Tips to Selling Your Boat Quickly and Efficiently in 2024

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If you are in the market to sell your boat, then there are a few steps you need to follow to make the process quick and easy. There are many sellers out there, making the mistake of procrastinating the sale process for various reasons. If your boat is going to sit around the marketplace for a while, it will inevitably get dirty, and the mechanical parts will deteriorate.

A boat that is not well maintained will cost the seller or the broker a fortune in maintenance costs. Not to mention the fact that the price goes down over time. So if it gets stagnant, it will cost more to maintain and sell for less than its already depreciated value.

So follow the steps mentioned below to avoid stagnating your boat and selling it off quickly. These tips will enable you to sell your boat efficiently and get the best price possible for it.

Pick the Right Price

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Pricing is crucial as you will need to pick the right price if you want your boat to sell quickly. For this, you need to compare the prices in the market by checking out Check out the prices of boats similar to yours by comparing the key features.

Some other factors should also be taken into account when comparing prices, such as the bottom paint, the engine hours of the boat, and whether it has a trailer. Another factor affecting price is the location where it is being sold.

You can also communicate with a few brokers. Most brokers will cooperate when you tell them about your intentions. You can discuss the worth of your boat, and what it would take to sell it or how long it might take. Compile all these data to make up a price that would suit your needs.

Get Ready for a Quick Sale

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After you put your price out there, interested buyers will knock you. So your boat must make a good first impression when the buyers visit it. A smelly dirty boat is an absolute no-no. You need to ensure that it looks good upon inspection, so you must clean it thoroughly. And wax it to make it shiny.

Not just the exterior, but the interior must also be cleaned. That includes the engine, cushions, curtains, carpets, and the works. If you are too busy doing it yourself, you can hire a detailing company to do the job. This money will be well spent as it will ensure a positive first impression.

The boat must be in good running condition, so make sure all the mechanisms work well. The bilge and holding tank must be cleaned, so there are no unpleasant odors. Remove your personal belongings as well to make it seem uncluttered.

Display The Boat Wisely

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One of the more critical aspects of selling your boat is how you are displaying it. You need to choose a location where the potential buyers who want to visit it, can easily access it. So it’s a good idea to not take your boat out on the water on a weekend because most buyers are out then and you don’t want them to miss it.

It’s a better option if you can keep it next to highways, enabling 1000’s of people driving by to see it. That’s the best exposure you can ask for if you are selling a big boat, like a yacht, then it is best to move it to the dealer or brokers’ office. They will have salespeople ready to show off your boat to buyers. Just make sure it’s not at a very remote location.

Select The Right Broker

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Now you might be busy with your job and other obligations, leaving you with no time to perform the tasks related to selling your boat. You might not have the time to deal with the advertising, the sea trials and showings, and negotiating with the buyers. You might also not have enough time to make the required repairs, handle the insurance and settlement, or deal with the financing and surveys. That’s why you should pick a broker to handle all this for you.

So when choosing the right broker, you need to research the boating forums to see what other boaters have to say about the local brokers. You need to select a salesperson who is driven and hungry to make a sale. Check out the broker’s location because you want a more exposed area such as a marina or the side of a highway.

Work with them to fix the right pricing for your boat. Settle on a realistic price, which will help to sell it quickly. Make sure your broker prepares a quality listing for your boat, including appropriate pictures and a catchy description. Also, keep in mind that you can provide a healthy bonus to the salesperson of your boat. A good incentive always motivates them to work aggressively towards a sale.

Alternative Selling Methods

Suppose your boat is not in the best of conditions or is slightly older than you might consider trying to sell it yourself since such ones mean lesser commission, so brokers usually show less interest. You can place your boat on online selling platforms like Craig’s List or eBay. Just make sure to add an accurate description and give plenty of pictures.

You can also consider selling it in the wholesale market. This way, you can sell it faster and on an acceptable profit. It might be less than what you would have gotten in a retail sale, but it’s faster as you will not have to wait for a retail offer.

Summing Up

Parting with your loved boat will always be a hard decision. Or you might be selling for an emergency. Either way, following the steps mentioned above, will help you make a quick and easy sale with a good profit. Happy Selling to you!