The Most Popular Lottery Games Around the World

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Besides poker and some other gambling games, the lottery is one of the most played and common games with numbers. By lucking guessing the numbers and winning the odds, lotto has been a source of happiness for a lot of individuals all over the globe. When any jackpot reaches a specific amount, people who enjoy playing this game quickly rush to the nearest place to buy their tickets or they simply opt for purchasing them online.

People who play lotto often fantasize and dream about what they would do with the money they win. If you are interested in what the most popular lottery games are across the world, you will be able to read about them in the article below. It is worth mentioning that all of those lottery games allow people to win huge amounts of money regularly. Let’s take a closer look at the games.

  1. Mega Millions – The United States

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Minimal Jackpot – $15 million

Maximum Jackpot – $500.000.000 million

This game was once named “The Big Game”, however, it was later changed to “Mega Millions“. Forty-four American states participate in this game, however, if you are not from America or if you do not have time to purchase a ticket from a retail shop, you can buy one online. This 6-ball game has nine different prize categories and is drawn each Tuesday and Friday at 11 pm. It also has a multiplayer prize game system in place called “Megaplier”. This allows people who won second prizes to multiply them by five times maximum.

  1. Eurojackpot – 16 European Countries

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Minimal Jackpot – €10.000.000 million

Maximum Jackpot – €90.000.000

This game was established in 2012 and 16 European countries including Slovenia, Spain, Croatia, Germany, Hungary, Denmark, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Norway, Finland, Iceland, Italy, Sweden, the Netherlands, Latvia, and Lithuania play this lottery game. In total, there are 12 prize levels. It is a 7-ball lottery and is drawn once a week on Fridays at 9 pm. If you are not from any of the listed countries, do not worry you can play it online as well.

  1. Oz Lotto – Australia

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Minimal Jackpot – $2.000.000 million

Maximum Jackpot – No maximum, but the highest jackpot won was $112 million.

This lotto game is not only played by millions of Australians, but by millions of players worldwide. This is what makes it the most popular and played lottery in lovely Australia. The numbers are drawn in New South Wales each Tuesday. This 9-ball game has 7 prize categories. If you are from Australia, you can purchase a ticket from almost any retail shop and if not, you can buy them online from any country.

  1. 99JITU Toto – Singapore

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Minimal Jackpot – $2.800.000 million

Maximum Jackpot – $10.000.000 million

99JITU Toto is held by Singapore Pools and it is the only legal lottery operator in this lovely country. From 2015, it has been the most popular gambling game right after 4-Digits. It is known by various names, however, the most popular one is Toto. The balls are drawn each Monday and Thursday at 6:30 pm and you can only purchase a ticket in Singapore Pools shops.

There have been some amazing jackpot wins and there are also websites that keep records of the wins. For example, websites such as, allow you to see all the previous and latest results for lottery games in Singapore. Do not be surprised to see that some of them are incredibly high.

  1. Lotto 649 – Canada

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Minimal Jackpot – $5.000.000 million

Maximum Jackpot – $50.000.000 million

This lotto has been around since 1982 and it is a 7-number lottery drawn by the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation. The game also features Encore, which acts as a raffle for every ticket that is bought. Hence, there is a guaranteed prize of 1 million dollars. There are a lot of opportunities to win a prize since there are several prizing categories.


As you can see, these 5 lottery games are amongst the most popular ones in the world. All of them can be played online, hence, if you are not from a country that holds these lottery games, do not worry – the Internet has a solution for everything. Now that you know which ones are the most popular ones, do not waste any more time and choose a lottery game that you want to participate in.