Path of Exile – Delirium League Guide

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The Delirium League in Path of Exile is something that has brought a lot of excitement to the ARPG title. If the league is a feature that you think would appeal to you, then there is plenty that you will need to know beforehand.

If you are new to it, then fear not. PlayerAuctions prepared the following guide will bring you up to speed on everything you need to know about the PoE Delirium League.

What is the Delirium League?

So first, let’s discuss what the league actually is. The Delirium League is the current challenge league in Path of Exile, which launched last month. This launched along the Version 3.10.0 patch, which brought a number of changes of its own.

The league hosts an area which features a Mirror of Delirium. Players will then pass through the mirror, which sets a fog of Delirium in motion. This will not only make new enemies appear, but it will also make the current enemies harder to kill. In fact, the deeper you go, the harder the enemies will get, though it does offer you additional rewards.

One drop that you may find is something that can cover the whole map with Delirium with a Delirium Orb. You can also find other items of use such as Cluster Jewels, Simulacrum fragments and others. The Simulacrum fragments in particular is worth looking into, as it allows you to eventually create map items, which will help you gain access to the Simulacrum, which serves as the endgame of the league.

The enemies that do spawn won’t keep spawning over and over again, but they will appear in certain locations and will appear when they are approached. The loot drops meanwhile are based particular types, such as PoE Currency, Armour, and so on.

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The official description of the Delirium League really sets the tone for what fans can expect. The official website states that “reality turns to mist and your worst nightmares emerge before your eyes.” Another interesting quote from the passage discusses the mantra that the league offers greater rewards from more challenging enemies.

It says, “Will you let greed and hubris draw you into the madness?” This is a question you will have to answer, but before you do, read on further into this article on the few tips to take with you into Delirium League.

Speaking of setting the tone, there is now a Strange Voice, which is an enigmatic character who like to tease the player about their impending doom. This is a bit of a step up for the game, with developers usually going for a few voice lines here and there in situations such as this. Here, the Strange Voice acts as more of a supporting character, serving as more of a narrator describing the player’s actions throughout, and telling the story as it unfolds.

What’s New with the Passive Skill Tree?

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The changes made to the Passive Skill Tree is based on Cluster Jewels, which are to be placed in the outermost sockets. This allows for deeper nesting with additional sockets, as well as adding craftable mods and more.

If you have used Historic Jewels, then you should have a general idea of how Cluster Jewels will work. They do work on a much larger scale however, giving new keystones, passives, notables and more. This can really help players out in the long run, opening the door for far more options for builds. Just how effective this feature is will tell with time, though the developers are adamaent that this is one of the most important updates to the game in a long time.

Delirium Tips

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One thing that does ring true about the league is that it has a quite low risk about it, so it is something that you shouldn’t shy away from. For example, you can always choose to get rid of the Delirium once you have reached the first reward tier. This means that you can avoid getting to the areas that will cause any risks. It has been subjected to nerfs however, following a number of complaints surrounding its difficulty.

With that being said, there are a few tips that you will want to know about before attempting it. Firstly, you will want to clear the area surrounding it. This should be done before you trigger the league, just to make the process easier for yourself. You will also want to make sure that you don’t have any map mechanics active before starting the Delirium League.

Another tip would be to make sure that you don’t rush Delirium. You do have plenty of time to complete it, and you will of course reduce the risk of death. If you are often a gung-ho kind of player, then you may want to show some restraint if possible, as you are in no real rush to finish it. You will also want to make sure that you loot the area before leaving, so you don’t have to backtrack at a later time.

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There has been a number of critics praising the new Path of Exile introduction, especially for the new gems. With the more experimental options available to you this time around, including two hot favourites such as the Blad Blast and Spellslinger, there seems to be a fair amount of options to choose from for your builds.

This is everything you will want to consider before diving into PoE Delirium. There is a lot more to be doing for your PoE builds in this league, and you will be able to even gain some rewards, including PoE currency wherever possible. One thing to remember is the greater the risk, the higher the reward. If it does get too much for you, and you certainly wouldn’t be the only one with that opinion, then be sure to take the league easy and liimit your risk as much as possible.

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