Can You Roast Marshmallows Over an Ethanol Fire Pit?


There are a few ways you can make your yard or patio look more aesthetically pleasing. The best way to do it is to install a fire pit. Many individuals go down this alley, and if you’re one of them, you’ll make no mistake. As we said, they look good, they have various appliances in real life, and after all who doesn’t like the warmth of burning flames?

After all, we’ve been exposed to them since an early age. If you remember, the fire itself was one of the first human discoveries that changed the way we live. Today, with a proper fire pit, you can change your living for the best once again.

While having this pit is one thing, choosing which fuel you’ll use to fire it is a whole other issue. Back in the day, wood was the only option. Early history lessons each us that first humans learned about a fire when lighting hit a three and made it burn. A huge coincidence. Today, you are not inclined to rely on the act of God to have a fire. You only need to be selective about the fuel you are going to use.

Out there on the market, you’ll find many options. People have various preferences, so it comes to the user itself to make a decision. For the majority of people it comes down to the wood, but there are such options as natural gas, propane, and ethanol. Wood causes most issues, as it requires you to do a lot of work to get the fire going as you already know.

Yes, people see it as the most natural choice, but it’s simply not worth the hustle. You also have natural gas at your disposal, but it’s not ideal for this type of an operation due to the smell it releases when t burins. Of course, it’s not hard to take it on due to the fact you’ll be using your fire pit on the outside.


So, if you ask us, the ideal option for everyone, these days is a proper ethanol fire pit the likes of which can be found at and similar outlets that excel in creating fire pits. The days when wood was your only option are far gone, and having a modern selection for your yard or patio is the way to go. The option we mentioned has become rather popular in recent years. If you want a warm, cozy, and good-looking fire pit, that doesn’t require too much hustle every time you use it, you’ll opt for an ethanol fire pit. If you’re unsure about your decision, let’s talk about them for a while, and see if you can be convinced.

What Are Ethanol Fire Pits?

Ethanol fire pits are just like any other fire pits. Not like those in House of The Dragon where dragons are breaded by the Targaryen family, of course. The only difference is the fuel they use. Most fire pits as seen as outdoor versions of a fireplace. Today, when we live in blessed times, you have many options for your fire pit. You can choose the size, shape, height, weight, and any other factor regarding it. A proper fire pit can light up space both literally and figuratively. If you’re looking for a place that will be a gathering point for your friends and family in your backyard this should be your first option. If you want to hit a bull’s eye with a fire pit you’ll get yourself a portable one. This way you can move it around, and don’t have a strict position on it. What this does to a yard or a patio is give it versatility.


A fire pit will make any space enjoyable to the maximum. While many people love fireplaces, and inside enjoyment, fire pits provide the same with more options. The best place to enjoy fire is in its natural surroundings, on the outside.

In addition, the fireplace only makes sense in the wintertime. On the other hand, pits are ideal for any season. Every party will get another dimension if it revolves around the flames of a fire pit. It’s meant for relaxation and gathering of loved ones with a practical appliance. This is the truth. These pits are not only pretty they also function in various ways. In addition to providing aesthetics for your space, they also provide warmth, can be used as a desk if you choose an option with broader edges, and also for some forms of cooking.

So, as we said, the looks paired with functionality is what fire pits are all about. It’s an addition to your home in a form of something you’ll see in Hollywood movies. But, let’s not beat around bushes for too long. Let’s see can you roast marshmallows over an ethanol fire pit?

Ethanol Pits and Cooking

Fire pits are not only about aesthetics. Yes, that’s what most people look at due to the influence of social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, but for the majority of us, functionality is still the name of the game. In this department selecting the right fire pit might be important. The ideal option can be seen as a jack of all trades. To look good, to serve as а bar for your drinks, and to be a real fire meant for cooking. The best pastime for friends and family gathered around a fire is of course roasting marshmallows.


Doing this out in the open is one of the best things there is. But, people have a lot of prejudice because ethanol is seen as an evil chemical. For the majority of folks, wood is seen as the most natural choice for roasting marshmallows, and with it, they have no worries. But, when it comes to ethanol fire pits, people are keen on asking can its flames be used for this activity. The answer is a simple yes. Not as simple as Simple Jack in Tropic Thunder but close to it. Ethanol fire doesn’t release any harmful substances and it’s perfectly safe to have your marshmallows baked on top of it. In addition to doing a great job in this department ethanol fire pits just release beautiful flames. Once you go with them, you’ll never return to any other option.