Resumption of EPL is Expected in Upcoming Weeks

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The most awaited matches are resuming in July. The fans have been waiting to hear such news, as there is nothing much to do, watching the favorite players playing makes it appealing to pass the time in such pandemic conditions.

As everyone is well aware of the global crisis of the economy and lockdowns to prevent the spread of this novel virus, the scheduled matches also became affected. Being a very famous and old EPL club, Newcastle United Football Club was extremely excited to stay a part of these matches. However, all the clubs and their fans had to bear a break.

The Game is Resuming

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The news that EPL is resuming on coming June 17 awakened the audience once again. The details of training and matches are under in-depth discussions. However, the government has defined specific SOPs to be followed.

It is stated that the availability of different pitches is mandatory for the first-team squad so that individual training sessions can proceed. The traveling to the training of each person must be keenly scheduled.

Moreover, a certain number of players are allowed one time at the training ground by the clubs. Since the Premier League was suspended since the 13th of March, the players are passionate about playing, being scared of the coronavirus as well.

The players remained committed to continuing the session. Newcastle United Football Club is also ready to join the pitch back again.

“Another crucial point is to have the matches held behind the scenes, just so live streaming or TV broadcasting can be in significant demand. The Newcastle’s next match will be at home against Sheffield United”

Newcastle has been doing really well in this league and is actively participating too. They had a fantastic and successful time in 1904 and 1910. They won three of their leagues’ titles and a FA cup. However, they were relegated in 2009 and 2016 again. These players in black and white stripes possess hidden talents and are already waiting to pursue the training

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As the world is taking all the necessary measures to save yourself from the virus, better stay at home. Nevertheless, the players are making an effort to play the scheduled matches. The supporters of all clubs, including Newcastle, are anxious to watch the live matches once again.

The debate will still continue regarding the approved stadiums or if the neutral venues/ will be selected for training. All such decisions are to be taken by the government because they need to make sure that the SOPs of practice is being followed.

The basic SOPs consist of regular testing of players, self-cleanliness, and of course, maintenance of social distancing.

Currently, Germany’s Bundesliga and Italy have already returned to the training session. However, in Italy, team training is on-hold till 18th May, as the Italian Prime Minister has not yet announced the leniency in the country’s lockdown.

The consequences for football can soon become normal as the leagues are making sustained efforts. But it will only be possible when additional and strict health services will be provided to the players. Officials are hopeful to see the return to the game as a morale-booster for the players and as well as the public, after an extended lockdown.

Have the dates been confirmed?

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League will return with a bombastic clash between Manchester City and Arsenal on 17th June. Fans all around the world are hyped up about the huge match and are showing their friendly rivalry on social media.

The Premier League have announced the dates of the first three rounds of fixtures and which TV channels they will be on. You can see the schedule and the broadcasters of all the events related to football here on this website. League will return with a bombastic clash between Manchester City and Arsenal on 17th June. Fans all around the world are hyped up about the huge match and are showing their friendly rivalry on social media.

For the rest of the rounds, new kick-off times are introduced. Games on a Friday will kick off at 8pm, while on Saturday the slots will be 12.30pm, 3pm, 5.30pm and 7.45pm. Sunday matches will kick off at 12pm, 2pm, 4.30pm and 7pm, with Monday games starting at 8pm. Midweek games on Tuesdays and Wednesday will kick off at either 6pm, 8pm or 8.15pm.

Where will the games be played?

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They are due to be played at the clubs’ own stadiums as normal but neutral venues could be used for some big clashes where it is considered necessary by the emergency services and safety advisory groups, or where games have to be switched due to a localized lockdown.

A league statement on venues read: “The Premier League’s ambition is to complete all of our remaining fixtures this season home and away, where possible.

“We are working with our clubs to ensure risks are assessed and minimized, while cooperating with the police at a local and national level.

“Discussions with the National Police Chiefs’ Council and UK Football Policing Unit have been positive and are continuing. We are prepared for all outcomes and have a neutral-venue contingency.”

How does the League’s table look?

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Liverpool are way out in front with an incredible 25 points ahead of nearest challengers Manchester City. Liverpool is just two wins away from winning the Premier League after long years of wait.

Leicester is on course to secure Champions League qualification while there is set to be a big battle for the final top four spot, with Chelsea, Manchester United, Wolves, Sheffield United, Totten ham and Arsenal all still in with a shot.

At the bottom, Norwich look doomed to relegation, while Aston Villa, Bournemouth, Watford, West Ham and Brighton are all battling for survival.


The novel virus has made decision making harder than usual. Resuming the matches with precautions and defined SOPs has brought a ray of hope for future leagues and their events. It is, of course, beneficial to stay away from each other; this is why the training is even taking place with well-defined rules. The success of this league will set an example for others too.