8 Ways Smart Watches Keep Kids Safe

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Technology has been advancing at a faster pace than you can perceive. Even kids learn to hold a cell phone first rather than walk, and you cannot disagree with the society that kids have been hooked on smartphones more than adults have. Initially, it is supposed to provide aid in keeping your children safe, but now it poses a great danger to your kids.

So how can your kids use technology without posing a risk? Options like smart watches, specifically developed for kids, are now available in the industry. One product you can try is the Angel Watch. This child safety smartwatch focuses on providing excellent service to make you and your kids feel safe, and they offer a 14-day try-at-home policy.

Read the article below for additional information on how smartwatches keep your kids safe.

1. Keeps Track of Your Kids

As parents, you worry about your child’s safety and whereabouts. With a smartwatch, you do not need to be frantic about where your child is. The smartwatch is infused with an integrated GPS tracker and geo-fencing feature to alert you and know where your kids might be. You can be updated with real-time, accurate location details of your kids.

In a sense, you are helping them be independent by making them accountable for themselves with distant guidance through the smartwatch.

2. SOS Calling Function

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You never know when your child may be in danger. With a smartwatch, your kids may be able to call for help even from afar. Generally, with just one long press on the smartwatch, your children can automatically dial the three emergency contacts you’ve added nonstop until someone answers.

With the emerging dangers in your society, you can never be too sure about the safety of your kids. That is why having the technology to ensure your child’s safety would be very useful to you as parents.

3. No Risk of Online Browsing

Social media use has been rampant in society, which means you, as a parent, have no control over what your child may see and acquire when they go online. Smartwatch is an alternative cellular device minus social media use, games, and web browsing specifically made to keep your kids away from possible adult and violent content.

And because exposure to online browsing would be restricted, children would not be at risk of experiencing unwanted cyberbullying and being subjected to predators. There will be less risk for your child to be stalked or followed at home. No posing risk for the rest of your family to be in such danger as being broken into your home.

4. Less Gadget Use

Alternative to smartphones, smartwatches limit your child’s use of gadgets. Without playing games and online surfing, your child will have more time to enjoy engaging in physical activities with their friends, teacher, and family.

Your children will have more spare time with you than with their gadgets. Aside from physical activities, they can exercise their social skills by interacting with others, which helps your kids develop their muscles and minds.

5. Less Prone to Robbery

This statement may cause dismay for you, but this society is not always safe for your kids. Many people like to take advantage of their strength against weaker ones; this may be your children against robbers. Children holding a smartphone are more prone to experiencing being stolen from.

Smartwatches are like your smartphones in a watch, and it gives your children the same uses for calls and text messaging with you without the risk of holding an expensive phone. Smartwatches are also affordable compared to a smartphone. Generally, since kids will be using the smartwatch, you wouldn’t have to worry much if they lose it.

6. Oversee Your Kid’s Well Being

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Another feature that a smartwatch has is to monitor your kid’s vital signs remotely. Namely, body temperature, blood pressure, heart rate, etc. The smartwatch is very useful for mothers like you that have kids with weak immune systems. You can now easily track how your children are doing and monitor their physical health even if they are far.

Being updated with their well-being is some way of keeping your kids safe. You do not need to wait for them to get home or get a call from their teacher to know their physical status. Using a smartwatch for kids can assure you that your child is doing well even if you are not physically present.

7. Lower Mental Health Issues

Kids, like adults, are social beings. Your kids also need social interactions with other people. Children without social engagement are much more prone to mental health issues as they grow up. Adding screen time to their lifestyle could also lead to maladjustment of their personality.

The smartwatch helps your kids lessen their use of gadgets that help them have the social factor they need as they grow up. Children being exposed to more social experiences can help lessen the risk of mental health issues.

8. Safe Communication

Scammers have also been rampant nowadays. With a smartphone, your child’s risk of encountering these fraudulent people is high. However, with a smartwatch, you can set a list of numbers your child can call and message.

No need to worry about your children dealing with potential predators. Your children may also enjoy the experience of calling and messaging since it is very easy to use compared to a smartphone.

Some smartwatches also have a video call function, so you can see and be assured that your kids are perfectly fine. In cases of unanswered calls by your child, the smartwatch would automatically allow you to listen to what is happening around your children.

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Nowadays, technology and gadgets have been advancing pretty fast. It’s high time you use this newly found resource to your advantage to keep your little ones out of harm’s way. Do remember to spend some time with your Children physically. Even with the help of technology, your child still needs a guiding parent for their maturity.

Hopefully, this article helped enlighten you on how smartwatches keep your children safe.