5 Ways To Reset A Heirloom Stone To Make Something New

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If you have your engagement around the corner and have heirloom stones passed down through your family, it is nothing more than a royal blessing. It is extraordinary to have something passed from the generation that acts as a strong foundation for everlasting bonds and values within your family.

It has all the sentiments, but you might change the design or its look with changing times. And if this is something you have on your mind, here’s everything you need to know.

Let’s discuss the goodness of an heirloom stone and how you can turn it into something spectacular while maintaining its wow factor!

1. How About An Entirely New Ring Setting?

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You can talk to your elders and know that the heirloom stone follows from one generation to another in the form of a ring. It could be a part of your great-grandmother, passed to your grandmother, your mother, and finally, to you. You should respect the sentiments and values of the same while having a modern tinge. Then, you can use the stone and look for endless possibilities for a new ring setting.

You can choose personalization so that the feeling of belongingness prevails. A vintage flair in custom diamond rings can be your option, too. It is a fantastic way in which you can upgrade the ring without compromising the original charm that it emits.

2. Styling It In A Neckpiece

Who said that heirloom stones could only be part of your rings?

If you are a jewelry buff and have a thing for pendants or necklaces with a single rock stone, this is your hint to use the heirloom stone. There can be a variety of settings. You can either take inspiration from the internet and design something with your creativity, or you can reach out to experienced jewelry designers for the same. The best part about this idea is that you can choose any metal to become a part of the necklace that you like.

You can choose between white gold and platinum beads if you want to stay on the classy side. Apart from these, yellow and rose gold metals are equally lovely and build a sophisticated aura. If going edgier is your thing, a blackened silver chain is a must-try. The results will be too pretty for words to describe.

3. Wrapping It Up Along The Wrist Or Foot

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Your outfit looks empty and incomplete until you have beautiful jewelry pieces complimenting it. No matter if you want to go minimal or along with the fashion trends, there are numerous things that you can do while selecting jewelry. Heirloom stones can become a part of the bracelet that will suit your attire in the best possible way. You can surround the stone with the help of a plain yet studded circle to form a complete look.

On the other hand, you can form a chain-like broad bracelet and place the stone surrounded by tiny pearls or diamonds around it. You can choose white beads, too. The outcome of any of these selections is outstanding. It will be unique and can be used for years. It means that your kids have a classic piece to wear when they grow up.

Apart from the hands, you can convert it into a bracelet for the foot. If you wear dresses, trousers, or anything else, anklets look pretty.

So, if you pick any of these three options, you are signing up for a great piece that will serve your future needs. Also, the heirloom stones in the bracelets, rings, or necklaces become timeless pieces. So, you should relax, as these will stay out of trend for a while.

4. Beautifying Your Hair Strands

If you are an old-school heart, you will love this idea. But, even if you are not, this is a unique sense of styling in which you can make your hair strands become the talk of the town.

If you don’t want to use the heirloom stone, use it to make another jewelry piece and add it to the collection. Heirloom stones deserve all the attention. What if you know that you can use them for hair styling?

You need to keep it intact and not cut it to fit into smaller hair accessories. You can use the stone as it is by designing a hairpin or clip around it. You should get hairstyles like a blow dryer or curls and use this for styling. You will love the final look, which will suit western and traditional outfits.

You should  pick your outfits according to your hairstyle or vice versa. It will set the true glamour when you attend any party or event.

5. Exchanging It

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But all these things are possible if your heirloom is in good condition or can be worked upon through retouching and polishing. But, what if you have a stone that has either lost its charm, is broken, or its condition cannot be improved with retouching?

Now, what is the solution?

Consider exchanging it for something new.

Consider reaching out to someone who knows the stone’s value and will offer you the right amount. If you don’t want money in the exchange and are planning to get another jewelry piece, that is another option. You will get a good value in trade because of its traditional value.

Many jewelry professionals will be able to help you with new ideas, too. Sometimes, they use these stones as other jewelry items like waist chains.

In that case, you should consider yourself lucky and grab the opportunity without thinking twice. The value of such a stone is more than money because it is the love and blessings of your family elders. Hence, owing to its traditional value, you should keep exchanging or selling it as a last resort.


Redesigning the heirloom stone is a tricky yet an attractive option at the same time. It would help if you were smart while using it because there are only two things you can do while getting them from your elders. Either accept it the way it is and use it modernly or opt for an exchange.