4 Ways to Use Neon Signs to Light Up Your Storefront

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While they were very popular during the 60s and 70s, we can notice that many people are again interested in neon lights. The main reason for that is related to the fact that people live retro styles, which is the main reason why some design options are constantly circulating. The most common use of neon is related to marketing, where companies were adding these lights to make them more visible and attractive. 

Moreover, we can notice that a lot of people choose to add these lights to their homes since they can be an excellent solution for a unique design. You can make your office appear more relaxing, and your room as well. When it comes to businesses, it can serve in branding by adding unique models of neon lights that will represent your brand and the values you are promoting. If you are interested in buying custom neon lights, click here.

Moreover, we can notice that people choose to add these lights at the entrance parts and storefronts of their stores. That is a great way to attract people who are passing by. However, it is essential to do that in the right way. Here are the best ways to add neon lights to the windows of your store.

img source: unsplash.com

Be Creative

The main advantage of this option is that you can express creativity. Other models of lightning systems are also good, but neon is more flexible since you can transform the pipes in different ways to create a more unique appearance. In that matter, experiment with colors and shapes to make something that will make everyone who is passing by pay attention to your store. Therefore, you can choose to express the values you are promoting, the name of your brand, products, quotes, and more.

Place Them on Windows

Neon lights have higher luminescence than other models. Therefore, it can be a great way to implement an ad on your windows that will attract potential customers. You can choose various strategies, such as bringing more attention, promoting new products, discounts, special offers, or even working hours. It can be a simple way that will improve the visual features of your storefront. Another benefit is that it is much more affordable than most other solutions.

On the other side, even if you simply place one stripe on the top of the windows, that will make your sop more visible and attractive to people on the street. Moreover, it can be easily spotted, which is one of the reasons why neon is so popular in the first place.

Cover the Doors

Instead of basic signs related to the name of your store, working hours, and other information, you can choose neon lights instead, and get something more original. For example, you can cover the edges of the doors with stripes, and choose a narrow model for information about your business. It is important to know that it is simple to install neon, and it won’t cause additional expenses since they are energy-efficient.

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Create Unique Environment

The main reason to choose this option is flexibility. You can buy a set of neon stripes, and make all kinds of shapes in both inside and outside parts of your store. For example, add a name of your brand at the entrance, and additional signs in the hallway, store, bathroom, offices, and more. Making a decoration is quite simple since you can easily bend and reshape the stripes and create letters or symbols. For example, if you are selling office equipment, you can create a shape that resembles books, popular quotes of famous writers, and much more.

Main Benefits of Neon Lights

Handmade neon signs can also improve the ambient environment of your space. Your choice of colors can create a warm and relaxing environment for your customers to enjoy.

We already mentioned some advantages, such as lower prices and flexibility. This is the best solution if you want to experiment more with different shapes and create unique visual features in your store or office. Moreover, the lifespan is incredible when compared to other types of lights. 

In most cases, the stripe of neon will last for at least 10 years, and some high-quality models can last even more. We mentioned the efficiency as well. This option requires less energy, which makes it cheaper and better for the environment. This feature is another reason for an increased popularity in recent years since people are now more aware of the importance of ecology and sustainability.

We had the pleasure of speaking with the team from Voodoo Neon Signs about the neon sign industry, their product range, the businesses and individuals that buy these kinds of signs, and how things are evolving super fast in this changing industry (to a more eco-friendly kind of product).

In terms of marketing and promotion, it will ensure your store becomes more popular since this model can be easily noticed from a long distance, and people find it very attractive. In that matter, you only need to focus on the right selection of stripes and how to reshape them to represent your business in the best way.

Therefore, if you are planning to introduce some changes and improve the marketing strategy in your company, including these lights as one of the options can bring many benefits and help you to improve the status of your brand and gain more customers.

On the other side, you will need someone with more experience in design of exterior and interior parts of your store. There is always room for some mistakes, especially if you don’t have skills and experience in design. The most common is that people choose to add too many lights, which can cause side-effects and irritate people. 

img source: unsplash.com

Last Words

It is always important to introduce various methods that will make your marketing more effective. When it comes to this solution, it can be especially beneficial for targeting older generations since you can make them feel more nostalgic.

Furthermore, you can improve the ambient and make it more related to your products and brand. The great thing is that there are endless solutions when it comes to neon lights and only a small room for some important mistakes.

Moreover, if you are not sure how to install them in the right way, or which combinations to choose, you can always contact someone with more experience and hire them to improve the visual aspects of your storefront.