Top 3 Most Frequent Personal Injury Claims

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Usually, you go normally about your day, but suddenly something may happen that will throw you off your balance – an accident.

People file 700,000+ personal injury claims annually in the States. All of those accumulate billions and billions of cash. And they’re the domain of numerous personal injury lawyers. They have specialized in that and have spent many years of experience dealing with cases like this. You only have to get in touch with the right one if a mishap like this occurred.

Due to the frequency of these claims, we decided to dedicate today’s topic to the most common legal claims revolving around a personal injury.

1. Transportation and Motor Vehicle Accidents

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Recent years see the constant rise of these accidents. What’s worrisome about them is that sometimes their occurrence has nothing to do with you. You may be driving a motorcycle on a street and a car may hit you out of the blue. Of course, in that case, you should ask for advice from one or several injury lawyers about what to do next.

These accidents can sometimes involve pedestrians, car drivers, motorcyclists, truck drivers, and other individuals in traffic. So, no one is immune to them. And if something like that happens, the effects can be devastating. From concussions to broken extremities and everything in between.

According to an Orange County personal injury law firm, you’d be surprised to see that people have sued other drivers, even the road where the accident happened, the brand of the vehicles and such: click here to learn more.

2. Accidents in Public Spaces

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The second most common injury claims are a result of an accident happening in a public space. It can be either owned by the government or a private entity.

And these mishaps are usually slipping, falls, and similar. Even though that may sound trivial, people can seriously injure themselves from a fall. That may be as a result of a wet floor, bad labels and signs, broken sidewalks, sharp objects on the floor, and many others.

In cases like these, individuals often file a claim against a government unit or private companies like retailers, stores, cafes, restaurants, et cetera.

3. Injuries at Work

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Any injury at the workplace is covered under the compensation of workers. Even though this is law in the States, claims regarding this type of injury are still very frequent. Sometimes workers file for a reward for the missed hours of work. You can add medical costs here, too.

Statistically speaking, some of the professions who typically file these claims the most include nurse assistants, laborers, truck drivers, to name just a few.


Sadly, these aren’t the only claims for personal injury. Some of the other common ones are:

  • Brain injuries and spinal cord injuries
  • Medical personnel misconduct
  • Wrongful death
  • Product malfunctions

Some Final Words

As we mentioned, these cases aren’t simple. That’s why they should be in the hands of professional lawyers who specialize in multiple fields of personal injury claims, such as What’s your experience with personal injury attorneys?