What Happens if You Smoke From a Dirty Bong?

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Bong is glass bottle, which has been known since ancient times and is still one of the most common smoking devices all over the world. It is a glass container with a tobacco compartment. The materials from which Bong is made are completely harmless to health. This is the main difference between improvised devices. When plastic heats up, it emits harmful ingredients that are very dangerous to human health. Bong is a traditional smoking device that can be filled with marijuana or just tobacco. It provides a much stronger effect than other alternatives.

Bong facilitates the formation of a large amount by inhaling smoke, and it is much larger than a cigar. Water or some other liquid is also poured into it. However, clean water is the best option because it will give you maximum clean smoke. It is light and will not leave a bad feeling in the throat while consuming bong. Bong has many benefits, but only if you take care of it. This means that it is necessary to clean it regularly. Otherwise, you will feel the consequences.

Bong maintenance

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Bong can also be washed in a dishwasher, but this is not often seen. It all depends on the performance of your dishwasher as well as the type of cleaning agent you use. Maybe my dishwasher needs to be replaced. Keep in mind that isopropyl alcohol and salt, although great for your glass tubes, are not recommended for cleaning silicone tubing. Alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, and oil-based cleaning products can chemically damage silicone, causing unwanted swelling as it is absorbed into the silicone. You can leave it in a freezer for a few hours to clean it.

Rinse the pipe and throw it in the freezer still wet. Wait a few hours. After you take it out of the freezer, start bending and squeezing the pipe. You will hear the sounds of shooting and if you did it correctly, all the ice and accumulated resin will fall off clean. This method works best if you have time to clean. Use a bong cleaner. Products that specialize in cleaning bongs are great for removing tar and stains. Experts recommend cleaning after each use, but it is necessary to do so at least a few days after use. Don’t forget to change the water for the bong often so that mold doesn’t accumulate.

Cleaning parts of the bong

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It is advisable to clean the container after each use or before using the bong again. Don’t forget that it can get dirty very quickly. This will not only affect its appearance but also its function. Dirty bong also has an unpleasant odor and is soaked in resin. The cleaning process is very simple and does not take long. You should visit website and find out more about the types of bongs and thus their maintenance which can be different among the types that are not so 100% same or similar.

All you need to do is empty all the ashes from the pot, remove the dirty water and rinse the bong several times with warm water. That way, you will get rid of large remnants of tobacco and dirt. Then remove the part where the tobacco is placed and put the gas aside. You can wash the dish you put away with the bong cleaner, but alcohol is also a great alternative. So, mix coarse salt and alcohol in a plastic bag. Then, put the container in a plastic bag and rub it with your hands.

The point of this process is that the alcohol dissolves the resin that stuck to the dish while the salt acts as an exfoliator. Repeat the process until the dish is completely clean. After making sure that the dish is clean, take the dish out of the bag and rinse it in water.

Consequences of poor bong maintenance

Regular cleaning of bongs is important for several reasons. That is why you need to find motivation so that you do not skip cleaning. Those who put cannabis in a container must pay special attention to that. Smoking dirty bong has a bad effect on your health, but it is also a dangerous procedure. The unpleasant smell coming from the dirty dishes will very quickly spread throughout your room and all other rooms in the house.

However, this scent often enters the carpet, curtains and your furniture. In the end, if you haven’t cleaned your bong for a while and you consume it every day, the first cleaning will be very hard. In that case, you will have to work hard if you want to remove all the dirt from it.

The impact of dirty bong on health

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Imagine what is in the dirty stagnant water. Such water is similar to lake water, which means that mold, bacteria, etc. will form in your bongo after a while. If you do not want to consume pond water and get sick, do not use bong if you have not cleaned it before. There is a high probability that bacteria, viruses and much more have already developed in it. For example, Legionella pneumophilia is one of the most common occurrences in stagnant water. Just look at the film that formed on the surface of the water and is in the inner tube.

That film is very bad for your body, because it is a small biome. Various microorganisms multiply there. Think about this before you go crazy. To keep pathogens as far away from your mouth as possible, maintain your bong properly. It is enough to inhale smoke only once to get strep throat, pneumonia or some other disease. The more times you inhale such smoke, the more pathogens will spread in your body.


Water pipes used for smoking cannabis have been around for centuries. It got its name from the Thai word “baung”. Bong used to be made of bamboo pipes, but today it looks much more complicated than that. However, it comes down to the same procedure and you need to know everything about its maintenance in order to use it for a long time and safely.