Fun Ways of Making Extra Money in 2024

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Everyone enjoys having some extra cash, and this includes students in school. But having more money in school means making more, and it can prove a tough test especially with the need to concentrate on studies for academic excellence. 

It even gets extra complicated in college where a student can decide to get a part-time job to raise more money. They will have to incur more expenses to cater for travels to and from the workstation. So it is possible to earn more by working part-time while in school? Here are some top ways that will ensure you have fun while making more money from professional homework websites like or perhaps English teaching or eCommerce.

Extra Money Making Ways That Are Fun

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  • Create Your Online Shop

It is not an easy venture to accomplish but possible as long as you have a personal computer and secure internet. You only need to have an expertise or skill that you can trade online or products such as used jewelry. The existence of websites that provide opportunities for creating online shops includes Bluehost, where you can create a website under thirty minutes. After creation, then the site’s monetization becomes easier through social media, articles, or videos which can direct traffic to the site. 

Social media is also a viable platform to create an online shop. It allows merchants to upload videos, images, and even write reviews of their products. Social media is free and offers better chances to reach the global market, engage with customers, and get instant feedback about your goods or services. Social media is already optimized for mobile use. This is a game-changer because you can tap into the ever-growing mobile traffic. In case you need to promote your store, you can do it directly on any social media platform. It is the easiest and most convenient way to make money online. 

  • Local Discounts for Students

Easy creation of websites nowadays means a less time investment in building them. You can dedicate some evenings every week to add content and maintain the site to ensure you earn passive income through the site. 

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  • Trade items that you no longer need on e-platforms such as eBay or Gumtree

For instance, you can sell old books, DVDs, or furniture as there exists a market that can require them. Such a move not only allows you to get extra cash but also rid your room of clatter. However, it’s important noting that a proportion of the amount your make goes to the websites.

You may also approach friends and relatives to add to your stock. Some of the used items are in perfect shape and can fetch a decent amount during a sale. You will be surprised by the items in people’s homes that can be sold yet people have no idea where to sell. You might end up opening a drop-off and pick-up point in your neighborhood just by starting online. 

  • Pet sitting or Dog Walking

It is an excellent way of generating extra money, especially if you have a soft spot for animals. You can walk your neighbor’s dog or sit their cats, especially if you live within the community. Further, you can enjoy other benefits that accrue from such activities as rejuvenating ad exercising. Use social media outlets to market your services like Twitter and Facebook.

If you are a pet lover, you can take it a notch higher by starting a blog on pets. It helps you to gain the confidence of your potential clients. The blog can also be monetized through endorsements or SEO. Walking the pets becomes a short term step with the blog or a pet store forming part of your long term strategy. 

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  • Twitch Streaming

Twitch is a video game platform where you can stream and play your favored video games with the presence of fans. You can even manage to build a loyal following if your gaming skills are top-notch or you have a knack for entertainment. You must invest, however, in a good microphone and camera so that your fans can hear and see you. Twitch streaming can immensely generate income during your free time and ensure you have that extra needed cash.

  • Affiliate Marketing

It entails directing traffic from one website to another and works perfectly for individuals with their websites or blogs that have a great presence. You can promote companies and their services or products to your audience and, in turn, get paid through the affiliate link.

Social media and content marketing can help boost your affiliate marketing venture. They build traffic to a website and help to boost visibility. The following you generate through social media will become a part of your affiliate marketing capital. Brands will seek your endorsement because you already have the traffic they need. Luckily, there are numerous websites offering affiliate marketing opportunities. Opening accounts or setting up blogs on these pages is free. It gives you the head-start you need to begin making money as an affiliate marketer. 

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  • Trade-in Domains

You can purchase and sell domains for profit and get quick cash. The website address or domain can cost just £0.99, while premiums cost millions or thousands of pounds. You must identify lucrative domains that are likely to give you money before their potential owners can claim them. Register the domain and wait for potential buyers. You may also approach potential buyers with your offer.

Social media accounts and followers are also being traded. Open an account and generate a substantial following. Flip the account over to a corporate, advocacy organization, or even a personality in need of a large following. The increasingly important role of social media opens an opportunity for you to trade accounts with a large following and make a decent return. 


Having extra money to use on campus can prove exciting, and you can easily accomplish that by embracing these fun money making ways. Surprisingly, they do not require substantial capital investment. With time and a bit of creativity, you will be on your way towards making a decent income while still in college. College is expensive. You know this and so do we. With the cost of tuition, books, residence life, and food running into the thousands per year it can be hard to make ends meet. Having a fundraiser can be way more than just a fun event and a way to support your school. For more details check out