4 Must Have Pool Cleaning Accessories 2024

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Having a pool is not a luxury but an investment. And you decided to make that investment. But now you have hundreds of questions. How deep should it be? What shape will it be? Where should I place it? Do I need a building permit? What accessories do I need for regular maintenance and cleaning, and is it expensive? Some of these essential questions are answered below.

When To Start The Construction?

Of course, let us tell you immediately – you have found the right time to plan such an investment. Spring and summer are the right time to do it. Although interest and familiarity with the whole procedure should start before the season-best in the fall.

The fall season will begin, no one will build anything, nothing will be repaired and the pool construction companies will have time to answer all your questions and submit their offers on time. So: try it out in the summer, explore it in the fall, arrange a job in the winter and build in the spring.

Where To Put The Pool?

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The most common pools are found in yards. However, they can also be installed on terraces and even on rooftops. As for indoor pools, they are really expensive and much harder to design (and finance) – especially if it is a renovation rather than a new one. The same rule applies to the installation of pools on terraces and roofs.

Such design shall take into account the opinion of the static operator because of the weight of the water filling the pool and the drains which must be safe. Yard pools would be best to place on the south side. The water will heat up faster, and who needs a pool in the shade anyway?

Which Dimensions To Choose?

The question to choose the dimensions for a swimming pool is best answered by a question: what do you need and how many people will swim in it? And another question: how much space do you have in the yard? We will first answer the questions that should be answered by common sense. You should be left with plenty of space around the pool. Ok in summer, you have a big pool, but the rest of the year you have a – hole.

Therefore, the position plays a big aesthetic role. The other thing is – what you need. If you need it for irrigation and refreshment only, it is sufficient to be 4 or 5 meters long and 1.2 meters deep.

However, if you want to swim then you should have a pool that is at least 8 meters long, 4 meters wide and 1.5 meters deep. If you saw a “poolside party” in the movie, where people jump off the springboard – we must tell you right away that such a fantasy is achievable, but it costs a lot. In this case, the depth of the pool must be 3 meters, which significantly increases the cost of both construction and maintenance.

What Are The Main Accessories We Need?

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Many people are incorporating extras into the pool that is more than just for bare swimming. Besides the lights for night swimming, there are also accessories for automatic pool cleaning, pool water heating, massage and water jetting devices as well as geysers, waterfalls, water massage mushrooms, etc.

In fact, you can have everything you have seen in a spa. This, of course, makes the investment more expensive. Of course, the most important accessorize is one that maintains the cleanliness of the pool.

1. Water Disinfection – Chlorine

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In addition to regulating the pH of the water, the most important treatment for water in the pool is disinfection. The water in the pool must be clean, colorless and hygienically perfect. Drinking water, which we usually fill our pool with, meets these hygiene requirements. But swimmers and environmental influences bring impurities, fungi, and bacteria into the water, which multiply very quickly in water, especially at water temperatures above 25 ° C.

Larger impurities are removed by using a water vacuum cleaner and filters, while bacteria must be neutralized by oxidizing agents so that we ensure flawless water. We are mostly using chlorine generating systems for that purpose, and if you want to find out more about these devices, click here.

Chlorine in various forms is most commonly used as an oxidant – most often in the form of granules or tablets. Regardless of the form of chlorine, care must be taken to insure that it is sufficient in water. That will destroy bacteria and ensure flawless water. Chlorine preparations have the property of resistance – which means that after their initial disinfection, a certain amount of free chlorine remains in the water until complete consumption or degradation.

2. Manual Suction Equipment For Swimming Pools

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Manual cleaning of the pool uses equipment consisting mainly of suction hoses 10,12 or 15m long, aluminum telescopic rods, suction feet, angle brushes and nets for insects and leaves. These components are essential to keep your pool clean and comfortable. It connects directly to the suction line and operates a suction system using an already existing filtration system.

3. Automatic Cleaning – Pool Suction Robots

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To make swimming pool cleaner faster, more efficient and seamless, automatic robotic cleaners have been made, with a wide range of models offering numerous options for easier pool water maintenance and time and energy savings.

4. UV Pool Disinfection Lamps

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UV lamps are popular devices for water disinfection, especially since with the use of lamps we minimize using pool chemicals. However, we still need a small amount of chlorine, but it is much less than without using UV lamps. These lamps use physical features rather than chemical ones to disinfect the pool.

Namely, UV rays have an antibacterial effect that affects the DNA of organisms such as algae, bacteria, and viruses. This prevents their reproduction. At the same time, highly concentrated electromagnetic energy destroys organic matter in water, which prevents the formation of undesirable chlorine by-products, called chloramines.


The pool needs to be well maintained because otherwise, it is a waste of your effort. When building it, do not sting on purifiers. They must be appropriate for the load of the pool and the number of swimmers and size. In the end, you just have to take care of the deck chairs and parasols – and the enjoyment can begin.