7 Tips for Optimizing your Trade Fair Presentation

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If you fail to do everything possible to gain potential customers, then there is no reason to go to trade fair at the first place. You will do this if you have a sufficiently effective presentation with which you will be able to attract a large number of customers to your stand. In that case, it is best to use an interactive approach that will be close enough to the needs and desires of the stand visitors.

So you should consider optimizing your presentation to make it as good as possible and your product as desirable as possible. Since fairs are still very popular for both consumers and businesses, go there maximally prepared. However, this requires excellent organization, planning which takes a lot of time. To help you do this as soon as possible, we’ve put together a short list of tips that can help you.

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  1. Preparation

Your preparation for the event should include a few key questions that will lead you to a better organization. They are there to help you dominate every potential situation that happens to you and thus get the best out of it. So during the preparation, ask yourself what your goals are. It’s very simple, because you know that all the time, that is, how much you do this job. Then try to define success and what you need to achieve it. For example, sign up for a seminar or something similar.

The most important thing is to properly evaluate your audience and therefore think a little about them. Consider their age, gender, household income, etc. Find out who they are, because that way you will know what can interest them the most in your presentation. This way you will find out what they really want and why they are attending the event. Don’t forget to keep track of all expense.

  1. Stand out from the crowd

You will succeed if you do your best to highlight your display table. A great help can be a tablecloth that will complement your display and present you in the best possible way. To make the effect even better, our advice is to consider a personalized table cover that will surely stand out in the crowd. Make it as interesting as possible, but use this as an opportunity to highlight your brand. For this purpose, colors, logos and other elements that perfectly represent your business are mainly used. Find out more about table covers at StrikeNow.com

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  1. Start early with personal invitations

Today, there are so many ways you can get in touch with potential customers. You can use phone, email and various applications for this purpose. If you are planning to attend some major trade shows, it might be best to create your own landing page. This way, you will provide the audience with some important information as well as a meeting appointment form. That way, you might win over some consumers even before the fair starts.

Either way, social networks are made for this. It is an opportunity to draw as much attention as possible to your presence. Don’t wait long to do this and start after you book the stand and get the initial information that you can handle properly. Apart from the fact that you will be able to forward them to the visitors even then, you will have the material to prepare the presentation on time.

  1. Team motivation

Motivation is important in all segments of life. That is why there is no progress without motivation. Remember that your employees are brand ambassadors and that is why your team must have enough knowledge, but also motivation. They should be equally fun, enjoyable and possess all other interpersonal skills. Don’t forget to provide them with all the information about responsibilities and corporate goals, because that will direct them to the key things. Also, everyone should be informed about the division of tasks in order to avoid complications and bad work. So, it is not enough to prepare only yourself but also your team.

If you suspect that your members are not well enough prepared, give them a chance to show off. A few weeks before the fair, ask each member to answer some simple questions that consumers would ask them. For example, this refers to the reason for buying at your booth and the like. This way you will notice whether some members have indifference, ignorance or lack of certain abilities.

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  1. Elements of presentation

Make sure your presentation is always visible. This means that it should not be obscured by signs, staff and so on. This way, your product will always be at the center of the action. It is also important to focus exclusively on the advantages of the product, and not on its disadvantages. Only in this way will you be able to convey a real picture of its application to potential customers, because you will present it as a solution to the problem. They always have to hear from you that he will help them improve their previous experiences, and that will save you a lot of time and bring you profit.

We have to mention another important thing, and that refers to the period after the fair. Don’t wait for the next event to show your presentation, because that way some customers may forget about you. Since it can take up to several weeks between events, post your past presentations on social networks and other platforms. That way, you will always be in the thoughts of your audience that follows you.

  1. Gifts

In the eyes of customers, you have to be someone who gives more than they take. So give them a few options like giveaway, items that have your name or logo on it, and so on. Most people really take things like this home, and it’s an opportunity to gain their trust.

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  1. Quality

Don’t forget that the stand must be as high quality and professional as your current business situation. If you display a worse image, customers may notice. So try to show the real situation with your presentation, nothing more or less. So, when showing the image of your company, be completely honest. The audience will really appreciate that, because you are sending them a clear message. On the other hand, try to complicate the message as little as possible. If an average consumer takes a long time to look at your booth to discover a message, you are not doing something right.


We hope we have helped you optimize your trade fair presentation and thus achieve great success at the next trade fair.