the promise is good enough, you will convince the reader to dig deep into your paper. Choose a topic that is interesting to read such that even the most seasoned scholar will find something interesting to follow about your discussion.

Topics depend on your level of study and expectations from your supervisor. Identify a fresh and strong idea to study for your paper such that you will get valuable content. Do not be so narrow that you run out of content midway and have to use filler words in your paper. On the other hand, a topic that is too wide will result in a shallow paper because you are trying to touch so many aspects yet your time is limited.

Relevance is one of the most important elements of a research paper topic that determines the fate of your writing. Can the ideas you are discussing resonate with scholars in that industry at the moment? Avoid old arguments and ideas that have been exhaustively discussed unless you have new insights to share with your readers. Always remember that if the title of a paper is not interesting enough, no one will pick it from the shelves.

  • Follow Writing Guidelines Provided

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Scholars like your supervisor want to concentrate on the content of your research paper. Such distractions as poor formatting, wrong structure, low quality reference materials, and wrong spacing, among others make the paper boring to read, resulting in a poor score. Poor adherence to instructions is a distraction that will eventually mislead your readers.

To keep the attention of your readers on the content, it is advisable to review and understand instructions before beginning your writing. It helps you to accurately format the paper, space, cite sources, and structure the paper. In case some of these instructions are not clear, request for clarification from your supervisor or tutor. Samples and examples will also help you to ace instructions and in the process deliver the most captivating paper.

  • Take a Firm Stand and Defend It

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Research papers are a crucial part of a scholarship where you are expected to add value to the existing academic banks. It is also an instance to gauge your understanding of the subject under discussion, especially for the supervisor and department to know whether you have understood or can think through the knowledge acquired. The best way to demonstrate an understanding of the subject is by taking a stand.

Your position on academic issues should be clear from your topic to the introduction and thesis statement. The references you make also give an idea of your position. For the position to be convincing, you should read highly credible books. Authoritative authors will help you to make the point better. A convincing paper is interesting to read and will raise your profile as a scholar.

  • Ace Formatting

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A lot of attention goes to formatting when writing a research paper because it provides direction. It indicates sections where you have quoted other people and paragraphs that contain your ideas. It also directs a reader on where to get more information about an idea you are discussing or the perspective you have taken.

Each research paper will come with general and specific formatting instructions. Learn what MLA and APA formatting styles mean, or whichever another style you have been instructed to follow. Mixing two styles will result in confusion. The appearance or presentation of your paper will depend on how well you adhere to formatting rules.

  • Write in Simple Yet Technical Language

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A research paper is an opportunity to show your understanding of the subject under discussion but not everything should go into a single paper. Write in such a way that a person who has never stepped into your class will understand your idea yet the most seasoned professor in the department will still find the paper captivating. Express the ideas in the simplest language while still maintaining the technical element of your writing.

A simple and unique language makes your ideas easier to understand. When your writing style is unique, the paper and discussion you are making will be memorable. You have to be technical because not all ideas can be discussed in simple language. Furthermore, you are writing for academic purposes.

  • Write with Precision

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Look at a research paper like poetry. You should use the least words possible to express your idea and still be understood. Edit the paper to get rid of filler materials and repetitions. Eliminates errors that my derail your ideas. When a paper is clear and crisps to read, it becomes interesting for your target audience.

Every student should target to write a page turner as a research paper. Everything about the paper from the title to the body and conclusion must indicate professionalism. Your paper will be outstanding if you pay attention to content as well as its presentation.