Solar vs Electric Water Heater – Which One To Choose?


There are always debates when choosing either a solar water heater or an electric water heater. Based on numerous research, users’ feedback, and experts’ words, one may simply get lost with all information. Let’s figure out which one to choose in 2024, and how finding a contractor may greatly assist in the selection.

What Is a Solar Hot Water Heater?

A solar hot water heater is a popular heating unit that works thanks to sunlight instead of other fuels like gas. Nowadays, solar units are constantly gaining popularity, since there is a minimum carbon footprint. Beyond that, in some states including Hawaii, solar units are a must when mounting water heaters in new households. 

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Pros of Solar Units:

  • It is cost-effective. If choosing it, you are most likely to cut the utility costs.
  • These units are linked to producing fewer pollutants. If you follow the eco-friendly movements, this unit might be the best choice compared to fossil fuels.
  • The unit may be occasionally powered with tax credits up to 30% off the installation cost. Once you find a contractor on Contractorfinder, you may learn more about this option particularly in your area of living.
  • A solar water heater needs less running costs, hence, you only pay for the initial installation. 
  • The units have a long lifespan. Based on users’ feedback, some of the units served them more than 30 years.
  • They are easy in maintenance. You should once or twice overlook the functionality of the panels, or else by finding a contractor, you may organize third-party checkups.

Cons of Solar Panels

  • Installation may be a hard nut to crack for some people. These panels are installed on the roof, and one should have some knowledge to proceed with it safely. When finding a contractor, one avoids such tedious tasks.
  • Depending on your area of living, the solar panels may be constantly exposed to changing weather conditions such as rain, and snow. Modern technology allows users to avoid weather harm, however, it differs from case to case.
  • Solar panels are prone to corrosion, especially because of humid weather.
  • The initial cost is very high. The average price for installation and unit may reach $3,000.
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A solar water heater is a real deal if you live in sunny areas that are deprived of bad weather conditions. Nevertheless, their price might be a burden for people with low paying capacity. Now, let’s overlook the perks of the electric tankless water heater.

What Is an Electric Water Heater?

An electric tankless water heater is long in use. These units are considered some kind of a luxury, since a person may access hot water regardless of time. Most likely, you find it difficult to understand how electric water heaters work. But many have already switched to this method of heating and heating water for a long time.

The advantages are undeniable, but these units also have disadvantages. Read reviews and testimonials before believing the statistics. An electric water heater may not be suitable for your area or region. Check their pros and cons listed below.

Pros of Tankless Electric Water Heater

  • You get hot water anytime you want both during hot days and very cold winters.
  • The units may be easily mounted everywhere in your household. It concerns below or above the sink, and bathroom among others.
  • They are affordable, since the average price for a unit may reach $400 which compared to solar panels is a far cry.
  • Since the installation is commonly indoors, the system is less exposed to any kind of corrosion or other damages resulting from bad weather conditions.
  • With an electric unit, you do not need to wonder how to access hot water. Only a twist of the faucet, and here you go.
  • The units have a temperature control knob that allows controlling the right temperature for your washing experience.

Cons of Electric Hot Water Heater

  • There might be a huge impact on fossil fuels, especially concerning its depletion.
  • You may come across a short-circuit with cords and cables. By finding a contractor, you are explained on such dangers and are prepared for them at all times.
  • You will face high monthly heating costs. The initial cost is low but monthly bills may be a burden for you.
  • These heaters serve no more than 15 years. By finding a contractor, you may learn how to help the unit “live” longer. An expert can explain the maintenance steps.

So, it is high time to give a verdict. Solar panels are a real deal if you are an eco-friendly person who cares about your carbon footprint. They are subject to tax credits and have a low monthly cost. This is a big plus for you, as you can save on the electricity you use and help the environment. In some cases, people completely switch to solar panels. As for drawbacks, their initial cost is very high, and they are actually very exposed to weather dangers.

Meanwhile, its competitor allows you to have water whenever you want and is very cheap. On the other side, you may be very surprised by receiving big monthly bills. Still, there are more pluses than minuses. When finding a contractor, you may learn more about what to choose for your particular case, however, if you have average paying capacity and want to have hot water always, it is recommended to switch to an electric hot water heater.