Top Reverse Osmosis Plants That You Should Consider Investing in for Your Home

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Thanks to the increased awareness due to media and internet accessibility, more people today acknowledge the fact that the water we get in our regular water supply lines is not fit for our consumption. Human activity such as dumping of industrial and agricultural waste in rivers, lakes, and reservoirs and seepage from landfills into the freshwater sources have resulted in contamination of water with increased levels of lead, mercury, salts, and other hard water, Since this water is unfit for intake, many people rely on bottled water for drinking and cooking.

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Unfortunately, even the bottled water fails to offer a well-rounded solution to the problem. Firstly, bottles of water can only cater to limited needs such as cooking and cleaning. It is impractical to rely on bottled water to mop your bathroom every day. Secondly, the usage of bottled water means you are adding more plastic waste to the environment.

Clean or soft drinking water is not only important for your internal body consumption, but it is also as important for external use and other domestic usage. For example, taking a shower with hard water ruins your hair and skin. Water with higher salt levels can result in increased scaling issues in your appliances. And rusting of plumbing. Washing dishes with hard water can leave an ugly yellow film on those beautiful white dishes. Likewise, washing clothes with hard water can kill their shine and finesse.

All these problems can only be addressed if you have a running water supply of clean and soft water, and the best one-stop solution to that is having a Reverse Osmosis Plant at home. As the name suggests, these plants aim at filtering out hard minerals and other contaminants from the water and give you clean and safe water. If you are looking to buy an RO plant for your home, here are a few top picks that you may consider buying.

Home Master TMAFC Reverse Osmosis Systems

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According to, this is by far one of the best RO filtration systems available in the market. This unit uses a comprehensive 7-level water filtration technology that filters water from the toughest of the contaminants in a step by step filtration system. It is one of the most easy-to-maintain RO systems with a performance capacity of 2000 gallons. The fact that you need to replace the filter only once a year makes it cheap to maintain and justifies the one-time high costs. You can get an additional Permeate Pump along with the equipment to boost up the capacity.

APEC Top Tier 50 ROSEC 5-Stage RO System

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This 5-Stage RO system is a great buy if you are looking for good quality systems that would cost you less than $200. This RO system comes with a 1-year limited warranty and a lifetime after-sales support, which a great benefit gave the price point. APEC Top Tier can remove more than 94% contaminants and is very easy to maintain.

iSpring RCC7 5-Stage RO System

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According to, this RO system beats the other two competitors on the list on grounds of the additional NTS certifications that it has along with the lowest maintenance costs. This makes it the most effective Reverse Osmosis System on the market.