Tips to Step-Up Your Real Estate Social Media Marketing in 2024

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Everything in the world is going digital, and real estate is no exemption. What used to be an industry of traditional marketing strategies is now migrating to online advertising methods like social media marketing.

Nowadays, it is easier to sell houses online since most potential customers are doing their search online. You should, however, consider improving your online presence through the use of digital marketing services to have a competitive advantage over others in the digital space. Below are some of the ways you can step-up your real-estate social media marketing in 2024.

Make Use of Real Estate Hashtags to Optimise Your Content

Hashtags are not only helpful in increasing likes on your social media posts, but they can also promote more engagement to your content and allow more potential customers to discover you through social media. Having real estate Hashtags on your content will make it easier for both homeowners and buyers to find you. You can use your social media platforms as well as groups to have a wider reach of people with some interest in real estates.

Educate Your Buyers

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Some of the challenges that you have experienced as real estate agents can be a good lesson to share with your clients. Make potential customers trust your brand by providing information that showcases your knowledge of the industry. For example, talking about the common mistakes in real estate mistakes they should avoid or tips for buying a house fetches more readers to your blog post where you can convince them to make a purchase.

Be Active On your Social Media Platforms

Unlike sometimes back when home buyer’s called real estate agents to ask questions about the availability of a property of their choice or about a neighbourhood, house buyers are now starting their research online and through social media.

Some of the buyers may post their questions on your platform hence allowing you to start a dialogue that will eventually lead to a sale. You have to keep checking your social media platforms to ensure that you are providing instant responses to followers before they decide to try another agent.

Respond to Comments

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Always ensure that you have responded promptly and courteously to any comments on your social media platforms. You will get both positive and negative feedback, and you can use both to your advantage. You don’t have to start an argument with the critics, who have posted abusive comments, but you should identify genuine frustrated customers and offer them your help. Also, acknowledge the positive comments to show your appreciation.

Apply the Best Social Media Tools

Being a real estate agent involves more than just creating content and online marketing. You also need time for other activities, like finding home sellers and closing deals. The use of the widely available real estate marketing application will help you save time and still get your intended results from social media marketing. Outsourcing social media advertising and content creation to the experts will save you enough time to focus on the core functions of your business.

Get More Reviews

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The only way to rate someone offering their services online is through reviews. Most online customers will determine legitimate businesses using reviews and will most likely avoid a seller with a lot of negative reviews. This is why it is necessary to collect reviews and make them easily accessible to anyone who visits your social media platforms.

Always remind your customers to leave a review, especially if you feel that they were satisfied with your service. Having positive reviews on your social media platform is the best way to win the trust of potential customers as it shows that you have satisfied others.

Involve other Local Businesses and Experts

Working with other local businesses related to your fields like photographers, home inspectors, mortgage brokers, and many more will give you a wider platform to market your real estate agency. You can agree to boost each other through your social media platforms and each other’s content. A single customer can use the services of all the business as you will be giving referrals to each other.

Include Videos

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You can promote more engagement on your social media platform by including video content. Your videos should be about offering value to your customer through a unique and interesting way that will attract customers’ comments. You can also live videos where you have a face to face conversation with your customers about the real estate industry. It can be a question and answer session where customers are free to ask any question about your company or the market in general. Ensure that the live sessions are scheduled before time to attract a larger audience.

Have Valuable Blog Ideas

Most of the real estate websites have a blog, but most of them do not have content to add value to their audience. You can use your blog post to drive more traffic to your welcome page if it is well optimised for the task. Have articles that educate potential customers about the real estate market and how they can make a wise decision when buying a house.

Online customers use your articles to determine your expertise in the field, meaning you should ensure that your work is well researched and unique. Some of the ideas you can consider when coming up with the content for your blog include information about neighbourhoods and articles about the real estate market.


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The use of digital and social media marketing has revolutionised the real estate market in both how the real estate agents reach their clients and how potential buyers find a house of their dreams.

According to, real estate companies that want to remain relevant and keep their market share must have an online presence and be more interactive to gain the trust of their audience.

All these endeavours require a lot of efforts, but real estate agents have an option to make use of outsourced services to get their intended results with minimal involvement.