How Can A White-label Mobile Wallet Solution Improve Your Small Business?


A white-label mobile wallet solution is a service provided by a company that creates a mobile wallet for their customers. This service allows customers to use the company’s mobile wallet without having to deal with the logistics of creating and managing their own mobile wallet.

Small businesses have the same typical problems/ White-label mobile wallets are especially beneficial for such initiatives, as they give you a branded mobile wallet and access to various features that are not available through traditional banking solutions. Also, a white-label mobile wallet solution is a service that businesses can use to quickly and easily digitize their credit cards, debit cards, prepaid cards, and rewards programs. You can freely integrate our solution into your own wallet, saving you time and money. Additionally, a white-label mobile wallet solution can help improve your small business by offering fraud prevention, payment methods, and user verification.

Benefits of using a white label mobile wallet solution for small businesses


A white-label mobile wallet solution can offer many benefits to small businesses, including a quick and easy way to load, send, and receive money, as well as a comprehensive product life cycle management system. Additionally, the platform is available in multiple languages and supports multiple currencies.

  • Quick and easy to use. White label mobile wallet system has a lightweight Mobile-App that takes up little storage space on the customer’s Mobile device.
  • Comprehensive Product Life Cycle Management. The platform offers support for bulk product uploads, product life cycle management, and more.
  • Features for your business. A white-label mobile wallet solution offers to load and send money, purchase from the marketplace, and check transaction history and activity log.
  • API-Based Wallet System: The platform is easy to integrate with your existing mobile marketplace, allowing you to easily offer loyalty programs to your customers.
  • Offers & Discounts Management. You can manage offers and discounts for your products and code-based purchase options for customers.
  • Web-based interface for wallet owners. You can manage your wallets through a web interface for wallet owners (multi platform access).
  •  Fully white label Mobile App.

That’s why a white label mobile wallet is a smart solution for your small business. It helps to speed up the implementation process, so you do not need to spend your time on development. White-label mobile wallet solutions improve your small business by managing your payments and providing a range of features to help you run your business.

The drawbacks of using a white label mobile wallet solution for small businesses

A white-label mobile wallet is a pre-made mobile payment solution that can be customized with a business’s branding. While this can be a quick and easy way for businesses to get started with mobile payments, there are some drawbacks to using a white-label solution.

One drawback is that white-label wallets are not as secure as custom-built solutions. Another is that they usually do not have the same level of customer support. Additionally, white-label wallets often do not support loyalty programs or multiple currencies.

5 white label mobile wallet solutions that are promising for small businesses


There are some of the best white-label mobile wallet solutions that offer you a wide range of features: transaction history, support for multiple currencies, sales reports, and loyalty programs. Each of them has its own benefits and limitations. Nevertheless, every white-label mobile wallet solution is safe, fast, and convenient to integrate, improving your payment process.

  1. Paymentz: The Paymentz White Label Wallet Platform is a great solution for businesses looking to launch a mobile wallet. It has a wide range of features, including load money, sending money, receiving money, purchasing from the marketplace, and transaction history. It is available on both Android and iOS devices and is security compliant.
  2. 2. Dejamobile: The mobile wallet solutions offered by Dejamobile are fast to integrate and  deploy, using strong TLS protocols. Dejamobile offers a SaaS mobile payment solution that is even easier to use than a traditional mobile app.
  3. Zapakash: Zapakash provides white-label mobile wallets that can be used by small businesses to improve their payment process. Some of the features offered by Zapakash include support for multiple currencies, the ability to set your own currency conversion rates, QR code technology, and the Wallet Owner Web Interface which allows the wallet owner to manage their users and settings.
  4. PayMaya: PayMaya’s mobile wallet solution offers businesses a secure and convenient way to accept payments from customers. Some of the features offered by PayMaya include support for multiple currencies, discounts, loyalty programs, sales reports, and the ability to generate invoices and reminders for customers.
  5. also develops white-label mobile wallets for transactions capacity with tens of thousands of transactions a day. It is a simple and adaptable API module and ledgering solution delivered on-cloud or on-premise.  Our company offers a simple pricing model that does not put a pressure on the business activities of our clients. We start with a little flat price and add up the certain percent regarding the transactions amount calculated per month.

Simply put, a white-label mobile wallet solution offers a number of benefits for businesses. Firstly, it is quick and easy to set up, meaning that businesses can get their customers to use the service as soon as possible.


Secondly, all services that are digitized onto the mobile wallet will be secure and compliant with PCI DSS standards. This offers peace of mind for businesses that are concerned about data security. Finally, white-label mobile solutions allow businesses to create their own branded mobile wallets and sell them to customers. This provides an opportunity to generate additional revenue streams from selling digital products and services.

With white-label digital wallets from, you can launch faster, cheaper, and more convenient payment ways for your business needs. Our platform is a reliable base for your digital payment products. It’s a flexible and scalable solution to build a digital wallet on top or add electronic asset accounting functionality to your existing product.