Skoda KODIAQ: What Are Its Unique Features?


The new Skoda Kodiaq has proven to be an immediate success among drivers all over the globe; consequently, now is an excellent time to investigate the distinctive Skoda Kodiaq characteristics and why this merits strong consideration as your next car. If you have read any Skoda Kodiaq evaluations, you are probably aware that small selections have been restricted. However, since the release of the upgraded model, the emphasised distinctive features you could anticipate from this excellent car are what attract you to purchase and experience a smooth ride. See this post to see the fantastic features of the Skoda KODIAQ.

Design Improvements

The Skoda Kodiaq has minor design improvements which improve this revolutionary car. The subtle improvements, including the badging on the rear wings, compliment the engraved scuff marks on the aluminium door sills, which invite you inside.

Extra Comfort Features

The Clever Skoda is much more than a slogan for the firm, and it is taken extremely upright. This is reflected in the Skoda Kodiaq, which has technologies like the PowerNap Package, which allows rear passengers to relax on lengthy rides. There is also a cushion head support, a magnetic torch in the trunk, and, like the Skoda Superb, hidden umbrellas under the door if you become trapped in a rainstorm.

Cockpit Virtual


When you envision yourself as Maverick at the wheel, you will feel at home in the new Kodiaq with the adaptive headlights. The completely customisable digital instrument panel is influenced by fighter jets and provides all of your crucial driving data at the touch of a finger. This implies you can get whatever information you require while staying focused on the road.

Infotainment Innovation

Thinking about the layout of the dashboard, another noteworthy Skoda Kodiaq feature is the unique infotainment system. The eight-inches screen dominates the dashboard, complementing the steering stems, buttons, and spherical gauges on the rest of the dash. The entertainment system includes the Boss Connect application, Mirror Link, a front mic to rear speaker intercom, an Amundsen music system with Canton speakers, and navigation.

In addition, the technology is also interoperable with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, allowing you to stream music and phone conversations easily. The screen also serves as a display for the 360-degree driving camera.

Parking Support

Aside from the 360-degree camera, there is also the tremendous Hands-Free Parking function. This is useful in congested parking lots and spots. Choose a parking spot in a line of parallel or perpendicular automobiles, and the system will direct you into position.

Outstanding Engine Power

The Skoda Kodiaq has an outstanding engine, as one would anticipate from this innovative Czech company. If the engine choices aren’t up to your standards, you will not be waiting long for the RS model, which a 2.0-litre dual turbo diesel will drive with 500 Nm of torque and 176 kW. This will be offered on the 2020 model and has a stated time of 7.0 seconds from zero to 100 kilometres per hour.

Door Security


Many people have been frustrated by being driven in a small place and having to dinge on the vehicle doors to exit. Skoda foresaw this issue and provided the Skoda Kodiaq with door security. The black rubber guards spring out and return whenever the door is opened. This is a terrific function when you are reversing in a tight area or have small kids who cannot wait to jump out and throw the doors wide open. The guards will preserve your paintwork and prevent any car parked close to you from acquiring scratches.

Height Adjustable Tailgate

The Skoda Kodiaq, like the Volkswagen Tiguan, has a height-adjustable tailgate, which adds to the utility of this SUV. You may choose a height, and the tailgate will only open according to your preferences. This is useful if you are parked in a relatively low garage or aren’t the tallest individual on the planet. As a result, you will not be required to have a box in your garage to leap up and shut the tailgate; instead, you may programme it to remain within easy reach.

Why Should You Buy A Skoda Kodiaq?

Nearly every single automotive expert’s goal is to own a one-of-a-kind vehicle. It helps you stand out in a gathering of people accustomed to driving conventional automobiles. You will also have the opportunity to discover more about your one-of-a-kind vehicle. The Skoda Kodiaq has a futuristic design and a high-tech interior.

Until recently, the Skoda Kodiaq has been one of the most excellent SUVs from a lesser-known company in the automotive market. This SUV has received several honours, notably Top Gear’s Best Car for Big Families prize in 2016, in which it was named one of the most comprehensive family cars you could purchase for a reasonable price.

Furthermore, the KODIAQ was a game changer, ushering in a new car category. The SUV’s reputation achieved a global scale when it entered foreign markets. The SUV drew the most attention because of its interior room, value for money, technological features, and refined appearance.



Upon comprehensive safety tests by Euro NCAP specialists, the Kodiaq was granted a five-star rating, with a 92% score for adult safeguarding and a 77% rating for kid rider safety. The security aid systems pleased, with standard automatic emergency braking available throughout the board. Skoda also equips all Kodiaqs with its Care Connect system, which contacts emergency services immediately if the airbags activate in an accident.

Meta Description: Skoda Kodiaq opted to produce its flagship SUV model in response to increased demand for SUVs in global markets. With many benefits, it is one of the best choice SUVs!