Reasons Why You Might Need Rhinoplasty


While most people might consider rhinoplasty to be a purely cosmetic procedure, it can also be a medical procedure. You can have a nose job to improve your overall appearance and health. Although it is a common procedure for Hollywood celebs, some circumstances can force you to undergo rhinoplasty. Here are some reasons why you might need this surgery:

Sinus Problems

According to, sinusitis and sinus infections can be symptoms of a deviated septum. If you leave a sinus problem untreated, it can lead to chronic sinusitis, which is serious. If you are diagnosed with chronic sinusitis because of a deviated septum, you might need to go under the knife to fix it. The procedure, known as a septoplasty, corrects your nasal alignment to keep your sinus working properly.

Cleft Lip or Palate

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If you have a cleft nasal deformity, you might need to undergo a nose job. This procedure can be quite complex, as it involves the nose as well as some parts of the mouth. With rhinoplasty, you can restore the natural structure of your face.

To correct this deformity, you might need to undergo several procedures. As soon as the surgeries are done, you can lead a normal life. If this condition is corrected early enough, especially in young children, the person has a better chance of nasal correction.

Breathing Difficulties

When you have a nostril collapse or deviated septum, you might find it hard to breathe properly. In this case, you need to seek medical help. If necessary, your primary care practitioner will recommend surgery to fix the problem.

When you undergo a nose job due to breathing difficulties, you might end up with a better-looking nose. This means that your whole face is going to appear more balanced.

Severe Facial Burns

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Facial reconstruction after suffering from severe burns is necessary. When you sustain severe damage to the skin of your face, rhinoplasty can be a very important reconstructive procedure. In this case, the main goal of a nose job would be to get rid of functional impairment like the blockage of nasal passages that prevents proper breathing. A nose job normalizes the nasal passages to enable the burn victim to lead a normal life.

Nasal Fractures

Accidents can damage your facial structure, which means that you will probably need reconstructive surgery. If your facial bones and nose are traumatized by an injury, they need to be repaired. Other than enhancing your face, a reconstruction procedure will repair the deformed area of your face.

Broken noses are quite painful and might bleed profusely. Moreover, it can swell significantly thus obstructing normal breathing. Septal hematoma is a serious condition, as it can lead to an infection. A nose job can repair a broken septum and restore your nose to its former glory.

Self Esteem

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If you are one of those people born with a crooked, bumpy, or prominent nose, you might have felt self-conscious for most of your life. Especially if people have made fun of you because of your nose shape. A nose job can boost your confidence and prevent you from sinking into depression.

This procedure can straighten and smooth out the bumps on your nose. This means that it will complement your other facial features. Self-esteem can have an impact on your life but if a nose job can make you feel better, you should do it.


Rhinoplasty is one of the most common plastic surgery procedures. You can undergo this procedure to correct broken facial bones, facial burns, sinus problems, cleft lip, and palate, breathing difficulties and self-esteem issues.