Top 10 .NET Development Companies in Vietnam


.NET development is rapidly growing in demand due to the framework’s versatility and ability to be used in a range of industries. With its open-source platform, software developers have endless possibilities and opportunities to create custom applications that meet the specific needs of businesses. Additionally, more businesses are seeing the value in having a robust and reliable .NET platform for their applications. As this trend continues, it’s more important than ever for businesses to partner with a reliable .NET development company that can provide them with custom software solutions.

Outsourcing development work to Vietnam can be a great decision for your business. The country is home to a large, skilled, and affordable workforce, and its proximity to major markets means you can get your products to market quickly. In short, by outsourcing the IT needs, specifically .NET development projects, to Vietnam, businesses can earn reap a lot of advantages. However, there are a large number of software development outsourcing companies in Vietnam. And businesses need to choose the right one for their specific requirements.

We are about to introduce you to the top 10 .NET development companies in Vietnam that can provide your business with reliable and affordable software solutions.

Orient Software


Orient Software is a top-rated .NET development company dedicated to providing high-quality IT services to its clients. This outsourcing company has a large team of experienced and professional developers who deliver the best .NET development projects in Vietnam. They help worldwide businesses of all sizes to achieve digital transformation by designing custom software that meets their specific IT needs.

Moreover, Orient Software primarily specializes in more different custom solutions than only .NET development, including mobile apps and web applications. Additionally, Orient ensures the high performance and reliability of its products through QA and expert software testing services.

This company also uses the latest technologies in designing efficient IT solutions that evolve as the clients’ companies grow. As they are trusted and the leading software outsourcing company in Vietnam, they ensure their services come at cost-competitive prices. So, if you are looking for an IT partner for .NET development, Orient Software is a good choice.

Newwave Solutions


One of the top 10 .NET development companies in Vietnam you should take into account is Newwave Solutions. This IT outsourcing company has over ten years of experience and more than 300 dedicated employees. The company has been providing software development and IT services in terms of .NET development, Mobile App Development, Software Development, QA & Testing, Software Maintenance, Game Development, UI/UX Design, and Emerging Technology. Not only the expertise and experience, but Newwave Solutions also has a strong sense of responsibility and passion for technology and software, offering software services and technological solutions for their partners all around the world.

Enlab Software


Enlab Software is one of the leading agile offshore software development companies in Vietnam. The company based in Danang, Vietnam, also specializes in .NET development services. Enlab Software has been empowering businesses of different sizes, ranging from startups and SMBs to enterprises across the globe. Regarding reputation and experience, the company has over nine years in the software development outsourcing industry, more than 15 clients from different nations, and over 50 projects of different scales. With the vision of helping transform the way people operate the business and increase overall productivity and efficiency via delivering smart enterprise solutions, Enlab Software is such a good option you should consider when it comes to selecting a .NET development company.

Lotus Quality Assurance (LQA)


Lotus Quality Assurance is a .NET development company that was established in 2016 as the first Quality Assurance Organization that is independent. Its headquarters are in Hanoi. The company has the main branch, LJP, which is located in Yokohama, Japan. Lotus Quality Assurance is large, with 28 global clients and partners within four continents.

This outsourcing company specializes majorly in software testing alongside embedded software testing and strength of automation testing. In addition to .NET development services, their solid experience is in testing domains that need expertise, such as Automotive, Education, Fin-tech, and Healthcare.

Moreover, Lotus Quality Assurance also offers training services on AI data that are a great deal in managing multitudes of annotation projects. These software development services are highly guaranteed efficiency because they have done more than a hundred projects and processed more than 7 million data used for AI training.

TMA solutions


For more than two decades, TMA Solutions Company has been in the software development industry. It was founded in 1997 to deliver quality IT services for software outsourcing to global clients. This .NET development specialized company has more than 300 well-experienced engineers and was selected from an IT talent pool of large Vietnam resources that are well trained.

TMA’s engineers have completed numerous large-scale and complex projects over the years. TMA has built its reputation for a long time and gaining a lot of recognition worldwide. And if you are looking for an IT partner that can help with .NET development projects, then TMA solutions should be taken into consideration.

CMC Global


CMC is among the most remarkable IT outsourcing company in Vietnam that specializes in multiple services, including .NET development solutions. The company is the major division of CMC Corporation, a high-tech conglomerate established in 1993. With a current workforce of over 3500 people, CMC Global is a large outsourcing company. With such a large pool of experienced employees, CMC Global provides and performs various software development services. The services are tailored and highly customized to meet customers’ needs.

The services range from cloud migration, custom software development, and RPA service implementation to cloud service management. The company is helping more than 200 clients globally by following strict international standards like ISO and CMMI to guarantee the quality of its delivery.

FPT Software


FPT Software is one of the top outsourcing companies in Vietnam, established in 1999. They provide countless IT services, including .NET development, Smart factories, Enterprise Mobilization, Internet of Things (IoT), RPA, Platform Modernization, Application service, and AI. The long-time Public Reputation (PR) of FPT is good and worth noting. The parent company of FPT is also one of the famous Vietnam brands. It can be seen in many fields ranging from technology, business, and retail to education and more.