8 Tips on Why Online Casinos Are Now Marketing to Women – 2024 Guide

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What comes to your mind whenever gambling is mentioned, maybe it is men sitting on the gambling tables for hours in typical land-based casinos. That was the case in the past but times have changed. We can now see online casinos on the rise in the Polish space. What is more? Women have become an important demographic based on designs and games offering.

Advertisements for online casinos seem to have taken a new turn by considering the female gender. Over the last decades, a shift in women’s consideration has resulted in more women joining gambling platforms. CrownBet’s campaign with actress Nicky Whelan is an excellent example of an advertisement that focuses on getting a female audience.

Today, women impact the Polish iGaming industry as consumers and play a huge role behind the scenes. Developers consider women as they design new online casino games. There are lots of online casinos that target women using gender-neutral brand images. Klara Czerwinska explains why online casinos are now marketing to women.

1. Diversity

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The world has taken the initiative of embracing diversity. It is amazing to note that today’s world has a woman figure performing roles such as sports commentators, fans, and live dealers. Women are now playing in prominent positions, and they seem to compete with the male gender with no apologies. Most of the roles that were previously seen as a preserve for men have changed tune and we can now see them being taken by women.

Online casinos have seen diversity working incredibly, and they are using it to their advantage. According to the Malta iGaming company, 42% of the workers are women, with 28% occupying the boardroom positions. Diversity is a simple hack that has brought tremendous results in the online gambling industry. A woman interested in gambling will become motivated to try out a site after she sees a woman working with or for the company.

2. It’s about emotions, not products

A large population of women is more emotional than men. Polish online casinos that want to offer gry hazardowe online za darmo and for real money have taken this to consideration by creating neutral website designs. Most online casinos featured at Polish https://kasynos.online/ seem to address the female audience by emphasizing respect, politeness, and caring nature.

Online casinos seem to avoid a dialogue revolving around their brand and changing to speaking to women on their terms. Changing slogans such as “Bet with us” seems to send a message that the platform is on the women’s side. The strategy has also worked for brands such as Nike. Nike has invested in the behavior and engagement of its female consumers.

3. Technology is changing

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Artificial intelligence is one of the technologies that is changing how marketing is being delivered. We can now see sites that request to know the gender of the internet users and determine the nature of ads that will appear. Some sites will thus use AI to push ads that target a certain gender based on what that gender likes.

Technology will also study the patterns and note email headlines that women are mostly to open. For instance, an email headline ‘win big and change your wardrobe’ will appeal to women more than men. On the other hand, ‘win big and buy a new house’ is most likely to convince men gamblers.

4. Numbers are working

Numbers don’t lie. According to the Uk Gambling Commission report in 2019, 43% of adults who gambled in 2019 were women. There was a 2% increase in women betting in 2024. Technology and the internet have had an impact on women gambling online. Most women are indeed active on social media, and their followers increase at a faster rate. Online casinos have taken advantage of social media by increasing their rate of advertising online. Most women are lured in the process and end up trying their luck at home or visiting reputable land-based casinos.

5. New types of ads and designs

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Over the decades, online casino ads would feature skimpily dressed ladies to attract male gamers. Such adverts are things of the past, as online casinos have now changed the old narrative. Modern online platforms have discovered a considerable population of incredible female gamers who need to be targeted using appropriate pictures.

In addition, gamers seem to bid goodbye to the old biased versions of masculine themes. Today, the introduction of unbiased feminine ideas and advertisements has worked incredibly for online casinos.

6. Anonymity

Some people fear gambling as they don’t want loved ones or those to them to know they engage in such activities. Online gambling is among the industries that have embraced technology. The iGaming industry has ruled out gender-related issues and stereotypes in gambling. Women can take a sigh of relief as technology has helped them hide their identity playing online games.

Although anonymity favors everyone, women have something to celebrate in this era. The female gender can now play gry kasynowe online by hiding their identity. Anonymity helps women feel confident as they play on secure platforms.

7. Women empowerment

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The world has increasingly empowered a woman in many ways. Numerous ads display women’s achievements that encourage millions of women to purchase a specific service or commodity. However, iGaming is not the only industry that has targeted women using videos and ads, but also brands such as Nike are in the race.

Women are likely to buy after watching ads featuring successful women. The female gender seems to be encouraged by the well-written monologues of equity and inspired by games such as Tomb Raider that feature women.

8. Are we there yet?

Even though we can see online casinos targeting women through various marketing approaches, it is only fair to mention that we still have a long journey before such efforts can match what is given to men. Most Polish casinos bank on men as their main customers.

Apart from being gamers, the female gender plays a significant role in the iGaming industry as consumers, readers, and innovators. Online casinos have discovered the potential in the female audience and are working towards tapping it all.