How Much Does a Emergency Dental Care Cost in Las Vegas?

Teledentistry platforms in Las Vegas is the ultimate place to find any of Las Vegas’s emergency dentist options you can rely upon in times of dental emergencies. Since accidents are the most common cause of dental emergencies, it is important to find a reliable place where you can find the best emergency dentists in your area. With changing times post-COVID-19 pandemic, telehealth providers have grown in importance significantly due to the preference for remote health providers.

Moreover, these telehealth services come in extremely handy during dental emergencies. There are many teledentistry platforms like that provides 24*7 emergency dental care.

What is can easily be termed as the largest telehealthcare provider for dental care services virtually. The team is committed to helping patients with around-the-clock dental care and treatment. Teledentistry is a great platform to connect millions of patients to their emergency dentists and get checked by them. No matter the kind of dental services required, a routine dental checkup or any dental emergency treatment, teledentistry has you covered.

The best thing about teledentistry is that it instantly connects you to experienced dentists for online consultations who prescribe medications and provide downloadable prescriptions. These non-controlled medications can easily be picked up from the local pharmacy. If that doesn’t satisfy you, teledentistry dentists provide recommendations to your best local dentists if you want to get checked up in person. However, in case of dental emergencies, it is usually quite difficult to wait for long hours to see your regular dentist. That is exactly why you need Teledentistry.

How does Teledentistry work?

Teledentistry can be considered similar to a dental clinic, only online. The appointments are conducted using video conferencing rather than in person. Each teledentistry software or website functions more or less similar, with certain differences.

  • Patients can consult the dentist through video calls, the invitations to which will be sent by the dentist through text or email. This step can be automated in cases of some teledentistry software.
  • The patients first need to fill up forms where they express their requirements and health insurance, after which they start with the consultation.
  • The video call link, when accessed, takes the patient to a virtual waiting room. A face-to-face consultation then begins, where the patient can get checked virtually.
  • There are usually options to help patients and dentists by transferring files, capturing photos, taking screenshots, sharing screens, etc.
  • After the consultation, patients can avail of the e-prescriptions that they can print and download. They also get an invoice along with documentation. These types of consultations have become quite common nowadays, as many dental problems do not require a physical examination.

Why choose Teledentistry?

Teledentistry appointments are great for any kind of dental emergency and routine checkup. However, the conditions where teledentistry proves to be the most useful are-

  • Evaluations after operations where the patient requires rest and is best kept indoors in the comfort of their home. In such cases, video consultations prove to be the most useful.
  • Teledentistry online consultations come in handy when the dentist needs to prescribe medications and there is no need for a physical examination as such. An e-prescription is quite valid in the post-COVID-19 era; thus, there is no need to drive a long distance to consult your dentist. In times of toothache, it is better to take online consultations and avoid the long waiting period for regular dentist appointments.
  • Sometimes it is important to assess the urgency of patients and the treatment. This kind of evaluation, though important, can easily be conducted online through video conferencing and does not usually require a visit to the dental clinic in person.
  • Dental emergencies are extremely crucial and must be treated immediately. Regular dentist appointments are hard to get, especially if the emergency occurs outside standard business hours. That is when teledentistry services become extremely important. Initial treatment is started with an instant online consultation where the dentist prescribes medications that can be picked up from the local store. Also, the patients get recommendations from many experienced local emergency dentists. emergency dental care cost in Las Vegas? offers emergency dental care 24*7 and covers almost all health insurance, including Medicare and Medicaid. Teledentistry consultations require you to fill up forms where you need to disclose the health insurance details. This is how you can determine whether your health insurance is covered under Teledentistry dental care services. A set of simple questions will determine whether or not you are eligible for a free consultation with the dentist. Thus, if your health insurance is eligible, you can get a free online consultation with an experienced dentist.

However, it is possible that you are not eligible for a free consultation. In that case, there is no need to worry as the direct fee for a dentist consultation with teledentistry is quite affordable at $ 50. Teledentistry allows you to avoid the emergency room for routine dental emergencies. Once you pay the standard direct fee, you can connect to a dentist in minutes for a consultation. You can call or visit the website to get started with immediate consultation.

There is also a third option where you can get reimbursed for your consultation later on. This option allows you to pay first, get the consultation and later reimburse the amount you pay. For that, you have to file a dental claim with your insurance provider in case does not cover your insurance. The insurance carrier might not cover the entire charge, for which you have to enter into a discussion with your dental insurance carrier.


Teledentistry has been in existence for a long time, even before the pandemic. With the surge in teledental products, telehealth providers have gained new significance, and nowadays, online consultations are considered as important as physical consultations.