A Guide to the Optimal Acura Maintenance Schedule

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Acura has long been known for providing affordable, quality luxury vehicles. With nearly 300,000 people purchasing Acura cars in the United States in 2022, Acura’s reputation continues to grow.

Despite the quality and reliability of Acura cars, following the Acura maintenance schedule is imperative. It’s a necessary step to keep your car on the road.

Neglecting or forgetting Acura maintenance will result in potential mechanical issues with your car. Preventative maintenance is the best way to maximize your investment. Topping off fluids and scheduling a regular oil change appointment will give you peace of mind and keep your new Acura running for years.

Luckily, you’ve found the right guide to learn more about the steps you should take for Acura care for your car. Continue reading to keep your new Acura pristine today!

7,500-Mile Acura Maintenance Schedule

The first step of the Acura maintenance schedule is due at the 7,500-mile mark. Monitor your new car’s odometer to ensure you schedule an appointment on time.

The servicing process includes multiple inspections and services. They’re designed to keep your car compliant with road regulations and operate safely.

The technicians will inspect parts like your car’s air filter, battery, brake lines, and suspension mounting bolts. Other maintenance processes covered at the 7,500-mile mark include an oil and oil filter change. It’s vital to get your oil changed immediately to preserve your engine.

Changing the oil filter keeps impurities out of your engine. Include an oil filter change as a part of each regular oil change for your new car.

Tire rotation is another component of the 7,500-mile Acura maintenance schedule. Tires wear unevenly depending on road conditions and driving style. Rotating them provides a safer driving experience and saves you money on replacement tires.

15,000-Mile Acura Maintenance

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It’s wise to make your next visit for preventative maintenance when you near the 15,000-mile mark on the odometer. You’ll want an oil and oil filter change during this visit to the CardinaleWay Acura service center.

Tire rotation and a multi-point inspection are other facets of the 15,000-mile service and maintenance schedule. It’s at this point in your ownership that you should get a cabin air filter replacement. An engine air filter replacement is also wise to maintain engine performance as mileage increases.

Other expected inspections include the fuel lines and fuel system, drive belt, and drive axle. The technicians will ensure everything is in order with those components.

30,000-Mile Acura Maintenance

Your next stop on the maintenance schedule occurs when you approach or reach 30,000 miles in your new Acura vehicle. The 30,000-mile preventative maintenance repeats the inspections for the previous two appointments. The technicians will inspect the vehicle and handle the oil change, filter replacement, and tire rotation.

45,000-Mile Acura Maintenance

The 45,000-mile mark is where the Acura maintenance schedule changes. You’ll repeat the same changes and inspections from precious preventative maintenance appointments. You’ll also add new inspections to the mix.

The parking brake and rear differential fluid levels get checked at 45,000 miles. It’s also recommended to get the brake fluid exchange inspected. The goal is to repeat the maintenance that has helped your new Acura run at a premium level to this point.

Beyond 45,000 Miles Maintenance

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The maintenance schedule continues after you reach the 45,000-mile mark in your new Acura vehicle. Stick to the 15,000-mile gaps for these maintenance sessions to enjoy the best results and reliability.

At 60,000 miles, Acura recommends getting regular maintenance. You should also schedule an automatic transmission fluid exchange. It’s a step that will ensure your transmission continues functioning to prevent a costly repair or replacement.

Acura owners should make another trip to a certified technician to get fluids topped off and the oil changed. It’s also wise to change the rear differential’s fluid during this preventative maintenance trip.

The 90,000-mile mark requires you to handle the standard Acura maintenance. You’ll also repeat the inspections and fluid changes from the 30,000 and 45,000-mile marks on the schedule.

You’ll soon be nearing the 100,000-mile mark. The hope is that your Acura vehicle is performing well and providing a reliable daily driver.

At 105,000 miles, your Acura vehicle will have reached an impressive milestone. While Acura vehicles are still reliable at higher mileage, it’s best to prepare for significant service and replacements. The timing belt and spark plugs should be replaced when you reach 100,000 miles.

Benefits of Preventative Maintenance

The most prominent reason to schedule preventative maintenance and stick to the Acura maintenance schedule is to improve your car’s lifespan. Cars are depreciating assets, and much of their value comes from reliability. Lack of oil and fluids results in premature wear and tear.

It’s also the best time to spot and fix minor issues before they grow worse (and more expensive). The technician will discover these issues during routine maintenance and inspections. Spotting these issues early saves money and keeps you and your passengers safe.

Gas prices continue to rise, and fuel economy is a high priority for most car owners. One of the best reasons to follow the Acura maintenance schedule is to improve your car’s fuel economy. New components function better, helping your engine run more efficiently.

Worn-out spark plugs, low engine compression, and under-inflated tires are all causes of meager fuel economy. You can overcome them by following your car’s Acura care plan.

Your Acura’s value will also be much higher when you keep up with preventative maintenance. Cars without significant repairs and accidents carry a higher value on the market. You’ll get a much better return when the time comes to sell your beloved and reliable Acura vehicle.

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Schedule Your Acura’s Maintenance Today

Scheduling regular maintenance and oil changes for your Acura is a fantastic way to improve its lifespan. You’ll keep yourself and your passengers safe. The Acura maintenance schedule requires you to get your vehicle serviced at 15,000-mile intervals.

Following the Acura care model will improve reliability, fuel economy, and value. It’s the best way to keep your new Acura on the road and ready for any adventure.

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