List of Things to Buy after You Relocate to a New House – 2024 Guide

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The excitement of moving into a new house is pure bliss. As soon as you set foot inside your new house, you get hundreds of ideas to improvise the space and make it your ‘home’. Whether you downsized your inventory to make the move affordable or you have a bigger space now than before, you will have a number of items that you will need to buy to get settled in the new home with greater comfort and functionality.

The best moving companies, (click here to get details) associated with Pricing Van Lines, a credible moving service platform state that people invest too much time in the moving process that by the time they get into their new home, they are physically, mentally and emotionally too drained to think constructively. If you are going through the same mental block, we are here to help. Whenever you move into a new place there are a lot of things that you have to do and you list is probably blowing up and you do not know where to start from.

So here we have created this list of the best items you must buy after you move to a new house. Some of the things are extremely important. We know that you are anxious to start your beautiful life in your new house. But it is very important to be organized so that you can get things done efficiently. This list will simplify the move in process for you. You can trust us as our aim is to help you avoid the common mistakes that people often make in relocating into a dream house. So, let us now discuss the essential items of the checklist in detail:

Buy and change your locks

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This is by far the number one thing you should do. For many people they will spend the day going back and forth from the old house to the new one and a lot of people choose not to even sleep in the new home on the first night because the bed is not set up. So do you want all your belongings sitting in a house that the previous homeowner could enter using key. It is even scarier if you choose to sleep in the house on the first night do you want the previous owners to have easy access into your home? Even if the previous owner seems like great people you never know who they have given a key to. So for your and family’s safety please make sure that changing locks is your first priority.

Light bulbs

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Yes, one of the most important items for the comfort of your life, light bulbs are the first thing that you will have to invest in as soon as you relocate. Even if you are carrying the light bulbs from your previous house, the chances are that they do not look too impressive with your existing décor. Also, you might have a few extra light points at the new house so procuring some new bulbs would be the only option.  From basic bulbs to fancy flush mounts, chandeliers, sconces and other light fixtures, you must make a list of light bulbs you want for your new home and buy it.

Trash cans and bags

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Yes, you will need plenty of them because as you unpack, there will be a lot of garbage that needs to be thrown out. From trash cans to trash bags, you will need a variety of trash holding things to ensure all the mess that comes out of the unpacking process is duly managed.

Air and water filters

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It is imperative that you change the air duct filter as soon as you move into a house, if you haven’t done it already. Dirty and grimy air filters circulate poor quality air inside your house which extends an open invitation to infections, bacteria and viruses.

Similarly, if you have always drunk filtered water, investing in a water filter appropriate to the water quality and type at your new home is recommended. It is the best investment you can ever make for the health of yourself and your family. The water coming to you may be more polluted than you think.

Carbon monoxide detectors

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If the house already has them, get them checked and repaired. If there aren’t any, investing in carbon monoxide detectors is a must. Carbon Monoxide is an odorless and invisible gas that has caused hundreds and thousands of deaths across the country. Engage a professional and let him work on your carbon monoxide detectors installation or repair job.

Security camera/intercom system

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For those who do not have an advanced security system pre-installed at their home, investing in a security camera as well as an intercom system is a wise choice, these modern amenities make your home safer and automated. There are plenty of options available in the market that you can explore and choose the best one.

Address plate

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Now that you have moved to a new house, you must get a new address plate with your house number, name and other details you want to add. Whoever comes to your house must know that you are the new owner.

Check your HVAC system

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Just trust on a good HVAC company. The company will visit your home and give your system a good tune up. We know it is not fun to spend your hard-earned money on this like this but it will save you money and your monthly utilities and it will extend the life of your system in the long run and will save you money.

So congratulations the house has now become your dream home. Now it’s time to create memories. One of the best ways to do this is to through a party. But we understand that moving process can be hectic and you might be too exhausted from all the hard work. And yes there are a lot of things that need to be done but it is OK to let go and leave them undone for few more days. It is important to make your home a place where your friends and family can gather and feel loved. However, settling in the new house is very important to kick start a fresh phase of life. As you give efforts to have a healthy relocation, make sure you also plan for life after the move.

Hope the list of items that we have provided will help you in relocating into your house of dreams.