Orphan George Debut LP

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Why was January 7th this year so special? There are two reasons for that. On that day, many Christian Orthodox were celebrating Christmas. This is a lovely holiday and we are sure that all of them were enjoying themselves.

Still, we also do believe that many music lovers were enjoying this day as well. This especially includes rock music fans. On that day, singer and songwriter Orphan George has released his debut folk album under the name Agon. The entire album was produced by the author and it is mastered and mixed by Reuben Ghose.

However, Who is Orphan George?

He is a member of the indie-rock band “Before The Flood”. It looks like he is quite a talented person. He has played folk & jazz, Americana, and alt-rock throughout his career.

When one person is flexible enough to play all these genres of music, then he has to be a talented person that deserves respect. That’s why we want to support this talented musician. We encourage you to visit http://www.oprhangeorge.com/ and download his fresh album.

Still, we know that people are interested in the private lives of people that achieved some bigger goals. That’s why we want to see who Orphan George is and which things we can learn from his band.

The First Steps

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Logically, everyone would want to know how the amazing career of this talented singer and songwriter started. He made his first step when he was still a child. More precisely, he grew up playing the piano.

Still, his interests were not limited only to one musical instrument. When he was 15, he started to play guitar. 2 years later, he realized that he is also a talented songwriter. When he was 18, he started to play gigs and since then he has never stopped.

As you can see, he has been in the music industry for his entire life. Obviously, music is his passion.

Role Models

He likes to say that he is a lucky guy. Orphan George had the chance to meet most of his role models during his entire career. As he says, none of them disappointed him. They were not acting as superstars and all of them were ready to talk with him.

Anyway, Orphan George respects bands with longevity. For instance, he likes to highlight 2 bands – The Tragically Hip and Spirit of the West. The common thing for these two bands is that they lost their lead singers – Gord Downie and John Mann. The Northern Pikes, Skydiggers, and Rheostatics are three bands that also inspired him to stay in the music industry.

In other words, this talented man respects all musicians that stay approachable, respectful and humble. He doesn’t care how huge success they made. This is something we should learn from him.

The Genre of the Music

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This is another thing that we all might learn from Orphan George. He says that his tastes are truly diverse. He indeed prefers rock, and alt-country/Americana & folk. Still, the style of the music that he loves depends on the current moment. He can also listen to electro music, jazz, art-rock, etc.

You should not also limit yourself to only one genre of music. Each type of music that has a valuable text and good rhythm is good. The song that you listen to should be associated with your mood. If you are sad, listen to slow music. If you are happy, fulfill your day with some happy songs with a fast rhythm.

How He Writes Texts?

We can definitely say that this man is a talented person. That’s why we don’t need to be surprised that some of his songs have fictional elements. However, most of the content that he writes is based on his life. More precisely, he likes to use the phrase “social commentaries”.

This musician is aware of the common problems that we all have. His goal is to show people that he understands them and to try to help them through his songs. Songs full of emotions and valuable pieces of advice is something that we all need. It can improve our mood a lot.

About His Audience and Songs

Well, Orphan has a long history in the musician history and he knows which songs are acceptable by the audience. For example, he claims that “Find You Here” is one of the songs that the audience asks for the most. Despite that, there are songs such as “The War’s in All of Us”, “Flying Circles”, and “Already Shattered” that are popular among people.

Still, we need to get back to the previous part. How attractive a certain song is going to be for the audience depends on how they feel. You won’t know how the audience will accept a certain song until you start playing it. Different songs will hit people at different times.

About the Album

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A lot of effort was invested in the creation of this album. But, there are some things that you might want to know. This album was first recorded between the two “Before the Flood” albums. The first was released in 2008, while the second one is released in 2015. However, last year, he realized that the album deserves attention.

He reviews the songs and improved the parts that were not so perfect. After that, he got help from Reuben Ghose and the album was finally mixed and mastered. As we said, he is the part of the indie-rock band Before The Flood, but this time he wanted to experiment with things. He tried out a completely new genre of music that does not always fit with the band.

Anyway, there is an even more exciting thing that you need to know. Orphan George plans to release the second album and he already has enough material to do that. He plans to do that until the end of this year.


We encourage you to download his album and hear the amazing songs that can completely change your mood. This guy and his band simply deserve respect and support.

After you listen to the songs from the album, we encourage you to share your opinion about the album!