Ntf Crypto Games: to Play or Not to Play?

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Crypto games are one of the fastest growing and controversial segments of the cryptocurrency market.

Crypto games: scam or not? How NFT works?

User reviews of NTF differ greatly: someone writes about ROI of 1000%, and someone complains that he flew into a hard minus due to a sharp drop in the price of the token. We will talk about what crypto games are, what ways to make money in them are available and give real cases with positive and negative ROI. And ORDB is the place to check everything about crypto gambling.

What are crypto games and how do they work?

Crypto games or NFTs are platforms where users can receive unique digital property for certain game actions, such as a character or a trophy, and then exchange it for a similar one or sell it for tokens – an internal cryptocurrency.

In fact, all NFTs work on the same principle: you register on the site, create a wallet and buy tokens for real money on it. Then you exchange them for the first character and start farming him – you feed him / water him / go through some simple quests with him, depending on the mechanics of the game. For certain achievements in the development of the character, the player receives exclusive items – artifacts. They, along with the character himself, can be sold in the site’s internal store or on the exchange to another player for tokens. Users either exchange the received coins for real money on exchanges like Binance, or spend them on the purchase of the following characters. The site, in turn, earns on the commission for transferring tokens to the wallet and showing ads to players.

TOP 3 crypto games in 2024

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The cost of tokens in crypto games directly depends on the number of players – the more there are, the higher the price tag. Moreover, those who entered first and bought the internal crypt at a low price will be in the black. And since crypto games tend to quickly lose popularity, the players who entered last run the risk of remaining in the red, since the price tag for tokens will fall along with the departure of users.

We have collected the top crypto games in 2024, which continue to gain popularity and bring profit even to new players.

1. Axie Infinity

The project has existed since 2018 and takes almost the first place in terms of the number of players – more than two million users sit in Axie Infinity. Players need to grow fantastic animals from eggs – aksiks, cross them and participate with them in battles with other players. For victories, tokens — SLP — fall on the user’s account.

At first, the game may seem boring, because in the first battles, the opponents will be beginners. But as you progress through the game and develop axes, the battles in the arena will become more and more interesting: the opponents will become more experienced, which means that you will have to think through your every step.

Also, it should be noted the beautiful interface of the game and thoughtful mechanics. All characters are perfectly drawn and detailed, and the graphics of battles are not inferior to the well-known Plants vs. Zombies, which is rare for such crypto games.

Axie Infinity can be downloaded for Android, iOS, Windows and MacOs. In addition to the game itself, you will have to install the MetaMask and Ronin Wallet crypto wallets. You store SLP in the first one, and output it from the second one.

2. Gods Unchained

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A 2019 card game that replicates the mechanics of the Hearthstone online game. Players fight each other by choosing a character and using cards that increase their strength. The first deck is given for free, but it is basic, and the chance to win against serious opponents is very low.

In total, Gods Unchained has over 600,000 users. You can download it for MacOS and Windows. Along with the game itself, you will also have to install MetaMask.

3. The Sandbox

An analogue of Minecraft with only one difference – the created universe can be sold for real money. To build their own world, each user buys blocks of land for tokens – SAND. From them you can build anything that comes to mind: a house, a swimming pool, a shop, a labyrinth or a football field. Further, the created worlds and individual items are sold on OpenSea. You can fill out the map not only on your own, but also with friends.

The game was released in 2017 and quickly gained a million active users. You can download it for Windows.

Tips for making money on NFT games

We talked about what projects are currently in the top among players. We have also prepared some tips to help you get a profit:

  • Learn about projects. There is a lot of scam in GameFi, as well as in the crypto community in general. If you invest in everything, you can lose it, not earn it;
  • Look at the creators of the NFT game. It often happened that the project is honest, going well and everything seems to be fine, and then it turns out that one of the employees was previously involved in some kind of black scheme, and everyone starts to merge tokens;
  • Look at the price of tokens in dynamics, and not at the current moment;
  • Study reviews not only in US, but also in the EU segment;
  • Be sure to read the information about the selected project: guides, whitepapers, reviews and case studies;
  • If there is an opportunity to start playing without investments, use it. Free NFT games for making money will help you understand the basics of processes in this area;
  • Be sure to KYC on Binance and get yourself some wallets.

Well, and most importantly – tune in to the fact that earnings will not be instant. This is not the area where you invested 100 dollars and withdrew 300 in an hour. You have to play and play a lot to really make the project a source of income.

Well, one more thing to prepare for is to constantly change projects. As sad as it may sound, there are actually very few games that keep afloat, like Axie Infinity. Most projects merge six months to a year after the start.

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As the cases show, it is possible to make money on crypto games. The main thing is to enter the game in time and have time to sell everything before the token goes into decline or the site loses popularity. To reduce the risk of going into the red, choose NTFs that have been proven over the years with a steadily growing audience and a stable internal cryptocurrency exchange rate.