The Benefits Of Smoking Hemp Flower – 2024 Guide

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With the growing popularity of smokable Hemp flowers, some people might have forgotten the reasons for which they started. After all, the medicinal benefits are the primary benefit of this plant. Of course, it is so pleasant to smoke that some people can easily forget about that. Just to make sure that all of our readers are sufficiently well-informed, we are going to go over the most well-proven benefits of smoking Hemp flower. 

1. Anti-Inflammatory Properties

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There are quite a few studies to show that CBD has anti-inflammatory properties. This means that it has a tendency to soothe anything in the body that is inflamed. As there are many health conditions that involve inflammation, CBD has a lot of potential in this department. For one example, read this study. It details how and why CBD works as an anti-inflammatory drug. 

CBD molecules bind to certain receptors in the human brain, blocking them for a certain amount of time. Since they are already “receiving” the CBD, they are unable to receive inflammatory signals. Inflammation is connected with heart disease, cancer, arthritis, diabetes, and irritable bowel syndrome (among other things). CBD may not treat these inflammations directly, but it does reduce the effects. 

2. Mild Pain Relief

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This is the first known usage of the Cannabis plant, as ancient Chinese texts tell us. Doctors were using Hemp as early as 250 BC, and that’s just the first written reference. Most of those written references seem to indicate that pain relief was its primary use. As far as archaeology goes, we know that Cannabis was discovered in tombs dating back about 2,700 years.

Based on this study, it would seem that pain relief is the most common reason for which people use medicinal Cannabis. It isn’t exactly a “painkiller,” but it also doesn’t carry the same risks that painkillers do. Most painkillers are opiate-based and create a huge risk of addiction/withdrawal. Unless you are dealing with some seriously intense pain, Cannabis is a much better and safer alternative. 

3. Anti-Nausea Agent

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You may have heard that Cannabis is often used to combat the negative side effects of chemotherapy. These effects usually include nausea and copious vomiting. Obviously, these things are worth enduring for a cancer patient, but why should they have to do so? The most popular anti-nausea drug today seems to be ondansetron (Zofran). Its side effects include drowsiness, constipation, headaches, and sometimes more serious problems. Other than (maybe) the drowsiness, the Hemp flower does not carry any of this baggage. 

It is well-known that Cannabis can be used to treat nausea, but most of that research focuses on THC. Since legalized Hemp flower does not contain much THC, that wouldn’t be very relevant to us. However, we did find this study, which focused on the non-psychoactive Cannabinoids. As you can see, they found it to be very effective across a wide range of situations. 

4. Reduces The Likelihood Of Getting Cancer

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There are so many things that can give you cancer that one has to wonder about the products being sold today. Some blame artificial preservatives while others blame radiation or some other invisible cause. The bottom line is that we don’t know for sure why cancer has become such a problem in the world today. However, we can definitely surmise that it has something to do with unclean and unnatural habits. 

Whether you agree with that or not, there is no doubt that Cannabis can actually help to prevent cancer. Obviously, we are not recommending that you smoke obscene amounts of the stuff (because that would be unnecessary). However, studies like this one have conclusively shown that the CBD molecule inhibits the growth of cancer cells very effectively. 

As you can see, researchers found that Cannabinoids had a tendency to kill cancerous cells. They were studying breast cancer in that case, so let’s look for something else for confirmation. They tested the anti-tumor effects of CBD on cervical cancer cells. The results were more or less the same. One interesting thing here is that the fact that they tested pure CBD against a mix of Cannabinoids, finding the CBD to be more effective. 

5. Reduces Blood Pressure

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With so many people dying from heart attacks, it would be foolish to overlook any potential source of treatment options. Thankfully, it seems that CBD alone is able to reduce blood pressure quite effectively. This explains not only some of its documented medical benefits but also the calming effect that many people describe after smoking Hemp. 

For some evidence, we might look at this medical study from 2017. Nine healthy male test subjects were separated into two groups. One group received a daily dose of CBD (600 mg) while the other group received a placebo (fake drug). For better results, they measured stress responses both at rest and during stressful activity. In both cases, the CBD group showed considerably lower blood pressure.

For corroboration, we also found this study, which was performed on a group of laboratory rats. They found that hypertension signs were greatly reduced, and the blood pressure of all test subjects was reduced by a measurable degree. Of course, it should be mentioned that they were using hydrolyzed Hemp seed rather than whole flowers. 


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There are a number of other benefits that are associated with CBD usage. And companies like the one at, where they make sure that their customers get the highest quality product possible. 

However, we wanted to concentrate on the most well-proven benefits, and these five are probably the ones that best fit that category. In fact, we have only shown you a small scattering of the evidence that exists here. 

One thing that continually surprises us is the fact that Cannabis and CBD are so well-studied. Even though lawmakers are dragging their feet on the medicinal Cannabis issue, science doesn’t seem to be falling behind at all. We can only hope that this will continue into the future, giving us even more ways to use Hemp for the enrichment of human life.