Discovering the Medieval Castles of Transylvania, Romania


The most popular travel destination in Romania is Transylvania, and its charming and enigmatic castles are a big part of the almost mythical fascination it inspires. From notable landmarks like Bran Castle to more modest ones that once had a place with the nearby gentry, the castles of Transylvania recount their very own account of the rise and rot across hundreds of years.

The best castles in Transylvania

They are listed in the following succinct list. Planning your trip in wizz air to Transylvania will be easier with this information.

1. Bran Castle

There could be no other one to get this rundown going with than Bran Castle – effectively the most renowned and adored in Romania. What’s more, why would that be? Well, there are two distinct reasons for locals and tourists. It is a favorite of the locals because Queen Marie, a member of the British royal family who married one of the last Romanian kings and spent much of her time there, loved it. The locals also adored Queen Marie. Tourists flock to Bran Castle because of the thrilling legends about Count Dracula.

2. Rasnov Castle


It is more commonly referred to as Rasnov Fortress and can be reached by car from Bran Castle in a short amount of time. While it resembles Bran Castle in that it is perched atop a hill, the fact that it is so much larger (in its day, it was a small town) and that its views of the surrounding landscape are so much wider due to its height and the fact that the surrounding landscape is a wide valley surrounded by mountains makes it even more impressive. Rasnov Castle has been around since the 13th century and hasn’t changed much since.

3. Bethlen-Haller Castle

The stunning Bethlen-Haller Castle can be found in the heart of Transylvania, in the village of Cetatea de Balta, close to the town of Medias. It was originally constructed in the Renaissance style in the 16th century, but it was later restored as a Baroque structure. It is now a beautiful guesthouse with beautiful rooms. I suggest taking a wine-tasting tour at the nearby Jidvei Winery while you are in the area.

4. Peles Castle

Underlying the town of Sinaia, on a course that interfaces Wallachia – where the capital of Bucharest sits – and Transylvania, Peles Castle is really a genuinely new design. It was built in the late 19th century in a neo-renaissance style. It is probably the most beautiful in Romania because it is well-maintained and has an architectural style that makes it look like something out of a fairy tale. It seems to be an out thing of a Disney film. With slanting green slopes falling away from it, naturally shaded mountains behind the scenes, and the actual castle being included steep pinnacles, it is a mysterious and incredible sight! Check out this fantastic tour that departs Bucharest for Peles and Bran Castle.

5. Teleki Castle


It is another castle named after the aristocratic family that built it. It is similar to Banffy Castle in that it looks like a French castle. In contrast to the castles of Bran and Rasnov, which date back to the 12th century, Teleki is also a relatively recent structure. For its aristocratic family, Teleki is a treat and a charming piece of architecture to see and explore.

6. Viscri Fortified Church

The Prince of Wales has made Viscri village quite popular. The Sovereign was enchanted by this town and he even purchased a couple of properties there. He went to Viscri on a regular basis and definitely put this village on the map. The stunning 13th-century fortified church is one of Viscri’s few tourist attractions. The church, along with the rest of the village, is protected by UNESCO. From Brașov or Sighișoara, you can take a day trip to see the church and the walls around it.

7. Kornis Castle

In contrast to the majority of the castles that have been mentioned, Kornis Castle has not fared as well in spite of the tumultuous political eras and the passage of time. It as it currently exists is a derelict ruin. Yet, that ruin is as yet something delightful and a genuine piece of significant Renaissance history for Transylvania. Notice the two statues that greet you before the large gate when you arrive: a pair of unicorns that were meticulously crafted centuries ago and are still standing ready to welcome guests to Kornis Castle.

The Best Time to Visit the Transylvanian Castles


In general, late spring or early fall is a great time to visit the castles because the weather is at its best and there won’t be as many people there. However, depending on the castle, you may need to adjust your schedule slightly based on your interests. The Transylvanian castles with the best gardens, like Karolyi and Criș Bethlen Castle, are definitely a good choice for late spring and early summer because you’ll get the full experience, complete with the scent of flowers in the air. My personal favorite for the winter is Cantacuzino Castle. When it is blanketed in snow, the village of Buşteni is nothing short of magical. In point of fact, it all depends on what else you want to do in Transylvania!


When deciding whether or not to visit Transylvania and take a tour of the Transylvania castle, it is important to keep in mind that they are spread out over a fairly substantial area. For instance, Grain and Corvin’s castle is just about 300 km (5 hrs driving time). Therefore, you won’t be able to do it in two days or even a day tour. You should include other attractions on your itinerary in addition to the castles that you visit.

As a result, we advise taking 5-7 days for a comprehensive tour via wizz air and a minimum of 3-4 days for a taste of Transylvania. It is greatly improved to remain for the time being in various areas (2-3 unique towns) than to remain in only one spot and to sort out day visits. Your visit time will be reduced by the distance and driving time.