Summer Renovation Ideas for Your Home – 2024 Guide

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Are you looking to improve your home this summer? It’s the ideal time to tackle any project because the weather is warm, and the days are sunny and long. It’s the perfect season to renovate. If you’ve been delaying a home project, don’t wait any further. Get out your tool belt and consider these summer home renovation ideas!

Replace Old Windows

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Your windows have unique ways of letting you know that they need replacements. You might feel a draft coming through your windows on colder days, or perhaps opening and closing them is becoming increasingly difficult. Has your utility bill skyrocketed recently? It’s probably because the warm or cool air is leaking through gaps in the old windows. You’re paying for all of that wasted energy each month.

Regardless of the reason, you know that it’s time to invest in a new set of updated, new windows. However, you can’t tackle this project on your own. It requires professional installation and a lot of specialized expertise. Visit to discover how you can replace your windows easily with the help of trained and certified manufacturers and installers.

This summer revamp your home with new windows that are not only great for your budget but will also flood your home with gorgeous, natural light. If you have space, consider a bow or bay window. A bay window adds value to your home if you ever plan to sell, and it also creates a beautiful space for you to enjoy the sunlight.

Improve or Replace the Driveway

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Are you someone who likes to prepare for the future? It’s never too early to start adding value to your home in case you decide to move. Potential buyers always notice your home’s appearance, and the driveway can be a huge game-changer. If it isn’t in perfect shape, people will quickly move on to a more attractive house. The driveway is one of the first things people notice about a home — think of it is the unsung hero of curb appeal.

Is your driveway looking a little worse for wear these days? What better time of year to tend to the driveway than the summer? It’s highly recommended to replace your asphalt driveway if it’s 20 years old or more, so give your driveway a thorough examination if it’s on the elderly side.

You can pour more gravel or refinish the asphalt. You can even excavate and build a whole new lane. If yours is on the narrow-side, consider making it wider to allow for more parking.

Refinish the Deck

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The summer is the perfect time to refinish your wood deck. A beautifully refinished deck looks great and extends the life of the wood, and it will also improve the real estate value of your home. The refinishing process for a wood deck often takes several individual steps. Some of those include:

  • Inspection and repair
  • Cleaning and tidying the deck
  • A power wash
  • Sanding
  • Staining and sealing

Not all deck surfaces require sanding, and some decks are simply sealed and not coloured with stain. However, in most cases, the stain itself is the sealer, and it includes pigment to even out the wood’s colouring and provides extra protection against sun damage.

With some hard work, you can convert your tired deck into a professional-looking one in a weekend or two. Soon you’ll have a vibrant entertainment area — so make sure your barbeque is ready!

Plant an Edible Garden

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If you have space in your backyard, treat yourself to an edible garden. You don’t need years of gardening experience — all you need is an open mind and a little bit of patience.

Plant your favourite vegetables, greens, and herbs so you’ll never have to buy produce from the grocery store again. Gardening is an excellent physical activity, and you get to soak in some luscious rays from the sun while you’re outside.

You can start your garden in a small pot with basil or any other herb you use on the regular, and from there, if you want, you can turn it into something more significant with additional herbs and veggies!

When you start to design your garden, always consider how much space you have. Even if you live in a small apartment with a small balcony, you can still plant a garden in pots. It’s always best to garden in a sunny spot with easy access to water, although some edible plants will also grow well in partial shade.

The best soil for an edible garden will be free-draining, but still able to retain moisture and nutrients. It will also be rich in organic material and soil life, such as earthworms.

Give Your Home a Fresh Coat of Paint

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That satisfying feeling of finishing a paint job is like nothing else. Painting a room can be a challenging feat, but once it’s completed, you’ll feel so amazing that you finally did it. You painted that room or hallway that you’ve meant to finish for years!

A fresh coat of paint makes any room feel like it’s brand new. And the summer is just the time to do it because when that warm natural light flows through your windows on your newly painted walls, you’ll feel instantly relaxed and ready to revel in the summer.

Take advantage of the beautiful weather and longer days this season, and start the home renovation projects that you’ve been putting off for ages. It’s the perfect time of year to complete that to-do list of improvements around the house. With those items complete and out of the way, you’ll be able to sit back, relax, and enjoy the remaining dog days of summer.