N95 Masks Are Now Back in Stock for Canadians

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When the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak first hit Canada, the country struggled through managing the requirements of essential equipment. As a result, masks went scarce, and even testing swabs became hard to find during the pandemic’s initial few months.

In fact, Canada’s chief public health officer Theresa Tam recently described the shortage from that period as a “swabaggedon.” According to Dr. Tam, the global supply chain’s dependency affected the country’s ability to make personal protective equipment (PPE) available on time.

But a few months into the outbreak, Canada is prepared and ready to tackle the second wave of COVID-19. Thanks to swift production and distribution measures, Canadian suppliers, manufacturers, and sellers have essential PPE, such as the N95 mask, back in stock. Visit site to get N95 masks for you and your family.

Why Should You Go for an N95 Mask?

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As a particulate filtering facepiece respirator (FFR), the N95 is known for providing optimal protection to the wearer. This includes clearing the surrounding air of at least 95 percent of harmful particles before the wearer can breathe it in.

N95’s filtration system clears particles as small as 0.3 microns from dust, fumes, and mists. This way, the respirator provides optimal protection in settings such as viral treatment rooms, active construction sites, and smoke-heavy environments.

In other words, this makes the N95 respirator ideal for healthcare professionals, construction workers, and firefighters.

When it comes to using this FFR during COVID-19, it can clear the air from those viral agents that cause the novel coronavirus. While the virus that causes COVID-19 is 0.1 micron in size, health experts have observed that it latches onto something more significant such as respiratory droplets. This gives the N95 the ability to block out these harmful particles from entering the wearer’s airway.

As a result, the N95 respirator can help maintain the safety of those administering treatment to COVID-19 patients.

Whether you work as a frontline healthcare professional during COVID-19 or if you manage a facility that treats novel coronavirus cases, you must have a significant stock of N95 respirators in place. This makes sure that you and your team can protect themselves and others through the pandemic.

How Sufficient is the Current Supply in the Canadian Market?

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As mentioned above, talking about an N95 mask shortage is nothing new for Canadians. During the first wave of COVID-19, government institutions and private businesses alike had a firsthand experience of PPE supply problems.

But after scrambling for essential PPE during that critical time, the government and private entities took significant steps to mitigate the problem from occurring again. This led to many manufacturing, purchase, and distribution measures, resulting in a sufficient supply of masks and other PPE in Canada.

This means that you can now find and obtain your required quantity of N95 FFRs without running into the issues that occurred a few months ago. It also holds whether you are an individual buyer or represent the interests of a professional facility. You need to contact a reliable vendor to buy your respirators and other PPE.

You Can Buy Your Facepiece Respirators Online

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When it comes to renowned PPE vendors, 72hours.ca stands out from the crowd. With a collection of different items, a range of well-known brands, and the availability of multiple payment methods, the website has established itself as a dependable vendor during this critical time.

Since the website has various PPE types in stock, it is no surprise to see that it also offers a sufficient N95 mask supply to its customers. With fast shipping and doorstep delivery, it has become the primary choice for healthcare professionals who need these respirators to perform their duties.

If you don’t want to take extra time out of your schedule or don’t want to risk your social distancing measures, the online ordering approach is the optimal fit for you.

You Can Visit a Reliable Pharmacy to Get These FFRs

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As mentioned above, placing your order online is the superior approach for getting your N95 FFRs. However, if you need a few masks without any delay, you can make your purchase in person through a brick-and-mortar pharmacy.

This causes you to risk your social distancing protocols. But you can wear a regular mask or face covering to follow the advice of healthcare experts. This ensures that if you have a mild or asymptomatic COVID-19 infection, you don’t inadvertently pass it on to others during your store visit.

After the recent production and distribution steps, many Canadian pharmacies have N95 respirators in stock. This means that you can easily find your required masks through a popular seller. With that being said, it’s prudent to check through a call if the store you are visiting has the required N95 mask supply available in it.

Canadian Officials Are Hopeful That the Problem Wouldn’t Occur Again

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Due to months of preparation, Canadian officials have been confident that the PPE shortage won’t take place again. Business owners from various private sectors have been mirroring that tone as well. Now that the pandemic’s inevitable second wave is here in Canada, those claims are being put to the test.

So far, it seems that the supply infrastructure is holding up to its promise. Even with consistent purchases, dependable online platforms and retail stores have been able to replenish their stock without any issues.

However, you mustn’t let your guard down. If you are running low on your N95 mask supply, it’s essential to restock it for the next few weeks before any signs of problems hit the market.

Since multiple patients and families’ health depends upon these small individual actions, we must take these safety measures with the utmost seriousness.

This approach helps you steer clear of any issues and makes sure that you never have to put your staff or your patients at risk during this dreadful time.