The Best Online Casinos With Paypal Payment Method 2024


Online casinos with PayPal are not often found nowadays. Nevertheless, for most players, a convenient payment method is an important criterion when choosing a casino. We have found the best PayPal online casinos for you.

Who wants to use PayPal as a payment option in the online casino, first needs the free account of the payment service provider. Compared to other payment methods, the transactions work via a central account, to which several payment methods can be linked. We give tips on how PayPal works and which PayPal online casinos are the best. In addition, we answer the question of how to find an online casino with PayPal.

Comparison of different casinos with PayPal

Lowen Play 96/100 100% up to


●       Bombastic welcome package of up to 100 €

●       Serious provider

●       Valuable bonuses are waiting in the VIP lounge

Wunderino 95/100 400% up to


●       Incredible 400% bonus + 30 free spins

●       Top rewards for loyal players

●       Collect daily extra winnings

Jackpot Piraten 93/100 100% up to


●       Merkur & Novomatic Games

●       PayPal deposit and withdrawal

Bing Bong. 91/100 100% up to


+ 50 free spins

●       Top Merkur & Novomatic Slots

●       PayPal payments possible

Wildz 90/100 100% up to


+ 200 free spins

●       Grandiose 500 € bonus cash and 200 free spins

●       Exclusive VIP program with great cash drops and cashback

Wheelz 89/100 100% up to


+ 100 free spins

●       300 € welcome bonus + 100 free spins for free

●       Weekly 20% cashback in the VIP Club

Payment with PayPal – step by step

Step 1: Opening a PayPal account

Unlike paying with a credit card online casino, an account must first be opened for the PayPal payment. To do this, simply call the website of the payment service provider and register with the email address.

Step 2: Verification of identity

In order to make a deposit at PayPal online casinos at all, the account must be verified with the payment service provider. For this purpose, the address is verified, which can be done by e-mail/SMS. In order to deposit real money with PayPal in the online casino, the desired means of payment is also deposited in the further step.If a deposit is then made with PayPal in the online casino, the preferred means of payment is charged for it. If there is credit on the PayPal account, this can also be used for the deposit in the online casino with PayPal.

Step 3: Creating an account – deposit or withdrawal at the online casino

Once the account at the online casino has been opened and verified, the deposit PayPal can take place.

Average time of PayPal payments for deposits and withdrawals


Online casino payment methods have quite different transfer times. While the bank transfer, for example, can take several days, PayPal is often much faster. Those who use PayPal for their deposit in the online casino, usually get the credit on their own casino account after one day.

If the money is not yet on the account after 2-3 days at the latest after the online casino deposit with PayPal, a check should take place on the PayPal account and, if necessary, the support of the casino should be consulted.

To make a withdrawal in PayPal online casinos is also possible. For this, simply click on the payment method PayPal and enter the desired withdrawal amount. Similar to other payment service providers (for example, the online casino payout Trustly), the payment processing takes about 2-3 days. As soon as the amount is available on the PayPal account, account holders receive an email or push notification on their smartphone. Now the balance can be transferred to the credit card, bank account or other reference account.

PayPal legitimation requirements: maximum security through comprehensive legitimation

Similar to other payment options (for example, the online casino Apple Pay payment), PayPal also requires legitimization. First, it is necessary to confirm the information when opening an account. If a bank account or another reference payment method is then added, this must also be confirmed before PayPal can be used as a payment option at all in the online casino.

The legitimization of the bank account works, for example, as follows:

  • the data of the bank account are specified
  • PayPal transfers 0.01 € to the bank account
  • the code from the bank transfer must be entered on the PayPal account

Only if the legitimization of the respective means of payment is done via the PayPal account, a deposit can be made with PayPal in the online casino.

Use bonus with PayPal: This is how it works

Depositing real money in the online casino with PayPal often provides many users with another advantage: the use of a lucrative bonus. Especially for newly registered users, many online casinos offer a bonus of up to 100% of the deposited amount, so that significantly more funds are available for the start of the game. The bonus can be quite different, for example

  • Percentage deposit bonus up to a certain limit
  • Free games

In order to use the bonus for the deposit, it is essential to look at the conditions. Often, certain payment methods are excluded for the bonus. For example, those who want to pay in the online casino with PayPal, get the bonus credit. However, each casino decides for itself exactly how it designs the bonus conditions. The experiences in the test show that often electronic wallets such as Neteller or Skrill are excluded from the bonus claim.

Secure bonus: This is what you have to keep in mind


To ensure that the bonus does not slip through the cracks with the deposit, the bonus conditions are crucial. Do players have to use a code or will the bonus be provided automatically without it? In order not to lose the bonus due to carelessness, players should simply proceed as follows:

  • Check bonus terms and conditions
  • search for a possible code
  • pay with PayPal at the online casino
  • Check the bonus credit

If the bonus is not yet available on the account despite compliance with the conditions, it is necessary to show some patience. After one day, the bonus should be available at the latest. If this is not yet the case, contacting support for a hopefully quick clarification will help.

Online Casino Payout with PayPal – Important Tips for Users

The withdrawal of winnings in PayPal online casinos is of course also possible with PayPal, because it applies to renowned providers the principle: deposit method is equal to the withdrawal method. Those who have deposited their funds with PayPal can also pay out their winnings via this service provider.

When claiming bonuses, very special conditions apply to the payout:

  • Turnover frequency must be met
  • Bonus payout is within the time limit (if any)

Many bonuses are linked to special turnover conditions, for example an X-fold turnover frequency within a certain period. If you do not meet these conditions, you may not be able to withdraw the bonus. Therefore, it is especially important to know the conditions and make a smart plan for their implementation.

Payouts with PayPal subject to charges?


Withdrawals with PayPal are not affected by costs in PayPal online casinos by the payment service provider itself. However, it may be at the online casinos that, for example, costs are incurred. This often happens when:

  • a certain payout frequency per month / week is exceeded.
  • a certain limit for the payout has been reached

However, from experience, most withdrawal transactions via PayPal are not subject to additional costs compared to other electronic wallets.

Do not pay real money with PayPal in the online casino: How to play anyway

Not everyone can or wants to pay in PayPal online casinos with PayPal. Nevertheless, the gaming experience does not have to fall by the wayside. Many providers provide free credits, for example, to try out the machines and gain experience themselves. For example, there is unlimited virtual credit to get to know the machines from NetEnt, Microgaming and Co. and simply have fun.

The disadvantage: If you don’t make a real deposit, you naturally can’t make any real winnings either. However, for the entertainment factor without risk and obligations, virtual credit is optimal.

Conclusion: PayPal as a secure payment service provider with fast processing


Anyone who wants to pay with PayPal in the online casino must first open a free account with the service provider. This is comparatively quick and often takes less than 5 minutes. Subsequently, PayPal can be used in combination with various reference payment methods (for example, credit card or bank account), so that players have several payment options in the online casino through one account. PayPal is particularly convincing because of its fast processing, free transactions and security. After all, this is a service provider that has been active on the market for more than 20 years and can now be used for payments at many renowned online casinos. You can find the best casinos in our online casino test.

Online casinos with PayPal FAQs

Why can’t I pay with PayPal at the online casino?

Not all online casinos offer PayPal as a payment service provider. However, if the provider is available, it is also possible to make a deposit with a legitimized PayPal account. If this does not work, you should look at the legitimization on your own PayPal account, because it is often missing and therefore no transactions can be processed through it.

Why is my bank account not yet legitimized with PayPal?

Anyone who links a bank account to their PayPal account receives a transfer and a four-digit code that is included in the usage text of the transfer. In order for the bank account to be used for future transactions with the PayPal account, the four-digit code must be entered into the PayPal account within a few days. Only then is the account activated for transactions (for example, the online casino payout with PayPal).

Why does the transfer with PayPal take so long?


Normally, the transfer with PayPal takes one to two business days. In individual cases (for example, due to technical failures) it may take a little longer, but experience has shown that it does not exceed 3-4 business days. If you want to pay with PayPal in the online casino and have made the transaction, you should check your PayPal account after a waiting period of more than three days to see if the transaction was actually processed. If this is the case and the funds are still not available on the casino account, contacting support is recommended. Here you can find the best casino payouts.

Why is the online casino payout with PayPal not on my reference account?

The payout usually takes one to two days depending on the casino. If it is then not on the PayPal account, simply check whether the winnings payout was actually made. Often it is denied, for example, if the bonus has not yet been released. If the payout is on the PayPal account, but not yet on the credit card or bank account, it helps to look at the legitimation. If the transfer methods have not been confirmed yet, no payout will be made from the PayPal account for security reasons. However, the balance remains visible on the PayPal account.

Why can’t I use all transfer methods in the PayPal app?

All transaction options are shown in the app, but in a compressed form on the display. Sometimes not all transfer options are apparent on the initial screen. Clicking the down arrow to show more payment methods helps.