5 Possible Reasons Why Your Wall Cracks Keep Coming Back

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It is very important to pay more attention to the condition of your home since that will help you take the right actions at the right moment, and start with repairs on time. That will help you avoid even bigger issues, and save a lot of money.

One of the things that require a quick reaction is when you notice that there are cracks in the wall. The great thing is that there is a simple solution for this problem since you can add the high-pressure concrete crack injection, and you can learn more about this solution at staydrywaterproofing.com.

However, before you start with this process, the key is to find out what caused the crack in the first place. Dealing only with the parts of the wall that affect the design will only hide the problem, and that can lead to even bigger issues. Here are some common reasons for cracks in walls.

1. Problems With the Base

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This is a very serious issue that might lead to the potential collapse of the whole structure or some part of it. Not reacting on time can be very dangerous since people could get heavily injured and trapped inside the collapsed building. If the base was not made in the right way, you will notice cracks in the corners and the bottom of the house.

If you are facing this problem, there is no reason to worry if you discover it on time. The solution is not so complicated, but it can last for a longer time, which might be struggling. The point is to add additional pillars to strengthen the structure while the base is getting repaired. You can also opt to avail of high-pressure concrete crack injection if you want a quick fix.

There are other issues that might affect the foundation, such as underground water, landslide, earthquake, and more. All of these cases require a fast reaction. If you notice that cracks are expanding fast, the best option is to leave the home before the damage is repaired.

2. Problems With Installations

This is the most common reason why people are facing this problem. It can be related to both water and electric installations. The first one can lead to serious damage to the whole construction if not resolved on time. For instance, when there is a leaking pipe inside the wall, the stream of water will find its way outside of it and leave a trace that will eventually appear as a crack in the wall.

When it comes to electric installations, the problem is often caused by the poor installing process. That means that the person who was installing these cables wasn’t paying enough attention to the features of the walls. There are parts that are thinner or where only a certain tool can be used. Applying too much force will cause a crack that will expand over time.

3. Lack of Quality

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This is another common issue that leads to cracks. Also, that is the main reason to always hire professionals and never try to spend more money on materials when you are building a house. The poor selection of materials or too much force applied from the floors over the wall will cause the damage.

Be sure to take different elements into consideration when you are planning to build a construction. The most important factors are the size, weather conditions, purpose of the wall, installations that might go through it, and more.

4. A Tree In the Backyard

Before you choose to build a house, be sure to check the environment around you since there are some trees with roots that can spread much more than you would expect. That might lead to a problem where the root managed to go under the foundation and start lifting it up. This is a slow process, but once it is detected, it is crucial to remove the tree and its roots from the ground.

If you are planning to plant a tree in your backyard, be sure to learn more about how deep the roots can go and what would be the right distance from the house so it cannot cause any issues.

5. The Problem Might be Only on Surface

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There is no need to panic when you notice a crack in the wall. Instead of that, be sure to explore what can be the reason for that. If you don’t have any knowledge and experience, be sure to hire an expert in this area. That will help you deal with this issue in the fastest possible way.

If it comes out that the problem is only related to the surface of the wall, the repair will be quite simple since all you need in this case a paint job. If you were using thicker layers of paint for your walls, there is a chance that some cracks will appear over time. Also, spots with higher heating can result in cracks as well, like the space around and behind the fireplace.

The Bottom Line

The key is to never ignore any signs that there might be a crack that will expand. Dealing with it as fast as you can help you determine the main reason for facing this problem, and find the best solution to resolve it.

If you are not sure what the reason is, the biggest mistake is to guess and start resolving that on your own. Such an approach will only increase the risks and make this process more expensive and struggling. Therefore, look for a professional in your area with proper experience in construction and civil engineering that will take detailed research and determine the real reason for cracks, along with the best solution to deal with them.

Keep in mind that some materials have a short lifespan, and you might need to replace them every couple of years. Also, if the house is very old, cracks might be the result of blocks that are under high pressure for a very long time. The repair time depends on the complexity of the situation.