4 Reasons To Hire a Microsoft Business Central Consultant

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Microsoft Business Central is the latest Enterprise Resource Planning software from the house of Microsoft. Microsoft has a reputation for providing end-to-end solutions, and Microsoft Business Central has more than 160000 satisfied customers. An Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP streamlines the business process and helps you manage your work better.

An ERP like Microsoft Business Central can do wonders for businesses, especially small and medium-sized organizations that run on a low budget and with fewer human resources. However, to be able to utilize the ERP well, companies need a consultant. If you are looking for a Microsoft Business Central consultant, you can visit sites like smetric.com.

An ERP consultant is usually a person who has a degree in Information Technology. In addition to that, he also has experience in warehouse management and finance. Thus choosing the right ERP and the right ERP consultant can increase efficiency, lower expenditures and improve the overall functioning of your company.

What Is Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP software?

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An ERP, like the new and dynamic Microsoft Business Central, is software that manages several business processes and increases their efficiency. For instance, on the financial front, an ERP manages yearly budgets, the taxes to be paid, and the accounts and audits of a company.

On the Inventory front, it looks into the warehousing needs, the logistics of transporting the goods manufactured, etc. An ERP looks into the production planning and takes care of components like increasing the manufacturing capacity etc.

On the sales front, it looks into the invoicing needs of a company, the Sales tax implications, the pricing of products, the discounts that are to be given, and also the new opportunities for increasing the sales revenue. An ERP also streamlines Human Resource Management by keeping tabs on employee attendance and analyzing employee performance.

4 Reasons To Hire A Microsoft Business Central Consultant

1. A Consultant Personalizes The Enterprise Resource Planning

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An ERP is usually a one-size-fits-all software that is manufactured by companies like Microsoft. However, every industry is different, and every company within the same industry is also different. For instance, warehousing and transportation will be a major component of a company which is in the manufacturing industry.

Manufacturing is a broad term; a company can manufacture steel components, another can manufacture textiles, and another can manufacture food products. All of these companies need to focus on logistics, yet the kind of transport they will need and the type of warehousing and handling they will need vary greatly.

Again, in case the industry is different altogether, say in the fashion industry, Human Resource Management will be a bigger concern than warehousing and cross-continent transportation.

Also, within the same industry, the size of the organization will determine which software works best. For instance, an organization that has global reach will need very robust software as it has to manage personnel, taxes, receipts, and sales targets on a global scale. However, a small garment factory whose range of operation is restricted to a city will have different requirements.

A consultant can thus be of great help in personalizing the software using his knowledge of information technology to give results that are tailor-made to suit the customer’s needs.

2. A Consultant Makes It Easier To Use The Software

If an enterprise goes for an ERP software like Microsoft Business Central for the first time, it is very likely that most of the staff will not know how to use the software. However, it is not just the first-time users who need help; every time a software undergoes an upgrade, the personnel might need help in using the software.

For instance, Microsoft upgrades its software every year to serve its customers better. Thus, hiring a consultant can help make the staff familiar with the software and how to use it optimally. This can go a long way in saving precious time and lead to increased productivity faster.

3. A Consultant Helps In Upgrading The Software

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A consultant can help determine if a business needs a new software altogether or if an upgrade of the existing software will serve the purpose. At times there is no need for a complete rehaul, and adding a few modules to the existing software can serve the purpose. In such cases, the consultant can save money that can be channelized elsewhere.

Also, all software needs an upgrade every now and then. Thus a consultant can perform regular upgrading operations for the company.

4. A Consultant Helps In Business Integration

Before installing an ERP like the Microsoft Business Central, a company might have been using multiple other software to streamline its operations.

For instance, a company might have an employee attendance management system with all its employee-related data, and another company might have a supply management system with the details of all its suppliers. In such cases, it is useful to integrate the previous software with the new ERP.

At times the existing software at two or more locations needs to be integrated together. In all such instances hiring a Microsoft Business Central consultant can be of great help for the business.


Getting a consultant for Microsoft Business Central can open up floodgates of opportunities for small businesses by increasing the efficiency of production and making the entire business operation cost-effective.

However, companies should keep a few points in mind while they are hiring a consultant for Microsoft Business Central. They should look for a consultant who is a good listener. Only a good listener will be able to suggest modifications and upgrades as per the needs of a particular business.

Another quality to look for in a consultant is his ability to accommodate the business organization’s suggestions.

Lastly, business organizations should go for a person who has wide experience in handling such software. A person who is adept in IT skills has the financial skill, and business acumen can understand the requirements and implement them better. Also, going for a person who has global exposure might be a good option.