Why Martial Arts is The Workout of Choice for Many Celebs in 2024

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All other workouts that you do– be it running, swimming, or spinning, make you bore after some time. You will start struggling to find an activity that you enjoy. You will feel that these aren’t for you, or that you didn’t get a good enough workout. On the other hand, joining a sports class will keep you motivated and interested in your fitness workout. This is because you have a great choice in training arts from Muay Thai to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to MMA. You will be able to find something that can strike your fancy.

However, most people don’t start practicing fighting arts because they wrongly believe that these types of sports are only useful for combat and self-defense. Although, these benefits of fighting arts are also handy in protecting yourself and your loved ones, yet there are some fitness and health-related benefits of these fighting arts too which most people forget to consider. In this article, we will shed light on some grounds which make celebs to join different fighting disciplines like Kung fu.

Some famous  types of combat arts


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This is the most well-known and widely practiced form of fighting arts. Karate is precious for its health benefits and self-defense. It is a great way to tone and strengthen the upper body. In karate, an individual uses kicks, punches, and open-handed chops for self-defense. Like other combat disciplines, karate has different levels of expertise, denoted by belts in different colors and a black belt represents the highest level of expertise.

Tae kwon do:

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It is believed that Tae kwon do is one of the world’s oldest fighting disciplines. Tae kwon do, a Korean fighting form is related to karate, but focuses more on the legs and kicking, and also incorporates hand strikes, joint locks, throws, and punches. Tae kwon do is good for strengthening and toning the lower body and enhances the stamina, speed, balance, flexibility, and physical strength. Tae kwon do is regarded as the most popular sports in the world, with 30 million followers in nearly 100 countries.


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Judo originated in Japan, is based mainly on grappling, but in this case with an emphasis on throws and pinning the opponent to the ground. In these sports, you leverage the size and strength of the person you are fighting to defend yourself. A judo fighter utilizes submission-style attacks such as locks and chokes, valuable for self-defense. It is also very good for toning your fitness and strength. You can buy a supreme quality Gi for your training classes from Elite Sports.

Kung fu:

Kung fu, literal meaning an achievement gained through hard and long work, is a high-intensity Chinese fighting technique that provides a strong aerobic and cardiovascular workout. Kung fu involves primarily kicking, flips and punching moves, somersaults, jumps and evading an opponent. Kung fu particularly helps improve cardiovascular health. Kung fu teaches virtues such as humility, trust, patience, respect, the importance of, and morality to its practitioners.

Why celebs and other people find martial arts the best?

It enables you to burn more calories:

Such combat arts can burn up to 1,000 calories in just an hour. It has been scientifically proven that these types of sports melt extra fats in the most effective way besides giving your metabolism a much-needed boost. This will tone your muscles and help you lose weight very quickly and efficiently. So, if you wish to lose some pounds or shed some unwanted fat, then it’s time to stop thinking and start training in fighting sport. It might seem rather daunting, but if you enter the world of combat sports, you will start enjoying every minute you spend in this practice.

Perfect for an effective full-body workout:

Such fighting arts are considered to be a full-body workout. They involve and utilize almost every muscle group whenever you execute the techniques. Practicing combating moves means working your arms, legs, abdominals, and every other muscle simultaneously. And the result of this intense workout would be a perfectly toned body that is beach-ready all year round. You will build lean muscle through this exercise that will, in turn, help your body burn more calories even at rest – because muscle requires more energy to maintain as compared to fat. Hence, one hour of daily combat practice can leave you exhausted and a few inches lighter.

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Helps in improving your reflexes:

Practicing combat arts improves your flexibility, agility, and reaction time thereby improving your coordination skills. All the senses, sight, touch, pain, and hearing involve a reaction from the body. A martial arts session involves many practices for improving your reflexes. This ultimately ameliorates how quickly you react to danger, which is beneficial not only in martial arts but in every physical activity. This benefit of martial arts attracts so many celebs towards a martial art class.

Makes you tough from the inside out:

With all those hours of intense training, there’s no doubt that you will get stronger and more formidable. The kicks, punches, and other moves involved in this tough training will increase your entire body’s strength over time. Repeating each move hundreds of times is another reason that enhances your body’s musculature.

However, that muscle mass and the increased physical strength aren’t the only things that you will get out of your martial arts practice. Your immune system also becomes strong through this workout. That means your body will also be getting stronger from the inside when it comes to fighting ailments and viruses. Additionally, you will also gain lots of confidence and self-esteem through martial arts practice.

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The Bottom Line

Combating arts have many lucid advantages over other workouts which make celebs and other sportsmen practice this great form of exercise. Some undeniable benefits of fighting disciplines like Kung-Fu are: they torch extra calories faster, make you stronger inside out, improve your reflexes, and help you lose some fat. There are many styles of martial arts and each one has its strengths; you can choose any one of them according to your fitness goals.