The Types of Patches and How to Use Them

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Sewing patches on clothes is a trend from the ‘80s and ‘90s, but now it’s back. How cool are the denim jackets and plain white shirts when you add a couple of amazing, colorful patches on them? They are there to make your clothes more interesting and you can use them to make a statement. You can add anything you want, any kind of logo, design, colors, and shapes on your clothes just by using patches. They are used in the military, by many sports teams, police, scouts, and also by us who simply like fashion. The trend isn’t new, but it surely remains as fresh and interesting as it was decades ago. Today, we have numerous different types of patches and they are all used differently.

You can use patches on all sorts of clothes and fabric. Patches are most often added to denim and cotton clothes, but they can also be placed on leather, nylon, spandex, and polyester. However, different types of fabric require different types of patches. According to, iron-on backing works perfectly with cotton, but fabrics like nylon, polyester, and spandex require sew-on patches.

Embroidered patches

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This is probably the most popular type of patches. You can make custom patches or choose an already made design. They are a cheap and cool option and they can be added to any type of clothes even though they’re most often used on denim and leather jackets. Embroidered patches are usually seen on uniforms, jackets, and hats. They have a twill base on which the custom design can be embroidered using thread. You can also choose between 50%, 75%, and 100% embroidery which tells you how much of the patch is embroidered and how much is plain.

Woven patches

In this case, thinner threads are woven together rather than being embroidered on the fabric. While embroidery isn’t going to be able to get you fine details, woven patches can be very detailed. That’s why these are perfect if you need a design or text with more tiny ornaments.

Printed patches

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These are the latest development and, since they include printing a photograph, a text, or some sort of design onto a piece of fabric, there is a huge range of designs and photos you can choose from. They are easily made, but they don’t look like a traditional patch.

PVC patches

These are quite modern looking and rugged. They are typically used for custom designs. They’re made out of plastic and can feature a lot of details.

Chenille patches

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These are usually used to represent a team or a college. They’re added to uniforms, jackets, and sweaters. They are two-layered and have a unique texture. One layer is made of felt which is what makes it’s surface so fuzzy and makes them intriguing.

Bullion crests

This is a more formal type of patch as its quality is higher, they look beautiful, and they are durable. They can also include more different materials such as wires, beads, or felt.