Success and Failure of In-Game Brands In Real World


Playing video games is one of the most popular activities nowadays and that’s how many people love spending their free time. However, have you ever wondered which are the brands behind your favorite in-game and how successful these brands are?

Fortunately, there are eagle-eyed professionals who love determining the success and failure of in-game brands in the real world. So, online platforms, such as, categorize brands based on measurable values. Hence, we can have an insight into which video game brands are successful in their niche and which ones have failed to meet their goal of becoming a billion-dollar company.

A unique scoring system has to be used in order to determine the accomplishment of a certain make. This scoring system is based on collecting data from real-world reference brands. The brands are then listed according to their overall value and success. The in-game makes have been listed in a number of categories. So, let’s have a closer look at the accomplishment of a number of video game companies.


The Most Successful In-Game Brands

eCola, The Smokin’ Beef Grill and Nabcom are considered to be the most successful in-game brands. Both eCola and The Smokin’ Beef Grill have an overall score of over 8 million in net worth, sales, and company age. These are the companies that own the GTA video game franchise. On the other hand, Nabcom is the owner of the Doom franchise with a 1,100,051 overall score.

The Most and Least Valuable Fictional Brands and Games

When it comes to the most valuables makes, Red Rocket for Fallout, Umbrella Corporation for Resident Evil, Vladof for Borderlands, Power Cola for Two Crude Dudes and Nuka Cola for Fallout are the top five on the list.

In numbers, the net worth of Red Rocket is about $189 billion, while the Umbrella Corporation has a $131 billion and Vladof has $124 billion of net worth. Power Cola and Nuka Cola have a net worth of under $100 billion.

Red Rocket is first on the list of all fictional brands in gaming, while its real-world equivalent is BP. The real-world equivalent of the Umbrella Corporation is Unilever, while Vladof’s is Lockheed Martin.

When it comes to the most valuable game franchises, the top of the list if reserved for:

  • Fallout ($3.57 billion)
  • Resident Evil ($131 billion)
  • Borderlands ($124 billion)
  • Two Crude Dudes ($89 billion)
  • Doom ($68 billion)

Players who love Assassin’s Creed, a video game that comes with exceptional features and outstanding gaming experience, will be surprised to learn that its in-game brand Abstergo is ranked as the least valuable fictional brand in gaming.

When it comes to the net worth per employee category, the first top places are reserved for Virility, Transtar, Red Rocket, Sunset Sarsaparilla, and Vladof. Hence, the best five in-game employer games are:

  • GTA with 426,610 employees
  • Dead Rising with 328,000 staff
  • Two Crude Dudes with 267,000
  • Fallout with 262,200 manpower
  • Resident Evil with 155,000 employees

In the category of most instagrammable in-game brands, the top places were occupied by eCola, The Smokin’ Beef Grill, Nabcom, Gozushi, and Virility. Additionally, the top most successful categories for in-game brands include a restaurant, gaming, beverage, business, and tech.

Last but not least, the data from Google AdWords revealed that the most searched in-game brands are Transtar, Nuka Cola, Umbrella Corporation, Red Rocket, and Virility.