5 Reasons Why You Should Start Betting On The Kentucky Derby This Year

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The Kentucky Derby is the most prestigious horse racing event in the United States and is the first jewel of the Triple Crown series. Moreover, it’s one of the major events that bettors love to participate in.

On Saturday, May 6, 2024, will be the Kentucky Derby. More money has been won by Todd Pletcher-trained horses than by every other trainers in the long history of horse racing, but Churchill Downs’s success  hasn’t always followed. Pletcher will go for a third Kentucky Derby victory with Forte in 2024 despite only having two victories in 62 career appearances.

That said, if you haven’t bet on the Kentucky Derby, you’re missing a huge opportunity. You should consider betting on the Kentucky Derby if you want to get the most out of your bets and overall experience. Let’s go through more reasons on why you should bet on the race this year.

The Races Finishes Quickly

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The Kentucky Derby is held annually at the Churchill Downs in Louisville, KY. The Churchill Down race track runs for 1 1/4 miles. Horses will only need approximately 2 minutes to finish the race track. In fact, two winners in the Kentucky Derby finished the race track in less than 2 minutes.

Secretariat was the first record-holder winner of the Kentucky Derby, who won The Run for the Roses in 1975 by 1:59 minutes. His second runner-up, Sham, is also believed to have finished the race in under 2 minutes as he crossed the finish line 2 ½ lengths behind Secretariat.

In 2001, Monarchos also won the Kentucky Derby race in under 2 minutes. He crossed the finish line first with 1:59.97 on the clock. That said, betting on the Kentucky Derby will give you a return within 2 minutes or below. Compared to other major sporting events in the United States, you won’t be able to find another major event that can give you a return that quickly.

It’s the Oldest and the Longest major running sports Event.

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The Kentucky Derby was inaugurated on May 17, 1875, making it the longest-running major sporting event in the United States. The races have been held on Churchill Downs since its launch. It survived the great depression and the two world wars, making it a part of American history.

The race attracts more than 150,000 guests annually and is the first leg of the prestigious Triple Crown series. Meriwether Lewis Clark, the President and Founder of the Kentucky Derby, created the race after the famous England Epsom Derby.

Because of how long it has been running, the Kentucky Derby is not only an event where you can bet on horses. It has also become one of the most important social events in the United States, where the rich and the famous gather.

The Possibility of Earning Large Profits

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When betting on a horse race, the number one goal all bettors have in mind is to profit. When you bet on the Kentucky Derby, you will not only have the chance to profit from your bet, but it will allow you to profit big.

If you are already a skilled horse race bettor, you will benefit more from the Kentucky Derby. What you will need to increase your chance of winning in the derby and increase your profit is to create an effective strategy.

Explore the various available betting options and start making complex bets that you think will help you earn big. Smart bettors know how crucial having a strategy is in winning every race. Start creating your strategy by doing your research and creating a plan.

Kentucky Derby is a Fun Betting Event

Whether you attend the race in person in Louisville or bet online at home, the Kentucky Derby can be a reason to have fun. Bettors who go above and beyond will travel far just to watch the event in person.

They choose to bet on-site and experience the excitement first-hand. The event itself offers Great Excitement To All Spectators. From Fashionable Outfits To Wide-brim Hats And Traditional Drinks, You Will Surely Have A Great Time While Betting On The Kentucky Derby on-site.

Meanwhile, online betting is the key for those who are smarter and opt to invest their money in betting for the horse race rather than traveling. You can bet online with FanDuel.com and host a derby party at home.

Experience the excitement of the derby even from miles away by serving the traditional Kentucky Derby drink, Mint Julep, and let your guests play dress-up and wear fancy hats. You can also have games before the main event, the race, to make your experience even more fun.

Easy to Start Betting on The Kentucky Derby

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If you are a newbie in horse race betting, betting on the Kentucky Derby will benefit you. You don’t need special skills to start betting on the Kentucky Derby. Of course, researching will help you jumpstart your betting journey, but it doesn’t need to be extensive.

It’s also helpful if you make it a habit to observe the odds and how it changes. You mustn’t also remember to look into the general rules on betting on the Kentucky Derby. These rules will differ depending on the bookies but don’t fret. These rules are easy to understand and remember.

If you want to participate in the Triple Crown series, this is your chance to start right. Meanwhile, for those bettors who already have experience in horse race betting, the Kentucky Derby can still be an exciting event for you.

Start Betting on The 2024 Kentucky Derby

The Kentucky Derby is the biggest day for horse racing in America as the race recounts the illustrous past of both American and Southern culture.

So, if you haven’t bet on the Kentucky Derby before, you should start considering participating in the derby betting market this year. You still have a few weeks to do your due diligence and learn to start betting on the Kentucky Derby 2024.