How Many Questions Are On The G1 Test – 2024 Guide


Getting the ability to drive is an important step in the life of every person. When it comes to Canada, the rules are that you have to be at least sixteen if you want to get the first model, but there are certain limits for this age as well, like the one where you have to avoid highways and to never drive between 12 pm and 5 am.

If you are interested in getting your first model, it is essential to learn more about the necessary steps. Before you get the ability to sit in front of the steering wheel, you will need to complete. It represents a set of inquiries related to the most important things related to traffic. The most important thing about this is to start preparing on time. Since it is the first requirement, and that you must complete it before getting the license, it is crucial to learn more about all the possible things that you can expect on that set of exam. We are going to introduce you to the main features and the minimum that you will have to complete.

Application Requirements


The first thing to do is to learn how to apply for this process. The Canadian regulations are stating that you will need a passport, permanent resident card, full citizenship, proof of residence, landing records, or immigration papers if you want to apply. Be sure to check the most recent requirements so you can skip potential issues and start with preparation on time.

Main Features


First of all, we have to mention that there will be two main sections of t  wenty points. Also, the minimum requirement to pass is to have at least 32 correct answers or at least 16 per section. Before you apply, you will also need to pass some medical exams, like for the eyesight and cognitive functions. You can find an official store where you can buy a book with all the possible things that you can expect.

When it comes to the potential things that can be on the exam, they are not too complex. Since they are related to official traffic rules and signs, it is crucial to learn them. Still, the problem might be the fact that only around 60% of people manage to pass it on their first try. If you are going to get your driver license, use the g1 practice test to prepare for your g1 driving test before your go to your practical driving test.

The main reasons might be that these people who failed it didn’t start to prepare on time. While it is not that complicated, the fact is that there are a lot of things to learn, and there is no way to guess which one of them will be there. Therefore, the biggest mistake you could make is to don’t start learning on time.

What To Expect?

There will be all basics related to road rules, signs, and various situations. Keep in mind that there are many signs, and some of them might not be present in your area. Therefore, you could end up in a situation when there is a sign on the road, but you don’t know what it means. For example, a sign that is stating that snowmobiles might be on the road upfront, or a movable bridge.

Not paying enough attention or not knowing the meaning of some signs could lead you to various problems. You might end up with a ticket, or miss some turn and make your trip much longer. In that matter, get your book and online examples, and start practicing at least one month before the final exam.

What Are the Rules of Follow?


If you are a teenager who is applying for this for the first time, keep in mind that you can follow these rules for at least one year before you apply for the next step and get a full license. The first rule is to never drink and drive.

There is a zero-tolerance for this, and you cannot have any percentage of alcohol in your blood. Also, you cannot have more people than seatbelts in your vehicle. Another very important rule is that you are not allowed to drive at night or on fast-lane roads.

Passing it is one step away from the driving approval. You have to be at least sixteen to apply for it as well. There still will be some restrictions, but you will have more freedom. For example, you are now allowed to drive during the night, but only with a maximum of three other people, and without any traces of cannabis or alcohol in your body.

Moreover, if you are coming from another country and Canada is not accepting your driver’s license, you will have to prove that you have at least two years of experience. This might help you to avoid the first two levels of probation license and simply get the full one instantly. There is a chance that you will still need to pass certain parts of the program, but it will still be easier.


Preparation is crucial, and it should never be a problem if you start on time. You will need to complete two parts of 20 fields, and have at least 80% of correct answers on both parts. The minimum age for applying is 16, and you must bring some proof of citizenship or residence when applying.

Moreover, the great thing for foreign citizens is that they can skip some parts if they prove that they already have experience and valid licenses from other countries. Also, before getting to complete it, the requirement is to pass a medical exam. The fee for the application is around $160.

After you complete the first level, be sure to always follow the rules. If you are a teenager, you will have to wait for a couple of years before you can drive without those restrictions. Therefore, keep in mind that drinking only one beer before sitting in front of the steering wheel can lead to serious issues. The same is for marijuana and official rules like following the road signs and wearing a seatbelt.